Cyprus bans Free Gaza boats
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 27.05.10, 21:26
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31. ATILLA, you made my day...
repulsewarrior ,   homeless in Canada   (05.28.10)
...thank-you sir, you say you love Greeks, coming from someone who's name is Turkish. more important the Identity of People as Individuals, loving and Human, and, as Persons, Individuals sustaining a distinctive Identity; this is Bicommunal. defining this Ideal in Cyprus gives all Mankind some guidance, beyond the Nation-State, as State's with National identities. to all the readers, please consider this issue: Cyprus is Cyprus, it cannot be "Greek" or "Turkish" , this debate is false; there is Tolerance and Grace, there is the Ignorance which puts an exclusivity to Human dignity that extends Hatred to those not chosen. there are Cypriots, and those who would rather that the segregation continue for their benefit. govern yourselves accordingly. it is a pity that the Republic of Cyprus is "Greek", because it represents the Principals all Mankind seeks to better. "Turks" make it difficult for Turks to gain any representation here. as for these boats they did not request a landing in Cyprus, if they had left from International Ports, like on other occasions, their service would not have been denied, in accordance with Maritime Law. in essence, if this is the topic regarding these ships' intervention, it is entirely possible that the activists have been hijacked by the agenda of Turkey and Iran, whose flags hang from the ferry. ...perhaps the IDF can commandeer the goods and deliver them itself.
32. Flotila and the aid
AMNON ,   Kiriat Gat   (05.28.10)
Why are the doogoders forget about the rest of the countryes that have hunger like Somalia, Darfur and the rest of Afrika `.What are the looser thinking about ,is this Jew hatting or the liberal crazy idea of Tikun olam.
33. @8
wrong geography stupid. the israeli natural gas field was found off the haifa coast, rendering israel free of importing natural gas for the next 100 years. israel is not and never was looking for oil in the coast of gaza. the siege is that terror is not imported via sea channels. this is all. by the way, the minute israel found these gas fields on their sea territory and explored for years and invested millions of dollars in this exploration off the haifa coast in israeli territorial water, LEBANON JUMPED ON THE WAGON CLAIMING THESE WATERS ARE THEIRS AND THEY WANT A PEACE OF THE ACTION. ISN'T IT TYPICAL OF ARABS AND MUSLIMS TO LAZE AROUND AND NOT WORK AT ALL, LET EVERYONE DO THE RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY AND THEN, OPPS! JUMP IN WHEN ALL THE WORK IS DONE AND CLAIM IT AS THEIRS??? TYPICAL ARAB BEHAVIOR.
34. Wish to see Edrogan on board
John   (05.28.10)
It's a shame Edrogan the clown will not be on board , i would have loved to see him seated on a law stool with Ayalon towering over him.
35. Israel & International Law is not on Flotilla side
LJ ,   USA   (05.28.10)
These Flotilla people are so misguided and uninformed of International Law! Who do they think they are fooling? Stupid people...let stew for a while in open waters until they use up all their fuel. Then they will be singing a different tune.
36. Another reminder to Tayfun the ignorant.
Ross ,   USA   (05.28.10)
How old is Greece? And take it from there. The ancient Greeks were the best in the world with their many renown historians,philosophers, inventers and so many others it would take a several books to even begin to learn their history.I have,because I am interested in CLASSIC history of many countries which includes Ancient China paticularely. Greece is as old as ancient Israel,if not even older.Why not read the wars against the Persian empire? Why not read HERODOTUS?PLATO? Why not read Socratis, their multi scientists,thinkers,mathematicians. I can go on for it was one of the greatest nation in the world.. YOU AND YOURS PALE INTO INSIGNIFICANCE.
37. According to a 1995 agreement between Israel And PA
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (05.28.10)
According to a 1995 peace agreement between Israel And Palestinian Administration the 32 kilometer Gaza sea shore is legally under the control of Israel. Therefore to try to enter Gazza through the shore is a breach of this agreement and illegal. Israel has the legal right to stop these ships inside the Gaza territorial waters. Wouldn't any country control their borders or the shores they are legally responsible? I know very well that Turkey is very diligent in controlling her territorial waters as we had seen it years ago in the conflict with Greece for the tiny and unpopulated Aegean island (rather a bunch of rocks) of Kardak.
