15 hurt in Gaza strike
Ali Waked
Published: 26.05.10, 02:09
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1. Burying Alive...The Gutless Israeli way.
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (05.26.10)
It never ceases to amaze me the depths of gutless,immoral, inhumane, illegal and plain ugly methods Israel goes to kill. If killing is not a the national sport for Israel then it certainly is a national pastime.
2. Same exact IDF bullshit every single time, word for word.
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (05.26.10)
3. Gaza strike.
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.26.10)
Well done IDF.
4. Israel has the duty to defend herself.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (05.26.10)
Israel is the legal, independent state established in 1948 and recognized by the UN. Israel possesses a legal army that defends the Israeli people. And as a result of these two facts: Israel has the right to act to defend herself in removing existential threats to its existence. The recent lull in violence cannot be used to enhance Hamas’ position by legitimating their despicable actions. Until the terror has ceased, the unrelenting persecution of those committing the attacks must go on. This execution of anti-terror policy must once again extend to Hamas’ leadership. As to human rights and Gaza :
5. Bravo...Well done!
earl mann ,   toronto, canada   (05.26.10)
6. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.26.10)
LOL, no one was killed, only wounded !! But its ok for the Gazans to fire rockets into Israel, isnt it? Tell us how New Zealand would react if her neighbour fired rockets into her territory??
7. to #1 th tunnels r being used to smuggle weapons.
ghostq   (05.26.10)
8. #1
Frank P ,   Israel   (05.26.10)
Nicely put! I hope you are enjoying the high moral ground from your stolen Maori land while you prosecute a war against the Afgan people, a war which has nothing to do with you and has 'collateral damage' rates 5 times that of Israel. You give your killers the Victoria Cross and call them heroes. What did the poor Taliban people ever do to you?
9. #8 very nicely put - STAND UP APPLAUSE!!!
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.26.10)
10. #2 Mortar bombs fired at Israel OK with U
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.26.10)
Have a hissy fit Hess. This is the price the Palestinians pay for terror.
11. RESPONSE to all
O.Y. ,   U.S.   (05.26.10)
If the very country you all sleep in now are being attacked, even the smallest hint of aggression, I am sure you and your country's gov't will also act much much quicker and sooner. So don't say Israel this and that. We're defending our borders, just like you would defend your backyard if someone starts throwing whiskey bottles set on fire at your house where you, your children and wife sleep in. How would you feel.
12. # 2 - Same IDF........
DIS ,   USA/ISRAEL   (05.26.10)
So what would you do if some rednecks from Gastonia,NC sent mortar into Charlotte. You would move to Miami, or would you stay and fight. Its so easy for you to say BS to the IDF's way to defend the land of Israel. I go to Charlotte 5 times a year, its a lovely city with lots of good people. Wait until the Mosques out number the churches, than talk to me.
13. only wounded?
Outside view ,   UK   (05.26.10)
The lack of humanity among these responses, sadly, doesn't surprise me any more. You need only compare the horrendously disproportionate civilian death tolls to see that Israel does not understand a 'proportionate' response. On a personal note, I'm sure this policy of bombing Palestinians is sure to reduce terrorism rather than provoking an endless circle of violence: it's worked so far... right?
14. # 1 and 2
Chimo ,   Las Vegas   (05.26.10)
You both are nothing but anti Israeli maggots who put down Israel for defending it's population against rocket and mortar attacks. I'm sure the both of you would love for those rockets and mortars to kill some Israeli civillians, but since they don't very often, you feel Israel should do nothing and be attacked becasue they deserve to be attacked, isnt that right? You bboth make me sick, why they publish your posts is beyond me. Especially Mr. New Zealand down under who's country is run by left wing nut cases.
15. #13
Chimo ,   Las Vegas   (05.26.10)
Go on, join your 2 buddies, #1 and 2 in claiming that Israel has no right to defend itself. Why not just allow rockets and mortars to be fired at your civillian population? they're just firecrackers right? You disgusting verminous pig, go peddle your anti israeli b.s somewhere else, I'm so sick of the scum that come onto these talkbacks to put down the only Jewish country in the world while they gratuitously defend terrorists. A plague upon all your souls, #'s 1 , 2 and 13
16. Michael Hess (#2). Repetitive "bullshit" is your hallmark.
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (05.26.10)
Funny, how someone who's been posting the exact same drivel all of over the internet, day after day, year after year, should take issue with repetition. Every blessed one of your hundreds of thousands of postings uses the same inane verbiage, right down to the "wingnuts", "time's up", "rogue little state", etc. You, of all maggots, should refrain from criticism of repetitive "bullshit". You practically invented it. Have a "time's up" day, idiot.
17. Close the tunnels
Larry G ,   Farmington MI   (05.26.10)
@ Michael Hess...and I suppose that allowing Hamas terror operatives to sneak into Israel and wreck havoc is acceptable? Should they kidnap some children and hold them hostage as well? How about planting roadside bombs and blowing up a few busses full of women and children...I guess THAT would be acceptable to you. Seriously, what the FUCK is your problem?
18. Gaza's tunnels legitimate, to be internationally recognized
observer   (05.26.10)
Latin meaning of the jus cogens is the"compelling law." This "higher law" must be followed by all countries. The number of peremptory norms is considered limited but not exclusively cataloged. They are not listed or defined by any authoritative body, but arise out of case law and changing social and political attitudes. Generally included are prohibitions on waging aggressive war, crimes against humanity, war crimes, maritime piracy, genocide, apartheid, slavery, and torture. The 1986 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties affirmed jus cogens as an accepted doctrine in international law. Breaching the peremptory norms (jus cogens law) is illegitimate. So, what's genocide if it is not strangulating siege in the air, water and ground access of Gaza; starving and bombing 1.5 million residents? Yes!, Gaza's tunnels are legitimate and must be encouraged by ALL world countries. In the last Israeli raid, 15 people hurt including children & women; speaks volumes about Israel's lies of human shield story. the thousands rockets story and hiding among women do not hold convincing anymore. Israel!, try to find a persuasive story. Air raid over the heavily populated Beit Hanoun in the early hours of the day is so flagrant type of genocide.
19. revival of 50 years old smuggling tunnels
observer   (05.26.10)
most of those tunnels have always been there since Gaza was a "free trade zone" under Egypt's administration. before 1967, the tunnels were to flood Egypt's towns with smuggled goods. I witnessed those.
20. toys r us
observer   (05.27.10)
Maged Ibrahim is shopping for Ramadan lanterns for his three boys. When the shopkeeper tells him that each lantern costs 20 shekels ($5.5), he talks the boys into buying something else. The lantern merchant admits that the prices of lanterns are too high. The reason for this is that the lanterns were smuggled through the tunnels.
21. #18 Gaza tunnels legitimate targets
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.27.10)
Through these tunnels Palestinians smuggle millions of dollars worth of lethal weapons used to kill Israelis. The last Israeli raid followed the firing of mortar bombs at Israel. Get used to Israel responding in this appropriate fashion and be more observant.
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