Violent protests in Turkey; Israeli envoy summoned
Roee Nahmias and AP
Published: 31.05.10, 07:38
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31. 21
Turkey is good for nothing.Look at her economy,and currency Desperate to join the EU to flood muslim to Europe
32. Taifun from 0ccupied Turkey no8
JUDAH THE LION   (05.31.10)
Taifun you are nothing but an idiot. by saying Israel the great have entered OECD because of your crazy PM Erdogan. What sort of drugs you taking
33. why israel doesn't send activist to fight the turkish army?
stupid country ,   perth   (05.31.10)
why israel doesn't send activist ti fight UK (murders of irish and scotish), ireland (murder of british), spain (busks), norway (murder whales)? why is it such an idiot state?
34. Answer !
Oulker ,   Antalya,Turkey   (05.31.10)
I can do everysteps for the peace . But your army mustnot attack the people who don't have gun ! It is the most important point at this attack. You put your fully weaponed soldiers to the ship . If there were any well educated Israilian people who can talk with me at the SKYPE , i would like to talk for the peace and discuss everything . If you want to talk that i will write my SKYPE user name to talk about this .
ARMAN ,   ISTANBUL   (05.31.10)
SHALOM My ancestral origin is the Balkans (Greece, Bulgaria and Albania). I am not a Muslim and I have many Jewish/Armenian/Kurdish/etc. friends. Not all the Turkish citizens are against Israel. I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT OF ISRAELI ARMED FORCES AS PROFESSIONAL SOLDIERS. Either I was proven wrong or it was a deliberate attack. They could have handled the situation better. Incapacitating the ships without getting into fight would have been a perfect example. Opening fire on an aid-ship in the middle of the night should not be the way of conquering the hearts of the millions which reminds us the Conquistadors, the Inquisition, the nazis and the september 6th. and 7th.that took place in Istanbul against the minority mainly targeted the Roums. People all over Turkey (thousands) are now protesting the great nation of Israel. Everyone should be calm. May Israel and Turkey live forever. For all the dead and wounded; "Baruch attah ADONAI Eloheinu melech ha'olam, DAYAN HA'EMET". SHALOM ve LEHITRAOT
36. TURRKISH and ISRAELI Relations
ARMAN ,   ISTANBUL   (05.31.10)
Although I do not agree with the Prime Ministers in many ways such as Turkey is %99 Muslim; I am sure that He and Turkish people are aware that jews especially Turkish Jews are to be hold seperate from the political chaos that we are in right now. LONG LIVE TURKEY and ISRAEL
ARMAN ,   ISTANBUL   (05.31.10)
Advising citizens of Israel not travel to Turkey might be a way to protect them, but it is more important to invite more Turkish citizens to Israel to see that we are no different from each other.
38. #37 Perhaps in the future
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.01.10)
Under new Turkish leadership. Erdogan is working overtime to inflame the relationship with Israel. His relationship with Israel changed drastically when he signed oil deals with Iran. He appears to take direction from Iran. This flotilla was a major blunder on Erdogan's part reflecting extremely poor judgment. It is Erdogan who exposed Turkish citizens to danger.
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