Gaza flotilla ships transported to Ashdod
Ynet reporters
Published: 31.05.10, 10:01
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31. WWhy do you keep changing the story Ynet?
Jay3 ,   ISrael   (05.31.10)
First you report 20, then 16, then 14 and now 10 dead? Shame on you for using hack propaganda reporters like Ali Waked to spread lies!
32. expected result
mete ,   TURKEY   (05.31.10)
everybody expect that israel army attack the ship and they attacked .why the ship went despite warning they know result now some people gathered in front of the israel embassy. all israel-turkey relation are destroyed ıt isnt good news
33. Killers
Yusuf ,   Turkey   (05.31.10)
Killers worked their job.
34. #5 Islamic Provocation
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.31.10)
Perhaps you mean terrorists hiding behind civilians. That's what Hamas does best. Yet if IDF soldiers were attacked with knives and clubs, these "civilians" weren't unarmed.
35. Stupid -- why board the ship to confront-- just stupid
Israeli   (05.31.10)
36. What fear? Everythings is cool as usual
Rotem   (05.31.10)
Hey, Attila, I think you responded in the wrong website...
37. 24 - "in cold blood"?? These
Ruth ,   Tel Aviv   (05.31.10)
supposedly "activists" met the navy with knives, bats and firearms which the "humanitarian aid" ships carried, including the Arab mermber of the Israeli Parliament, whose salary is financed by our tax money. Do you really know what's going on in Gaza under the terror reign of the Hamas who is butchering hundereds of their own people? Do you know where the billions of dollars in aid from the UN, EU, Gulf and Saudi is going to? Would you and your family like to live 8 years under daily barrages of rockets fired from Gaza at civilians in Israel?
38. the "activists" immediately attacked with knives and guns
Aaron ,   Bat Yam   (05.31.10)
and thats why there was blood spilled
39. Humanitarian aid
Big Joe ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
If it was the intention of the activists to deliver humanitarian aid then they could have resolved to deliver it via the numerous humanitarian organizations active in Gaza ie: Red Cross, UN etc... On the contrary, the organizers opted for provocation. And they received the response they were looking for. Ten minutes of fame (Shahid or martyrdom). These "activists" hardly respect the value of life. Whatever happend to passive resistence? That would have been a much more effective in improving the lives of the people of Gaza.
40. Peace activists, LOL
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (05.31.10)
I guess the definition of extreme leftists and terrorists is changing.
41. Attacking innocent
Mark ,   Netherlands   (05.31.10)
WoW Commando's...killing an old man who resisted them by waving a stick !...
42. The Turkish Political Mega Terror will not help!
The Doc   (05.31.10)
Israel has every right to defend its shores against any provocation. Turkey has allowed weapons on board of a ship which has been commissioned by a Terror Organization with links to Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda. Turkey suppoerts these Jihadist organizations with money and logistics. Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. Turkey will NEVER see a EU membership. Turkey will become a pariah just like Iran and Sudan. I feel sorry for the MANY Turkish citizens who are hostages of a backward, violent and primitive regime. My advice is - LEAVE Turkey before it's too late! Leave Turkey before it imposes the brutal Islamic Law and treats freedoms like Iran does. I feel sorry and pity for Turkey. It had a future now it goes back 500 years and becomes a brutal Ottoman aggresor.
43. Gaza
Laura ,   Tel Aviv   (05.31.10)
Mr. Finn, please get a life and go and sort your priests out before damning the actions of Israel. As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland in the 70's and 80's there are always two sides to every story!!!
44. Piracy
Joe G ,   Uk   (05.31.10)
When armed men board a ship in international waters, they are considered pirates. The occupants can defend themselves. But I guess this principle only apply in the Gulf of Aden
45. There is no God
John ,   Oslo   (05.31.10)
Only Israel... With it's immaculate and infallible leadership, and the most moral army in the world.
46. Turkish actions should be regarded as a DECLARATION OF WAR!
AlKafir ,   Ramallah, Israel   (05.31.10)
Turkey has declared practical war on Israel, and Israel has to answer in kind. Israel should recall its Ambassador from Turkey and call for an urgent UN Security Council assembly for exposing the Turks for what they have been doing. We need to ask the Turks hard, direct and simple questions. Whatever their answers will be, their actions speak for themselves: Turkey has declared war on Israel and tried to violate its sovereignty by cowardly sending in a flotilla of Turkish ships, with armed and violent terrrorists, mingled with civilian human shields and useful racist fools from the EU, with the purpose of penetrating a legitimate and world-recognized blockade against a world-declared terrorist organization - the Hamas. Turkey has no right and no jurisdiction within the Israeli harbors and world-declared areas of conflict. Turkey has provoked and declared war against Israel. Israel should be prepared for an indirect and long-term war with Turkey.
