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Kadima's Livni seeks to bridge secular-religious divide
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 28.05.10, 14:45
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1. Livni Gaps Bridges is more correct
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.28.10)
2. The problem is very simple
Sagi   (05.28.10)
There is no other democratic Western country in which exists the phenomenon of one sector of society, an extremist sector,that tries to impose its will and way on all others by all means available. By political blackmail, by coercion and if that does not work then they resort to violence. This is not conducive to a democratic society and it must stop. The only way to stop it is to separate State from religion. It is inconceivable in, and incompatible with, a democratic society, that political parties have religious orientation and furthermore the power to control the lives of citizens who have no incline whatsoever towards religion and its rites and ceremonies. All religious citizens have a right to join political parties but not to form them based on a religious agenda which they intend to enforce by law enactment. This is wrong, undemocratic and indeed uncivilized. The attitude of the Haredim creates animosity. Their behaviour creates a feeling of contempt. The days when people act on behalf of "God" are a thing of the past. Enlightenment came many years ago and most people are enlightened. The onus for reform is on the Haredim and not on the seculars. The Haredim must change their ways and attitude, the seculars will never change and shall not allow themselves to be coerced into a way of life which is undesirable to them.
3. Thats rich coming from Livni
zionist forever   (05.28.10)
All that woman ever does is bash the haredi and when she was offered a place in the coalition her demand was Bibi ditch Shas. Livni hates everything about the haredi who are not going to vote Kadima anyway. The other day she was saying how terrible it is a generation has grown up that doesn't go to the synagogue. This little tactic is just more Livni oportunism. Try get the orthodox jews who vote for mainstream parties to vote Kadima because Livni cares about religion. She is also saying to the seculars we don't like the haredi & they don't like us so lets find a way so we can all live in this little country as friends. Livni is the lepoard that keeps trying to change its spots promising what she thinks is going to be popular with different groups of voters at different times. At the end of the day she is left wing & will be an Obama stooge & she hates the haredi and religion.
4. "Bridge the gap"
Sagi   (05.28.10)
This is impossible. Blashpemy was a crime in England up until around a hundred years ago. If a person uttered the words "God damn" and he was overheard and testified against he could have been punished by death, he certainly was imprisoned or sent to Australia as a convict ( not punishment in my estimation, rather emancipation ). I for one do not wish to return to these times and I am happy that I can live in a country where I am free to express my opinion that "God" not only does not exist but that the whole concept is a figment of Man's imagination and that he, Man, has carried this concept to utterly ridiculous extremes, the most ridiculous one being that believers have a solemn right to impose their religious ceremonies and rites, and indeed sometimes tantrums,on others. I have a right to my opinion that "God" does not exist and that religion is harmful. I do not promulgate this opinion by violent means. I discuss, I reason. I do not flout the law and cause public disturbance. They must change, not me or my fellow nonbelievers, or the simple seculars who wish to live as they please.
5. #2 Everything is a matter of option
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.28.10)
You can choose a medieval Roman style,for example by keeping a man in "solitary" ,when convicted ,or you can choose a Jewish style of rulling. This is only an example. What you call "secular","enlighted","civilized" ,are only models of living,actually christianized models of living. The whole "civilized" world has followed this distorted Jewish model of living,actually.Distorted because it has been taken over from Jews by the Church and applied.Distortedly applied. Actually the "enlightened" model you are claiming as the correst one is nothing else than a created monster. We Jews must return to our roots. Those who feel good to follow,good for them.If not...what can one do? Everyone must follow their own path.True and original path and not a monsterfied copy.
6. Livni: Havent you done enough damage already?
BJL ,   usa   (05.28.10)
With your Kadima policies and UN resolution 1701 which was a joke! Hizbollah is now 4 x stronger thanks to you and threatens the very existence of Israel. Livni, you should just go home and read a book. I here Tanakh is a good read.
