Obama doctrine to make clear no war on Islam, aide says
Published: 27.05.10, 09:07
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1. War On Islam?
Nathan ,   Israel / US   (05.27.10)
Contrary to many slogans as well as popular belief it only takes on side to make war (if the other side refuses to participate it is ismply a very short and bloody war) Obama (I still cringe to call him POTUS) sais that the United states is not at war with Islam - But Whether you like it or not Isam is at war with the United States, and indead the entire "West"
2. The war, Mr. Obama, the clash if you will, was initiated by
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.27.10)
Islamist forces worldwide and not by the liberal democratic world. In the face of this reality it would be naive to be pacifist and let those whose goal is to wipe the concept of liberal democracy off the face of earth achieve their vision of death, destruction and the going back to the 7th century AD. It is sad an intelligent American president can't recognize reality... but of course perhaps it is not as strange when one views matters in the proper context and realize that Mr. Barakah Hussein Obama has been "sitting under" Rev. J. Wright for 20 years and has been a close friend of people such as Min. L. Farakhan...!! Let us hope American will not wake up to reality when it is too late...!!
3. Not at war with Islam?
Chaim ,   Arad   (05.27.10)
Why, of course not. Obamanation has clearly shown that in his actions, bowing, stalling, and blindness towards terror. After all, he didn't have to say that, his actions prove what's in his heart. Welcome to the new policy of the USSA.
4. That's fine, but Islam IS at war with the US.
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (05.27.10)
5. Ths president is a joke
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (05.27.10)
6. NR 1.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (05.27.10)
7. that is cause NOBAMA is Muslim.
ghostq   (05.27.10)
which makes everyone wonder if the racist minister who explained him the chritian way baptized him even.
8. Obama is an idiot! WHY is he an idiot?..............
the west = denial   (05.27.10)
because Islam is at war with the western world/the infidels! you can stick your head in the sand and continue being in denial or you can wake up and fight to win! Islam knows that leftist liberals are a joke!they know that they are weak and soft and that the west is doomed with leaders like obama! Not all muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are muslims!
9. Life Imitates Art
Andrew M ,   Leeds, UK   (05.27.10)
Anyone ever see the 1950s classic American Sci Fi, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? Someone please tell me this isn't happening right now in Eurabia and US, because the rising tide of the Islamofascists in the West sure reminds me of that film.
10. Of course theres no war against Islam..
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (05.27.10)
Of course theres no war against Islam Its people like Ah MAD inejad and Al Quaida who actively promote the notion to hold on to power Past masters at promoting fear, hatred, extremism, racialism and overwhelming intolerance of others that fuels misunderstanding and mistrust in the wider community What chance of coexistence if they prevail? Ah MAD inejad and Al Quaida have a lot to answer for Its up to Muslims everywhere to sideline these nutcases and speak out against this hijacking and distortion of Islam for their own evil purposes
11. Hear no evil, see no evil: die by the sword of Islam.
Bernie ,   Erehwon, USA   (05.27.10)
Ask India about its ancient history with Islam, among all its other foes.
12. why talkbackers want all Islam to die - it is a nazi stuff!
kuhl blitz ,   Doha / Chennai   (05.27.10)
Nazi were the people who went with the idea that JEWS and other race should be wiped out. Now, if you apply the same tactic to ISLAM, then u r no better than Nazis! I guess the harsher should be wiping out the entire middle east including Israel - and no middle east, no violence! But above statement is more of anger towards talkbackers --- Its high time, stupid people grow up to see the difference
13. #1+#6: I join you!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.27.10)
14. Obama's doctrine.
DIS ,   USA/ISRAEL   (05.27.10)
It looks as if Mr. Obama's eyes are not open and his adviser are not tell him what the world wide Islam street is saying. Young Muslims in europe are still saying that 9/11 was not done al Qeada, but by the USA itself, so that it gives a reason to open a war against Islam in the world. Lets just hope that come this November that the USA voters will give Mr. Obama the message loud and claer. Its like GWB said, you are with us or you are againat us.
