Assad: Syria doesn't back Hamas, Hezbollah out of love
Roee Nahmias
Published: 29.05.10, 16:40
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1. Agreed. Out of Fear
JO   (05.29.10)
They could be the downfall of his regime and have much support amongst fellow islamists. Not to mention all that brainwashing and stupid backward theories going on in Syria. They believe the Protocols rubbish and endorse the stuff. Comes down to power and instilling fear... control. honour>......
2. So he agrees it's a war.
Richie ,   Dublin, Ireland   (05.29.10)
Someone should tell Assad that when you are in a hole you should stop digging. If he agrees that what hamas and hezbollah are doing is a war, then he can't complain when Israel reacts to that war. It takes two sides to be at war. If one side declares war on another then they can't really complain when the other side closes its borders to that warring party and blockades its ports
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (05.29.10)
4. how did rose keep a straight face
izzie irgun ,   zion   (05.29.10)
these remarks are simply laughable .. the idea that he supports hezbollah becasue he likes their cause is like saying i support nazis becasue they stood for german nationalism as compared to genocide .. no way assad, you stand with hamas and hezbollah and you are no different from them regadless of how much you talk about peace reality is that this interview is just more PR from the master of double speak .. on monday he wants peace and on tuesday he is threatening Israel ... assad is imply a complusive liar who has been exposed for being a manipulator for his own survival as for the proof of scuds, it was the arab press that exposed the transfer and the times o f london that featured the article saying that the scuds are technically on syrian soil ... and israel does have the pictures, they didn't share with assad because it would reveal much about their intelligence gathering ability ... ask yourself, if even obama came out and said syria is arming hezbollah, take it to the bank because it is safe to say he is not lying for Israel's sake
5. Addressing Irans Nuclear Programe
Izzy ,   Tarzana, USA   (05.29.10)
Assad says he was told by "All the senior Iranians "That it was geared for civilian purposes only" To bad Assad didnt explain what that specific puropse is? Other than creating energy what other purpose could it be, unless you are developing wepons. Which would be for thier civilian purpose.
6. Syria is a terrorist state.
Frank ,   USA   (05.29.10)
7. I can answer Assad's question
Mea   (05.29.10)
His statement of " How do they know big missiles are being transported?" I can answer that for you dude--satelite images--the SAME ONES SENATOR KERRY BROUGHT PHOTOS OF TO YOU EIGHT WEEKS AGO! So if Assad will look at photos of missiles being transported across the Syrian borders and deny it to a senior senator's face, why wouldn't he lie right at the face of Charlie Rose, a talkshow host? Here's a fact: the media in the west should either be willing to step up and CONFRONT the lies of leaders like Assad, or they should refuse to give them a platform. When Rose interviewed Assad he should have asked him how he could deny evidence stuck right in his face and how he could disregard the actions and potential sanctions which are a response to this same evidence? Assad is a liar and a toady for the Iranian regime and nothing else. As for his remark that Israel attacked Lebanon, let's not forget that Lebanon staged a cross border attack and captured two soldiers. That started the war, nothing else. Assad can go to hell.
8. No love, because when Hamas and Hezbolla have done the job
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.29.10)
for Syria, Ie destroy Israel, Syria will have to take out Hamas and Hezbolla. Just like Egypt does not want Gaza back, and Jordan does not want the West Bank back, Syria will not want these trouble makers. He only wants to use them.
9. #2
Mary ,   Ireland   (05.30.10)
Yes it is a war, but there are rules of war; one of them is that you do not withold humanitarian aid to a civilian population in times of war. This is what Israel has been doing with a ruthless vengeance for years now.
10. Cobelligerency
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (05.30.10)
I believe President Assad when he says that he does not lose much love for Islamists such as Hezbollah and Hamas. It likely is true that Syria and these groups are cobelligerants rather than real allies. We old-order Christians are cobelligerants in the same battle, which is to put an end to God-insulting Hebrew sovereignty especially in the Holy Land, but anywhere else, for that matter. What alliances and cobelligerencies will be after redeption of the Holy Land, however, is anyone's guess.
11. Israel occupation?
Isel Breshinski ,   USA   (05.30.10)
Charlie Rose did not understand "occupation of what Israel has". He did not read Hamas Covenant which clearly defines all Israel as WAQF, holy Islamic land that cannot be sold to Infidels, Jews and Christians. Basher Al Assad by identifying with Hamas cause must feel that destroying Israel is the ultimate goal. Oh, Hamas will agree that under Shariah law Jews and Christians can live in Palestine but only as Dhimmis, third class citizens. When it comes to the Middle East Charlie Rose is a naive childish pittyful character who does not understand Islamic Taqyya or Kidman which means that it is the duty of a Muslim to lie if it is good for Muslims. After all this is what Prophet Muhammad did. Charlie Rose thus is irrelevant and so is Basher Al Assad who is a puppy of Ahmadinejad. If he will not behave Hizballah/Hamas will kick him out of Syria (best case scenario).
12. Israel is a goat not a elephant RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (05.30.10)
I do not look at Israel as a elephant but as the goat always the world condemns Israel for agressions but what agressions has Israel killed six 6 million Arabs like Europe the world killed six 6 million Jews in W W II differences yes but agression not seriously but America loves to condemn the slightest act by Israeli police as agression it is a police blockcade not a military blockcade the Israeli police goats are behind it but they hide behind the Israeli military it is America behind the Israeli police goats RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
13. Iran as Syria’s key strategic ally.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (05.30.10)
Syria and Iran consider each other an extension of their strategic depth in face of mutual historical rivals and threats: Iraq, Turkey and the US. The US threat is military and political – introducing democracy, which is a lethal threat to the rogue regimes in Damascus and Teheran. Hence, for instance, the Iran-Syria involvement in anti-US Iraqi and Afghani terrorism, aimed at uprooting US military presence from Iraq, Afghanistan and from the Gulf. Damascus fears a stable pro-US Iraq and prefers a chaotic Iraq. More about Syria strategy at :
14. to #9 what r you talking about?
ghostq   (05.30.10)
humanitarian goes to gaza, new olympic swimming pool was built there not long ago and hamas got money other wise 2 million dollar celebration after cast lead wouldn't be posible, you really buying the poor me act of palis but many see right through them.
15. #10 Graczek Thank you....
Markl ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.30.10)
....for revealing the Ordure to which you belong namely the Society of St Pius X with your Bishop Richard your anti-Semitic post.
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