38. Sn. Suleyman Tosun
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (05.28.10)
I hope that Kemal Kilicdaroglu will oust the AKP totally out of the government next elections. As a Jew we were not brought up as CHP sympathizers due to teh Varlik Vergisi but I warmed up to Mr. Kilicdaroglu very quickly. He reminds me a little bit of Ahmet Necdet Sezer but maybe better. If he can apply some social democracy without touching the free market economy he can be a great leader. I know that CHP is not going to be a good friend of Israel but I am confident that will be diplomatic and fair which is what Kasimpasali Recep Bey from does not know. Hosca kal.
39. Tayfun, You misrepesent the good educated Turks
David Isarel ,   New York, USA   (05.28.10)
You mention that you will soon emancipate the rest of Cyprus, which I am understanding that you wish your government would send tropops to kicj out the Greeks from Cyprus. And then you blame Israel for being warmonger. Shame on you. As a Jew Born and raised in Turkey I know many good peaceful well educated Turks and you misrepresent them. Because of Turks like you many around the world get the wrong idea of what a Turk is. They believe that Turks are all savages carrying knives in their pockets while I know that there are many civilized Turks. Please do your nation a favor and before you put your war mongering barbaric tirades in foreign media talk backs get educated and civilized. You are making a big disservice to your country and people all over the world. Sana New Yorktan Iyi geceler.
40. To Ross:ancient Greek is Great Civilisation but you are not
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.28.10)
Ancient Greeks is obviously a great civilization, I wrote many classical greek text in English and Turkish However Modern Greec IS NOT Successor of Ancient Greece Modern Greece was established from a ragtag of nations and minorities mostly christian ortodox In fact Current Greece is 80% Turkic origin. Almost Half of those who claim to be greek are Nomad Turks adopted Ortodox christianity and immigrated from Anatolia a careful investigation into their SURNAMES and change of surnames and suffixes will reveal manything As for why Greece was re-birth from ragtag During 1700-1800 some groups of Powerful Elites in UK, who were Luciferian, decided to re-establish Greek civilication and therefore they started such project. Then they tried even assign a king to Greece but terrible history of invented Greece shows facts. Now Greece is no more successor of Ancient Greece than those upstart nouveau-riches collect antique goods nobility signs to show themselves old and rooted families
steve ,   Israel   (05.28.10)
42. to matty groves (29)
tiki ,   belgium   (05.28.10)
Independed countries have RIGHTS to TERITORIAL WATERS. Is Gaza an 'independed country? Never was, never will be. It ALWAYS was just a 'depended strip of land with different bosses.
43. Seeing through Israeli govt spin
Kim ,   Australia   (05.28.10)
Once again the Israeli government is lying through its teeth. The Cypriot govt did not by into the Israeli govt spin and decide to "ban" the Free Gaza Movement. Firstly the FGM did not even ask permission to dock in Cyprus and secondly the Cypriot govt has stated that if they would judge the request based on the requirements of international law and maritime regulations. As the Cypriot Mail reports: "Asked why they are not docking in Cyprus, Greta Berlin, FGM Spokeswoman said they had not received permission, as the Cypriot Government is following international law and maritime regulations, which state that ships can only go between legal international ports. "The Cyprus Government has been wonderful, helping us the previous eight times, but it is not fair to ask Cyprus to deal with this by itself. They are being leaned on by Israel and the US." A senior source within Cyprus' Foreign Ministry agreed that they would be following all the rules and international maritime regulations. However, he said that he was not aware of any request being made by the organisers of the flotilla. "It is up to the organisers, and they have decided not to visit Cyprus. But if any such request had been put forward, the decision will take place according to international and maritime law, and any rules that exist."
44. my comments!
emre ,   Europe   (05.28.10)
I said I'm a Turk and these bots should be shot by the Israeli Navy. They are bunch of unwanted terrorists groups in Turkey; not even wanted in Turkey.
45. Regarding Shalit
Rachel Avraham ,   Netanya, Israel   (05.28.10)
There is no excuse for people who profess to care about human rights to not let Shalit's family on board. I am sure that some sort of compromise could have been worked out where somewhere at sea Shalit's family could board the ship in exchange for the ship being able to enter Gaza without Israeli interference. The fact that they were not open minded to such a scenario means not only will they fail to enter Gaza, but also that they don't really care about human rights.