15. #12
nathan ,   Israel / USA   (05.27.10)
I do not think that MOST of the pro-Israel talk backers want Islam to die, I for one do not... But when a group of People defined by Race, Religion, Geography or Creed expresses the desire to 1. Impose their views/religion upon you by force 2. Cheer and celebrate when great numbers of your innocent civilians are murdered by one of their "Holy Warriors" 3. Express verbally their desire for the death of your culture (and in fact any culture not their own) 4. Back up this desire with actions 5. Freely and purposely Target your women and children for death and maiming (and no, you cannot in anyway pin this one on Israel and the IDF, Note the freely and purposefully part) Then I feel that it is 100% legitimate/Morale to resist this threat For the last 30 years Islam has tried to pin their sins on the Jews (and indeed have convinced a good portion of the world that this is true) does not change the fact that Islam is a religion based in violence (If Islam is the religion of peace then the peace of Islam is the peace of the sword) I do not wish Islam to die - but I will not let Islam kill me Note: While I am a Jew I say this 100% as a 17th generation AMERICAN! (yes there was an America before there was a USA so 13th Gen. US citizen)
16. #14, W. was right in declaring the axis of
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.27.10)
evil. Iraq, Iran and North Korea once constituted the axis of evil... Iraq was kicked out and Syria and Lebanon joined in... But W. also failed completely in regard to Iran -- Hussein Obumma was a shot in the dark just from the start... We all know, that the decisive confrontation with the forces of evil is just about to come...It will not help to appease radical fact it will make the things to come a lot more worse... Al Qaeda are only a handfull of lunatics, but a lot of millions and millions sympathize with them... Thats the truth about Islam...
17. Obama doctrine: surrender to Islam
Frank ,   Canada   (05.27.10)
18. to #12 they copied the old testament with so many
ghostq   (05.27.10)
errors they basicaly believes that the disrupted stories is the golden truth, I even heard one person claims Yeshua was arab. so stupid.
19. No surprise, given the background of Obama and Brennan
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.27.10)
Obama, of course, has a Muslim background (step-father, father and grandfather). Even if today a self-described Christian, his gut sympathies are fairly obvious. And Brennan spent years in Arabic countries and speaks of his deep respect for Islamic culture. In this, they differ only by degree from Bush and his team. Both insist Islam is a "Religion of Peace" (history proves it's not). Both expanded immigration of Muslims into the US, both ratcheted up visas for students from Islamic countries, both turned a blind eye to the activities of groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. The CIA and FBI actively recruit in Muslim communities for translators (non-Muslims need not apply). The events of 9/11 provided an object lesson our leaders refused to learn. Political correctness rules here, as it does in Europe and Canada. The Pentagon's only expert on Islamic warfare (not a Muslim) was let go - at the urging of a Muslim adviser. And today one can't even use phrasing like "Islamic terror" in US security circles.
20. #15, Jews are not that different
lara ,   Australia   (05.27.10)
#1. Even Christians are guilty of that one. But i guess its better than killing those who have a different religion with no remorse because they're gentiles. #2. is similar to getting Jewish kids to sign "with love" on missiles to launch into Lebanon in 2006. #3. sounds like you have your religions mixed up... I remember reading an article about a Rabbi endorsing the killing of gentile babies. #4. Bulldozing an American Peace Activist... Rachel Corie #5. Sounds like when the IDF shoot Palestinian children in the head with sniper rifles Some people do bad things. But there are many good people too, from all religions and races. Jews can be portrayed just as badly as muslims or perhaps worse. There are 2 sides to ever story. Remember that the next time you speak ill of others.
21.  obama is a moslem, therefore....
OZ   (05.27.10)
he won't launch any war against his brethren... he even said so himself in one of his laughable books... but he sure will declare war o israel, its leaders and its security.... tfu on him and h doctrine.
