Cyprus bans Free Gaza boats
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 27.05.10, 21:26
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1. Pass a new bill
oxo ,   USA   (05.27.10)
To seize these types of ships (and other assests), auction ships, use the proceeds for families who have been harmed by terrorism. Law to automatically expire if no terrorist acts in 20 year span.
2. Activists battle to share lies
William ,   Israel   (05.27.10)
While one activists claims Israel's offer to take supplies came too late (despite the offer being open since the very first flotilla a couple years ago), another activists said it wasn't the supplies but "the illegal blockade". I'm not sure which Intl Law they are referring to, but clearly Intl Law gives Israel both the right and obligation to protect its citizens and enforce the siege around a terrorist enclave. The fact that these activists claim to bring needed food and supplies shows their intellectual dishonesty after several months of articles showing an abundance of items in Gaza and no real humanitarian disaster. If these activists really were for human rights, let them sail to N. Cyprus and demand an end to that illegal occupation.
3. international law is not on their side. the only law is the
ralph   (05.27.10)
one about the correlation between stupidity and naivety with being used as a useful idiot in stalins meaning of this phrase.
5. Bravo Kyfrisin
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.27.10)
Kol ha'kavod le'chem
6. Yes!
Jakow ,   Stockholm   (05.27.10)
Long Live Cyprus!
7. #4 - Atilla - when is Turkey going to end its occupation?
William ,   Israel   (05.27.10)
It's been 36 years now since the Turks forcibly occupied Cyprus and divided both the land and its people. When will you be ending this illegal act? S. Cyprus called and said "you'd get the message".
8. The Point Is Can Ships Move Through Gazan Territorial Waters
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.27.10)
Without Interference From Israel. The supplies, whether needed or not is a secondary issue. Israel wants absolute control of those waters because there is a natural gas field there that the Israelis want exploit without compensation to its rightful owners, i.e. the indigenous Palestinians.
9. atilla
the cyprians will probably answer you like this ATTILA, WHO? this is how important you are to cyprus and its government. sorry! you'll have to work harder on your intelligence and stop making threatening remarks and giving warnings to other governments that do not agree to help the scum and hypocritical riff raffs on the boats. malcomb uk
10. To the three responders here I say this:
JAMES ,   ISRAEL   (05.27.10)
Let them in,but they have to say at least for one MONTH in Gaza and then they'll realize how deluded and stupid the whole charade is. As for Turkey's attending,we should remind the turks to look into their back yard first i.e they just have been killing more Kurds. When will Israel be free from outside ignorant meddlers who have no idea about that hamas is flourishing,Gaza is fine.And if not how can they on the one hand suffer,and the next spending millions on their weapons and tunnels. This people are not only blind,but their interference causes more dissent rather than help. God how I hate it when ever I hear anyone trying to attack Israel and not leave us in peace..The IDF has enough to deal with,and these buffoons impedes our IDF to carry out more important work and thus WASTING PRECIOUS TIME. They are not peace activists,but just love to be in the limelight. They tried it before,and NO DICE. Incidently its a damn LIE that the request about Shalit was received late.Just been to JPOST and Haaretz nothing there.All BUNKUM.
11. Greta Berlin is proven antisemite and liar
Lee Kaplan ,   Bekeley, CA   (05.27.10)
Greta Berlin's own daughter has confirmed the woman is a virulent antisemite who rails against Jews at the dinner table. See She also says Hamas was jusitified in kidnapping and holding Shalit incommunicado and has no sympathy for the boy. Once in Ashdod, she should be proscuted for aiding Hamas and jailed for a long sentence.
12. IDF should...
Golan ,   modiin   (05.27.10)
the IDF should remove the people off the ship and sink her.
13. Put them in Open Air prison next to Sderot
The Dude   (05.27.10)
If these rockets are not as dangerous as many of the activists and other talkbackers claim... Then their shouldn't be an issue of detaining them in open air prisons next to Sderot and other Gaza belt communities. Obviously these open air prisons should not have any bomb shelters, because they obviously, as these terror supporters say, they aren't dangerous...
