S. African official doubts nuclear arms sale offer
Published: 24.05.10, 18:14
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1. sue the guardian
the Israeli government should sue the guardian for slander
2. typical attempt by fabrication to smear israel. usual anti-s
ralph   (05.24.10)
israel by usual anti-israel and anti-semitic crowd.
3. Yawn! Different day,same BS from Guardian thats lost readers
Alan ,   SA   (05.24.10)
and money.
4. I heard Israel wanted to sell SA Condoms in 3 Sizes in 1970s
Alan ,   SA   (05.24.10)
5. Well..Well...
Eli Freedman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.24.10)
Why would ANYONE, except the usual Anti-Israeli, Anti-Semetic cretins give any credibility to the "Guardian"..and heres a news flash... Does anyone realize where this "Author", who discovered this so-callled "Secret Document" writes for??!! ..Surprise, surprise.. The Huffington Post, a Left-Wing blog, thats has a long history of Anti-Israel smear tactics....No wonder the Guardian and Haaretz ran with this story....So Friggin Typical....Run with the LIE and you can always backtrack later..
6. No surprise that the Guardian is behind this story
Yoav Naor ,   Haifa Israel   (05.25.10)
The Guardian never misses a chance to get at Israel,nasty anti-Semites.
7. Uh, yeah, the 1979 flash; this guy is an idiot
Free Israeli News ,   USA   (05.25.10)
It was clear in 1979 that there was a thermo-nuclear blast over the Indian Ocean and that it involved Israel and South Africa, who've always share close relations. It would only take an idiot to figure that out. And apparently, this guy is either an idiot or just covering up at Israel's request. It doesn't matter: they dissolved their program, Israel is heavily armed and nothing's changed since.
8. That document should have been destroyed with the others
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (05.25.10)
The question is what other documents are still out there, Israel and US Governments have destroyed or stopped information from being released in the past.
9. Really so far-fetched?
David   (05.25.10)
Israel was one of the biggest supporters and allies of the South African Apartheid Regime. Those suggesting this is so far-fetched and start resorting to the old "anti-semite" label need to go read about the close relationship between the White South African apartheid regime and Israel.
10. For crying out loud
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (05.25.10)
Anybody that bothered to go and read the "documents confirming the nuclear offer" can arrive at only one conclusion... Israel and South Africa had weapons ties... A nuclear deal??? Please there is more evidence of a nuclear deal between Goofy and Mickey Mouse than exist is these documents. So they mentioned the Jericho payloads!!! Anything could be sat atop a Jericho missile. From a satellite to a weather balloon to a conventional warhead. This whole story is pure fiction.
11. Nowhere in the "documents" there is something about
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.25.10)
nuclear weapons
12. Sue the Guardian
DP ,   Surrey, BC, Canada   (05.25.10)
Sue the Guardian? As usual - shoot the messenger- ignore/deny the message. All a lawsuit will do is further expose Israel to ridicule just like the attack on judge Goldstone did. More and more the Israeli government behaves like the comic "Keystone Cops". P.S. I just ordered Sasha Polakow-Suransky's book. Should make for interesting reading.
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