22. Obama and Islam
Brod ,   USA   (05.27.10)
If Obama and his associates think that Islam is a religion of peace, they are living in fantasyland. They need to do alot more reading of Current Affairs literature on Islam and Terrorism written by outstanding experts on Islam such as Mark A. Gabriel, PhD, Ali Sina, Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Robert Spencer, Walid Shoebat, Walid Phares, PhD, Serge Trifkovic, PhD, Gregory M. Davis, PhD, Moorthy S. Muthuswamy, PhD, Brigitte Gabriel, Oriana Fallaci, etc. They should read the following Daily Reports:
23. Al Quaida= The Base=The Qur'an = Islam words mean things
kate b ,   uk   (05.27.10)
24. # 20
Nathan   (05.27.10)
#1. Jews do not Kill people just because they are Gentiles (Barring some extremely rare crazy people who are in turn punished for it - has nothing to do with being Jewish just crazy) The Koran Calls for Conversion By the word or by the sword (this is preached and practiced) #2. If that Happened then it is in rather bad taste - but there is a large difference in kids writing “with love” on a missile targeting Enemy soldiers and the majority of Paterson NJ. (as well as the Muslims in Israel and the disputed territories ) Cheering after 9-11 Not to mention naming town squares after suicide bomber I think the telling difference is who the actual target was (Arabs intentionally target Civilians especially women and children - the IDF targeted Hezbollah outposts and did their very best not to kill civilians even when Hezbollah intentionally hides behind them) #4. Rachel Corie…Was not killed intentionally …and she was not run over but was struck (most likely by a large piece of concrete that fell when the bulldozer was moving debris #5. There has never been a child shot in the head by an Israeli soldier…You could only be referring to one incident..and it was proven internationally that the child was killed by a Palestinian bullet. So please learn the facts so you do not end up repeating false accusations, No nation/people/religion is perfect we all make mistakes There ARE two side to evrey story - it seems you have only been listening to one (and ingnoring the facts)
25. #24 these are facts
lara ,   Australia   (05.28.10)
Fact #1 Muslims = 2 billion of the worlds population Jews = 15 million. if 1 in 1 million people are crazy and evil that would make 2000 crazy and evil muslims equivelant to 15 evil and crazy jews on a world scale. The fact that you say it is rare, is because the Jewish population is 0.2% of the worlds population while Muslims make up 30%. If every Muslim killed 2 people who were non-muslim... there would be no population of non-muslims... but they have not done this. While each Jew would have to kill over 400 non-jews to wipe out every non-jew. In the past 10 years: 125 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians vs 1,441 Palestinian children killed by Israelis. Over 11 palestinian children for every 1 Israeli child. Almost every religion, including the Jewish religion has something in it referring to those of a different religion. It is up to the individual to take a literal meaning and it is not reflective of the majority of any religious group. Then you said... "the IDF targeted Hezbollah outposts and did their very best not to kill civilians" Fact #2. The bombs and misslies launched into lebanon by Israel killed over 1,191 civilians and only 46of the military. While the IDF death toll was 121 and 43 civilian deaths. By being objective and comparing only fact (numbers) who was doing their very best not to kill civilians? Fact #4. Rachel Corie… here are some photos and details of how it ran over her then reversed back over her again Fact #5. Thirteen-year-old Ahmad Mughayer and his sister Asma (16), two of at least four Palestinian children shot dead by IDF snipers in Rafah, 18-19 May 2004... see the link for photos: You said "learn the facts so you do not end up repeating false accusations" Numbers & photos, don't lie. And you are right "No nation/people/religion is perfect we all make mistakes" There are two sides, i listened to yours and have tried to show you the other because you only speak of one side without drawing any comparison, so this is the comparison. I am not ignoring facts. I know that Muslim people have done horrible things, and so have Jews and also Chrisitians. Peace comes when people stop looking at the wrongs of others and acknowlege their own wrong doings rather than denying them. The point of my post is to draw attention to the fact that Jews have done bad things too and aren't any better than Muslims. This in mind, no Jew has the right to portray others in a bad light while denying what they too, have done. People are individuals, and should be judged as individuals and not collectively according to their race or religion.
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