14. Who are you Mr. Attila from Turkey....
Nora Tel Aviv   (05.27.10)
.... to be present many times a day at Ynet`s talkbacks ? Is Israel`s conflict your sole humanitarian occupation ? It looks like.
15. with a name like BERLIN what should one expect. Pathetic !
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (05.27.10)
16. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.27.10)
Umm, question. How many North Korean ships do you see being allowed to enter United States territorial waters? How many Libyan ships? How many Cuban ships? Et cetera, et cetera. Are you that stupid that you do not realize the rights of sovereign states to govern access to their territorial waters? And yes, dear, the waters off Gaza belong to Israel. Read the Oslo accords. Oh, and by the way .... the 5 trillion cubic foot natural gas field (second largest known) which Israel discovered in February of last year is off Haifa. Doesn't even come close to anything non-Israeli. Tee hee. Put that in your smoke and pipe it. Or drink your oil. I care not.
17. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.27.10)
Nora, Attila is our resident clown.
18. Lee @ 11 Why doesn't Israel =Summarily Arrest
Ross ,   USA   (05.27.10)
Arrest this woman as soon as they arrive in Ashdod? As far as I am aware Israel is letting them in Ashdod and will deport them. I hope the Govt has not relented or change their stance with their arrival in Ashdod and DEPORTING THEM STRAIGHT AWAY. Lee when you mention this woman it is the first I heard about it.Not in Jpost,or at Haaretz. However I will look at the link you have provided . Thanks
19. Visit to Norther Cyprus Turkish Republic Not Greeek part
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.27.10)
Souther Cyprus occupied by Greek racists and therefore you had better visit only Turkish part We will soon emancipate rest of the cyprus from those zionist supporter Hellens Historically helenic racist work for zionism. Muslim arabs should support Turkish side and ACKNOWLEDGE NORTHER CYPRUS TURKİSH REPUBLIC as only legitimate Government of Cyprus
20. # 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.27.10)
Thanks for the link,Lee.
21. Turkey occupies northern Cyprus and northern Kurdistan
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (05.28.10)
Once Turkey occupied Israel too but now Israel is free. End the Turkish occupation now.
22. The truth about the humanitarian aid to Gaza
Mikhail ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (05.27.10)
Israel actually provides more aid each week than this entire provocative flotilla combined. Israel sends more than 15,000 tons of humanitarian supplies and food to Gaza each week. Take a look at this:
23. Never trust a citizen of the world
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.27.10)
World Citizen writes, "Israel wants absolute control of those waters because there is a natural gas field there that the Israelis want exploit without compensation to its rightful owners." Utter nonsense. Israel has no outstanding claim on those waters and, in fact, was negotiating with the consortium representing the PA to procure that gas. In the end they went with supplies from Egypt, which will tide them over until Israel's own supplies come on line.
24. TYPHOON THE BABOON BUFFOON Mongolia waiting for U to return
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (05.28.10)
Asia Minor belongs to to its native Armenians, Kurds and Greeks. You are an interloper temporarily tolerated because you are so bloodthirsty and ruin everything in your path.