47. #41 Armed "innocents"
"Mark", Netherlands   (05.31.10)
Have you been there "Mark" (or is it "Muhammad"?) What is the name of that "old man with a stick"? What does an "old man" do on a ship violating a world-recognized and legal area of conflict? As far as I know, those "old men with sticks" are actually "young and ARMED terrorists who have shot full magazines at Israeli soldiers". Another group of "young violent aggressors stole the weapon of an Israeli soldier and shot at him". Not too many "old men with sticks" on those ships "Mark". Only rabid, hateful and racist fools bent on suicide or else. And their fate serves them well!
48. Larry Finn
Gary ,   US   (05.31.10)
Larry, I can understand your concern. But go to the BBC website and check out the Turkish TV Video of the event unfolding. You can clearly see an Israeli soldier landing on the deck, followed immediately by a passenger beating the living hell out of him with a metal rod while the soldier tries to protect himself. These people were lying in wait. It's like "death by cop" in the US--you attack a cop with a weapon and he feels his life is threatened, he's going to fire back. These were not compliant peace activists. There was no overly brutal and unnecessary use of force by the Israelis--just a sad escalation out of control when activists grabbed weapons and soldiers felt their lives were threatened. That said, Israel should never have tried to board the boats in the first place. It was idiotic and lunkheaded and showed an utter lack of understanding of Israel's position in the mind of the world today.
49. They came for war, these "peace" activists
These are nit activists, they are terrorists. Chances are all the violent ones were Arabs who wanted to spill the blood of a Jewish soldier. They should be prosecuted.
50. you are at the end
turkey ,   turkey   (05.31.10)
you are at the end
51. Why there is just one boat with dead people?
Gil ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
Dear Larry, Did you ask your self how come there is only one boat with dead people?
52. Larry at 24
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.31.10)
Larry, if you watch the clip on this thread you'll see the soldiers being attacked as they absail on to the deck and later with iron bars. This was no Ghandi-esque protest. The boats were warned to turn back and they chose confrontation to win the hearts of good people like you. This is a pure Pallywood production...note the guy saying white flag, white flag yet they are attacking the soldiers. Loss of life is regrettable in every situation, notwithstanding this flottilla was cruising for a bruiser
shu ,   UK   (05.31.10)
54. attack on Gaza relief vessels
Ron Keesmaat ,   Rotterdam, Holland   (05.31.10)
It seems to me Israel is fast loosing the last friends it has by these actions. Attacking a large number of people in confined quarters, with armed forces, is always a guarantee that people will be killed. This outcome could have been foreseen by the military commanders and therefore is. in my opinion, a deliberate attack on unarmed (clubs? wow) civilians.
55. What did these 'activists' expect to happen?
redbourn ,   Arad, Israel   (05.31.10)
Before setting out, they knew that there was a naval blockade. They were warned to turn back or be escorted to Ashdod and they refused. They resisted when their boats were boarded. Did they think that Israel would just say, "Oh well, if you're determined then OK, then you can enter" ? Every country in the world would respond in a similar way to people trying to enter a naval blockade. Hopefully the 'activists' that promised to come next week will have understood the folly of their ways.
56. Tell us, Kamal, why is Turkey instigating and agitating?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.31.10)
Kamal - it is very clear that the purpose of this flotilla was to come into confrontation with the IDF. Otherwise, if it was just for "humanitarian aid" you could have sent it via Egypt as well. Or did you not want to agitate against Egypt? Why is Turkey supporting Hamas, which has a known policy against peace? Why are you Turks supporting Hamas terrorism instead of telling Hamas they should support peace? Again, would you be happy if we sent a "humanitarian aid" convoy to the PKK? Or would you support the Turkish army stopping us? Stop Turkish incitement, and demand that your government support the peace process, not war.
57. no need
kaan ,   Turkey   (05.31.10)
i dont understand how İsrael military could not be able to take the control of that ship without any death.These news anyway show the direction to war. Calm İsrael!
58. Boarding ships then confronting passengers is stupid
Chris   (05.31.10)
59. Go Israel Go! Turkey is a dead-turkey!
Proud Redneck   (05.31.10)
Well done! Expose those useful fools for what they really are. All those racist EU "members of parliament" in Saudi payroll should be exposed for what they are: hateful, racist, liers, corrupt, greedy and most of all fools. Expose all the "peaceful activists" who have been armed with knives, metal rods and handguns. They are not more than terrorists. Examine the "peaceful cargo" and you will most certainly find terror material. Expose the Turkish Government for what it has become: a Jihadist government determined to sink its citizens and country into the Dark Ages of murder, terror and tyranny. The US should stop its cooperation with the treacherous Turkish government and support the Kurds and Armenians in their struggle against the new Ottoman Islamic Imperialism and for the recognition of what it did to their ancestors in recent history. Turkey is bust. Turkey is a Jihadist country, rapidly competing for a top place on the Terrorist States list.
60. #44 Act of War, not Piracy!
When foreign ships with armed activists try to violate a legal military blockade it is considered an ACT OF WAR - or does this not apply to Israel?
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