Open letter to Costello
Assaf Wohl
Published: 25.05.10, 00:01
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1. Note to Assaf: don't try to teach a pig to sing
Max   (05.25.10)
You waste your time and annoy the pig.
2. Bravo!
Allan ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (05.25.10)
3. He IS an anti-semite, like most brits.
Free Israeli News ,   USA   (05.25.10)
I love the letter; it rings of the clear truth but I think, as is the case with most brits, especially the government which refuses to drop highly anti-semitic laws from their books, he is an anti-semite. I've come to despise briton and their houligan attitude. So many of the arrogant 'peace' activists in Israel are obnoxious old british women. I have no interest in visiting that dull, gray place; it would be nice if all of the gold they raped from the world, simply dissappeared. Then, they'd be nothing more than pale wiaffs with bad attitudes. What an unhappy bunch of beer clods.
4. well said
5. good letter...wonder if he'll read it...
galilean ,   Israel   (05.25.10)
I await the 'anti Israeli at any cost talkbacks' that are fairly posted here at ynet. It amazes me how people twist the truth and rewrite history.
6. Costello - Please reply
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (05.25.10)
7. Rubbish
AlistairClark ,   Scotland   (05.25.10)
If the security wall was to protect israel the it would have been built along Israels border with the west bank and secondly from Israels figures Hamas stuck to the cease fire from the months before cast lead, Israel broke the cease fire by going into the gaza and attacking the Palestinians then the rocketfire restarted but hamas Asked Israel for another cease fire after Israel broke it but Israel wanted cast lead instead of a cease fire .My God you believe your own propaganda! dont expect the west to swallow it too
8. Well said Assaf
Eran ,   Singapore   (05.25.10)
9. Costello, Israel can do without you.
Igor ,   Netherlands   (05.25.10)
10. He scheduled the show in order to cancel it.
lemmings hotline ,   sd usa   (05.25.10)
just a media stunt. come on , hes just an old rocker
11. Great letter!!
Dror ,   Berlin/Tel Aviv   (05.25.10)
12. Fantastic !
Aryeh ,   France   (05.25.10)
Thank you, Assaf, for taking the time to write this excellent and so true article ! As of myself, I have cancelled all further shopping or listening of Costello's music.
13. Kol Ha Kavod! Good job!
Efroim ,   Baltimore   (05.25.10)
14. Costello
amanda Bowers ,   Ottawa,Canada   (05.25.10)
Well said!! Hypocrite is indeed a compliment . Thank you for spekaing for many many of us.
15. bravo
gays4israel ,   not telling   (05.25.10)
these are the kind of Israelis I love to meet
16. Why would anyone pay to listen to this guy
Yoav Naor ,   Haifa Israel   (05.25.10)
Assaf,you are wasting your breath on this BUM SNIFFER.Why would anyone want to listen to this guy.Never heard of him.He calls himself Elvis,Elvis could sing,and was a star.
17. I Hate Pelvis
Charles ,   Cairo   (05.25.10)
Never liked this silly midget.
18. Kol hakavod Wohl!
Ariel ,   Australia   (05.25.10)
I completly agree with you, he is nothing but a self rightious bigot who wants to belong to the 'sexy seftist camp.'
19. Is this guy supposed to be somebody?
Malone ,   Hfx   (05.25.10)
Never heard of him and don't like the look of either...no loss,just another loser..
20. Costellos burned!!!
Phillip ,   Boston, USA   (05.25.10)
.....yea Costello....exactally what Mr. Wohl wrote!!!...now go back to England with your tail tucked between your legs...how does that foot taste???
21. the shnook costello
harry ,   victoria, canada   (05.25.10)
all of his music....into the garbage can where he and it belongs.
22. Perfectly put!
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (05.25.10)
23. Elvis Costello
Fran ,   Mahopac, NY   (05.25.10)
Well written. People like Costello are beyond seeing the truth; they will do whatever they need to do to keep their fan base.
24. Israeli apartheid
palestinian refugee   (05.25.10)
You can not hide the truth thanks to the internet. The world knows now how Israel treat the Palestinians. End Israeli apartheid.
Eyal ,   USA   (05.25.10)
26. Oppressor as victim. The saga continues
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (05.25.10)
The author's blindness to the inhumane treatment of Palestinians is reminiscent of the Boers in South Africa and the Americans whites during slavery. Apparently if one mentions that a Jew is a murderer it is unimportant that the person is a murderer. What is important is that the murderer plays the victim and accuses the critic of anti-semitism. As Hebrew is a proportionally small language in the group of semitic languages, we can only conclude that it is Assaf who is the anti-semite. Fool!
27. WHy in the first place?
Bill in AZ ,   Tucson, AZ   (05.25.10)
Not sure why Costello would make the date in the first place. He's not a dummy. He cannot be a blank slate about the middle east and Israel. He must have opinions already. What this question leads one to believe is that he made the date knowing he would break it just to get in the news. I mean, who listens to him now? To be fair, his first 3 albums back in the late 70s were fresh, exiting and well done and to this day the small venue I saw him in just after "Armed Forces" came out still stands as one of the best shows I've ever seen. But today...pulling stunts like this..."Elvis has left the building".
28. mr. whol
i could not have said it better myself. even as a muslim, i perfectly understand where you are coming from and the severe hypocricy exhibited by this nothing of a "human being". his wife, dianah krall will be performing in israel pretty soon. she is scheduled to be there when i go to israel too. yes, i am a muslim, but i love israel and i believe in their right to their land. even the koran agrees to this. many many iranians support israel and look up to it as the only democracy in the middle east. one day, inshallah, i will be happy to have israelis in iran, eating and drinking together with all of the young and adults that admire them, their strength and conviction and their democracy. god bless your country. the only humane area in the whole cancerous and hateful middle east. hameed aboughaze, iranian
29. Well Said! Unfortunately however....
Dallas ,   Canada   (05.25.10)
...leftists don't respond to reason or facts, their brains have too much glue and nothing moves inside. Truth cannot penetrate because in the leftist's brain there is no discernment of what we would call truth. Elvis will still be righteous about this I am sure.
30. Huge boycotts and war coming to Israel...
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (05.25.10)
...and you earned every bit of it.
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