IDF strikes Gaza smuggling tunnel
Ynet and AFP
Published: 30.05.10, 07:57
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1. yeah, shoot a missle at the sand - that'll teach 'em!
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.30.10)
now those gazans will think twice before doing anything that israel doesn't like, yessir.
2. Retaliation?
Eliyahu Konn ,   Yrushalayim   (05.30.10)
If they know the tunnels are used for smuggling arms or rockets to be used against us why do they wait until the rockets are fired? Maybe that question was too complicated. Destroy the tunnels before anything more comes through!
3. Gaza is unoccupied
observer   (05.30.10)
but, Israel controls Goods in and out because Israelis love Gazans and support their liberty.
4. no end for tunnels
observer   (05.30.10)
because tunnels are internationally recognized as legitimate according to the jus cogens, those tunnels will survive.
5. #3 Gaza is obsessed
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.30.10)
With destruction of Israel. When you fire thousands of projectiles at Israel and intentionally threaten Israel's existence, you lose your automy and right to move freely. Gazans prefer terror over freedom. Still, Israel provides humanitarian aid and free medical treatment to people who salivate over Israel's demise.
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