46. To Tayfun who's historical narrative on Greeks is>>
KATE ,   ISRAEL   (05.28.10)
Narratives on Greeks,be it ancient or NOW modern Greeks has not changed an iota. That many countries were occupied by the various Turkic clans is correct,however Greece maintained its CULTURE and independence throughout the CENTURIES. You are thought of as:You have been the inhabitantants by the descendants of the Ottoman Empire. Turks are the sub-human barbarians whose only contribution to history is smelling like shit. According to your WRONG assumption greeks being a mixture of turks IS BOGUS. Greeks still demonstrate their cultue pertaining MARATHON,AND THERMOPYLAE. The turkish conqueres came and disappeared.But Greece kept its language traditions. Incidently you turks even stole their "cuisine".all the dishes you serve are OF GREEK origine. There's so much more for you to digest,because you are party pris toward your artificial country won by wars against the infidels. Just like the rest of the arabs. I will repeat what I think and say: NO SUCH CITY CALLED ISTANBUL, IT IS CONSTANTINOPOLIS . The Hagia Sophia is one of the great examples.And typical of muslims where ever they find a church or Synagogue they build a mosque on top of it.
47. Kate - tayfun about Greeks and Turks
David Israel ,   New York,   (05.28.10)
As Kate wrote Greeks always preserved their culture and identity in Asia Minor. There are no such thing as Greeks being of Turkish origin. However many of the Laz in the black Sea region are from Greek origin. Some (very few nowadays) even talk a language that is based on Greek. Tayfun efendi; After all Turks originated in Central Asia while Greeks originated in Ephesus (Efes) Troy, Milet, Didim, Pergama, Symirna (Izmir), Antalya. etc. As I said before I will say it again; you are a disgrace for the well educated Ataturk follower civilized Turks around the world. Yine hoscakal
48. Dear Rachel @ 45 Regarding Shalit .As much as I like
KATE ,   ISRAEL   (05.28.10)
Firstly thank goodness for a REAL Rachel unlike the other from the UK who thinks Gaza is in dire straits,and talking inanities.Which give a big lie in her response(i think she is on the other forum). To the point::Even if the poor Shalit family were alowed on board the ship,what would they have gained among all those Islamofascist who are rulling the roost in that vessel anyway? They most probably would have been cursed by reminding the Shalits of the so-called occupation,the starving of Gazans(BOVINE SCATILOGY) And would have achieved nothing but more grief. Your thought on the subject is appreciated,although not applicable under the corcumstances versus these deluded people,sorry.
49. Good and cogent rsponse tiki in belgium to Matty. Why??
KATE ,   ISRAEL   (05.28.10)
Because Hamas being a terror entity not accepted by the world at large as sovereign country. They are just usurpers NO THANKS TO SHARON I fear. And as you so correctly said: Gaza has been won by blood sweat and TEARS by israel when the Arabs all attacked israel and won it. Prior to that Egypt was occupying it,and left the place in a shambles. The so-called Pals never complained as they are too afrraid to raise their voice. Even now the Israeli Arabs would never countenance relocating to any of the Arab states(even if allowed which are NOT) Reason is because they have freedom of speech and all the amenities same as the Israeli Jews in Israel. Glad you corrected Matty on the rights of the territorial waters. Sarah B was spot on.The TERRITORIAL WATERS BELONG TO ISRAEL,and not to the terror entity HAMAS.
50. #21 Mike And the UK occupies northern Ireland
James ,   Canada   (08.21.10)
You hail from a country that is indeed responsible for screwing up most of the world. Why is Afghanistan like it is today? and indeed the entire middle east. One clue google the durand line, some inbred English lord took out a pencil and created Pakistan from what used to be Afghanistan, and destabilized a moderate Amanullah from gaining independence from the British in order to protect their stolen lands of India at the time. 1918 the british were in Iraq fighting against Kurdish independence.You comparing northern Cyprus to the blockaded Gaza shows how far away from reality you reside. If the British had stayed home, it would have saved the world innumerable problems the world is still trying to fix.
51. Cyprus bans Free Gaza boats
lies lies lies
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