7. # 5 Keren
Sagi   (05.28.10)
"Going back to ones roots", is again a load of nonsense. Let's examine for a moment the case of Judaism. Shall we build a temple and sascrifice animals all day long in order to serve "God". Perhaps the licentious young ladies of decadent Tel Aviv should be publicly stoned to death. If we take the case of large sectors of the South American populace we would have mass human sacrifice of young people enacted every day in order to "appease" the "Gods". Roots are beginnings, they develop from a seed and eventually become a trunk which in turn produces branches and leaves which renew and reinvent themselves every year. "Man is like a tree in the field". I prefer the trunk and the branches to the roots. The roots live in a dark underworld, the branches and leaves live in the sunlight. Let me tell you one other thing. Religion and wars are the two greatest madnesses of Man. They go hand in hand, in fact there is a symbiotic relationship between the two, they live and thrive off each other, they feed each other. War is an outcome of religion, religion aggravates war. No roots for me thank you, just sunlight, knowlege and enlightenment, open to all and any.
8. #2 And something more:
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.28.10)
Jihad´s job is an essay to repeat Church´s taking over 2000 years ago,to apply their own copy of what they have taken over from us.It is them who want to rule the world,as christianity has ruled.It is them we must be aware of ,for their danger,not of ourselves´faith and culture. Out of paganic cultures from Africa,for example,or some indians in Amazon,there is nothing else than Judaism going on in the world. The 10 commandments(and all our Scriptures) are yet ,and will always be,the rule,now with distorted ramifications,because they(christians and muslums) always try to silence the true owners of the faith.And we are owners because we are Jews,His people.A Jew does not even need to know our Scriptures,because all is intrinsic in us.But well..this is another issue..
9. Livni is just a fool
Grian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.28.10)
She does not even have enough sense to be embarrassed by herself. I could not be more disgusted by this woman, every time she speaks, I feel ill. If all of Israel were to be hit by rockets and missiles for an entire year from every direction, I would stay put, but the day this woman becomes PM I will find it hard to stay, because the day this woman becomes PM all hope will be truly lost. How the hell does anyone vote for Kadima? If after the next election Kadima still exists at all it will be a sad reflection of the population of this nation. Do Kadima voters have any clue at all who these clowns they vote for are? WHAT A BUNCH OF CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Hosting a talk show could be ideal for Livni. .
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.28.10)
Anything Livni does is fine with me as long as it gets her out of national leadership, where she does nothing but harm Israel. Perhaps hosting a talk show could be the ideal job for Livni. She could be Israel's equivalent to America's liberal Joy Behar Show.. Not a huge ratings winner but anything to separate Livni from Israeli politics can only be good.
11. The fault lies with the Religious extremeist
Texas Matt ,   Houston, Texas   (05.29.10)
The fault lies with the religious extremist, not the secular moderates. Israel was founded by secular Jews who rebelled against the religious Jewish establishment. There is no such thing as a religious zionist, thats an oxymoron.
12. Livni is trying to Unite both Israel's right and left.
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (05.30.10)
which very rarely MK's will ever want to embark on this path as it is an explosive issue that will stem out when sensitive nerves are treaded upon. With all types of different Jews from countries of different sentimentalities and cultures.... Way to go! Girl! Ben Gurion the founding father's of Israel must be smiling on you.
13. Hating Livni more important than unifying Am Ekhad?
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.30.10)
Not for me. Allow people to improve if they will. Kol ha kavod in this effort and I hope she succeeds in making some progress to healing the fracture in Am Ekhad. Only misojudaics and hate-mongers who prefer ad hominems rather than dealing with content--which covers most ynet tbers--oppose healing the fracture dividing Am Ekhad and unifying the Name.
14. Livni is the only
StevieT ,   USA   (05.30.10)
light to lead Israel through the dangerous pass to PEACE. You may not like her or her politics, but she is the only one standing at the right levers. If she was some weak kneed peace at any price person I would not make this conclusion. She has a deep understanding (if not agreement) with all segments of society. All countries reach critical moments throughout their histories where hard decisions need to be made. Israel is at one of those junctures now. Simple retreat to your political bases (and putting your head in the sand) will not lead you to the optimal point. Swallow your pride, take a deep gulp, down a liter of Johnnie Walker, LIVNI'S THE ONE FOR NOW!
15. Shalom Hartman Institute
Alan Abbey ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.30.10)
That's who the writer means.
16. 13 - that's rich coming from the ad hominem king
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.31.10)
but you said it yourself.
17. cutting from the roots
thinkagain ,   jerusalem israel   (06.02.10)
to long do plants cut from their roots live?
18. Her father is very likely very proud of her
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.06.10)
19. The article is an identity crisis
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.06.10)
She isn't.
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