25. why cyprus bans free gaza boats
suleyman tosun ,   london   (05.28.10)
my couriosity is AKP is playing its last cards in Turkey if my instincts is correct the ruling AKP may loose the next general election to CHP Coalition which has frends in ISRAEL.,I feel AKP is becoming to make immage in Europe and the world that it is Fundamentalist and driving Turkey in relegious manouvering to keep it united with its Kurdish Minority.So this peace boat between Turkey and Gaza is may be link to Norhern Cyprus which is also not recognised may be Turkey is going to do strangest thing in Middle East which can affect Israel
26. Thank you
Rachel Avraham ,   Netanya, Israel   (05.28.10)
Thank you Cyprus for showing some reason! BTW, to the other talk-backers, Greeks don't have a history of working for Zionists. NEVER! While based on my travels in Cyprus and Greece, I believe that most Greek Cypriots are more pro-Israel than their mainland Greek counterparts, I would still refrain from calling the majority ardent Zionists, although I have met pro-Israel Greek Cypriots before. So people who claim that are blatantly wrong. Also, Attilla and Tayfun, I visited the Turkish side of Cyprus and most Turkish Cypriots don't share Erdogan's hatred of Jews and Israel. They are actually more moderate than mainland Turks and staunchly secular, and furthermore, I know Osman Ertug, former TRNC Ambassador to the US, and he seemed to be glad that Israel allowed for the Turkish Cypriots to open up a trade office in Tel Aviv, and seemed willing to consider recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's eternal capital if only Israel would recognize the TRNC. Thus, in conclusion, anti-Israel mainland Turks like yourself don't represent the Turkish Cypriots, who are a nation onto themselves.
27. Hey Tayfun @ 19...Who Came first? The Greeks or the Turks??
Ross ,   USA   (05.28.10)
I should revise you history before your nonsensical response saying Greeks will be abolished from Cyprus which (like Jews and Israel) Greeks go back when Turkey/islam was not even in its mother's womb And there was not even a MOTHER you fool. i.e No Islam but Orthodox Christianity. Get it into your thick skull you are just like the Arabs:New comers on this EARTH. Your gradiose ideas are because Turks had conquered countries relatively recent. Dates only as old as Great Britain which begs the question you ARE NOBODIES in the scheme of things. Had it not been for your Ataturk you'd be living an existence like paupers and degraded.. Not that you are any better even now. What have you given the world that is worthy? Nkt a damn thing! I spit on Erdogan and your Islam which is a STAIN UPON the world. You don't like criticism? THEN LIVE WITH IT.Or choke on it.
28. Geneva convention rules apply to Gila'ad, too.
yigal ,   north   (05.28.10)
Greta Berlin says that "international law and the Geneva Initiative was on their side." yet refuses to acknowledge Gila'ads rights under the Geneva convention. For all I care, stop the ships at sea and let these "activists" sit It out at sea. They surely won't starve.
29. :: Sarah B - #16 - What BS!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (05.28.10)
While Sarah B *claims* to be ‘an expert in admiralty law’ her comments here clearly prove otherwise. The territorial waters off Gaza do not ‘belong’ to Israel ie: Israel has *absolutely no sovereignty* over these waters. Israel’s control over the territorial waters off Gaza is based on *military occupation* and belligerent military occupation confers NO sovereignty (see International Law and Israeli High Court ruling). The only provision under the Oslo Accords (which Israel has failed to adhere to) which grants Israel control are in regard to military security ie: Israel is entitled to take “measures necessary against vessels suspected of being used for terrorist activities or for smuggling arms, ammunition, drugs, goods, or for any other illegal activity”. Obviously Sarah B doesn’t know this otherwise she would not be making such farcical statements as “the waters off Gaza belong to Israel”. While it always amusing to see Sarah B titter like a school girl and make childish remarks I would remind readers that what Sarah B ‘imagines’ eg: “the waters off Gaza belong to Israel” is rarely based in ‘reality’. Let me repeat the simple fact: Israel has no sovereignty over the territorial waters off Gaza.
30. The intent of the "activists" - supporters of the Islamist..
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.28.10)
...Hamas international terror organization of course - is not to deliver goods to Gaza but rather to generate a confrontation with Israel. If they really cared about the people of Gaza, they could have delivered the very same goods through the existing channels, either through Israel or through Egypt, both of which countries border with Gaza and through both goods, e.g. food, clothing, hardware, electricity, water, petrol, are passed regularly. But going through the proper channels would not generate the TV pictures these "activists" seek, thus the "flotilla" that would connect with those whose goal has been the annihilation of the nation-state of the Jewish people and with it all traces of Jewish life in it.
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