World in shock at deadly Gaza ship raid
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Published: 31.05.10, 15:13
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1. Fine by us. Inquiry should reveal the truth.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (05.31.10)
Of the so-called 'innocent', 'unarmed' and 'peaceful' activists storming the IDF troops and attempting to lynch them with bats, knives and even live fire from a gun they snatched. So, let's have this inquiry right now.
2. The EU is going bankrupt.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (05.31.10)
The Euro is going down the toilet & this moron is worried about Gaza. With idiots like this running the EU, is it any wonder they are going bankrupt? And all the money they flushed down the Palestinian toilet didn't help either.
3. Islam is taking over Europe. So sad.
EU=Eurabia   (05.31.10)
4. If it wasnt for Israel all of Europe would be taken over by
MUSLIMS!   (05.31.10)
5. thanks mrs ashton
eporue ,   europe   (05.31.10)
6. Israel must but Hamas commits terror and the EU say OK!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.31.10)
It doesn't matter. Whatever Israel does we will always be wrong because we are Jews and as far as the EU, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and so on are concerned, Jews must just shut up or be killed. That was the situation for hundreds of years and nothing has changed. Roosevelt closed his eyes to the Holocaust and Obama closes his eyes when it comes to Iran and Syria and the security of Israel. The EU is so obsessed with its fear of its violent Muslim minority that they are doing exactly what they did in 1939. Why doesn't High Representative Catherine Ashton demand a full enquiry into the the illegal detaining of Israel's kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit, who is also a French citizen? Oh, I forgot, Gilad is a Jew and in the EU Jews have no rights!
7. “Poverty” in Gaza
Ron B. ,   Lod   (05.31.10)
In a typical week, 15,000 tons of Israeli humanitarian aid supplies enter Gaza. Truckloads of meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, milk powder, baby food, wheat and other supplies arrive in Gaza daily. Building materials are also shipped in, when monitored by International organizations so that it is not commandeered by Hamas for the fortification of bunkers. (source ) That is, in a week, Israel sends more aid to Gaza than is contained in the 10,000 tons of the so-called humanitarian aid flotilla. As to “poverty” in Gaza :
8. Catherine Ashton and the impotent Europeans
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.31.10)
More politically incorrect eurobabble from Catherine Ashton. Sure, let's hold an inquiry. Did the EU ever hold an inquiry over the Hamas coup in Gaza where they murdered hundreds of Fatah activists? Of course not, but the Euro dollars now flow to Hamas instead of Fatah. Did the EU ever hold an inquiry as to why thousands of anti-personnel rockets were fired from Gaza at the same time Gaza was getting hundreds of millions of Euros in aid from the EU? Of course not. But when some Turkish sponsored agitators purposefully provoke an incident, suddenly the EU is interested? The EU continues to show why they'll indeed be taken over by the Muslims.
9. Measure the length of the knives?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.31.10)
A solider shouldn't have to wait and measure the length of a knife or the weight of a club to justify defending himself. Once the activists used weapons to repel the IDF they became combatants, And that is as extensive an inquiry as required.
10. True criminal face of Israel is revealed to the world..
Marco ,   Spain   (05.31.10)
11. international's hope
howard ,   sidney australia   (05.31.10)
The UN must impose a punishment for gross human rights violations by Israel. international community condemn israel navy and IDF arrogant to humanitarian activies in gaza
12. our prayers
meg ,   israel   (05.31.10)
are with all our IDF injured. While they inquire....lets ask why Shalit is still there!!!!! Why they were armed, i mean supposidly a peace mission, right? also just how much aid goes to Gaza, and how much reaches the people.... no need for provocation flotilla! So much to enquire about but would just maybe put Israel in a good light and that isnt what they want now, is it? job well done Israel!! thank you again IDF for protecting us.
13. The EU supports terrorism against Israel/Jews!
FACT   (05.31.10)
14. #6 - david: " the EU jews have no rights"
eporue ,   europe   (05.31.10)
you are a racist, a non-jew-hater and a liar.
15. Piss off madame Ashton............................
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.31.10)
16. Whole idea was to pull TURKEY into the Iran/Syria/Hez /Hama
Alan ,   SA   (05.31.10)
group .-probably successfully.... in any case they want to join that axis as EU doesnt want them . I think it will mean problems with Turkey as Erdogan needs some boosting for his elections I wish all wounded Israeli Service people injured a speedy recovery
17. to #5 lol those kind of stuff will make
ghostq   (05.31.10)
the right wing in power, we allready see it, I smell civil war coming up, right wing left wing clashes, you just congatulate someone who make it all happened. but than again left wingers never had much brain.
18. 2 rich arabs are buying out EU
20. The 'world' is responsible...
Robert   (05.31.10)
If people want to assist those in Gaza, why not utilize the official channels to ensure actual AID is being sent and not arms and military equipment? This DOES happen, in case some need a reminder. It's obvious that the so-called 'world community' backed sending these ships in like smugglers - not 'humanitarians'. Turkey - and by default NATO - allowed them to sail. Now, they are 'demanding answers'? Get a life. We're on to you...
21. Why Tel Aviv?
Yosef ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.31.10)
What does it mean "while the European Union demanded a full inquiry from Tel Aviv."? who in Tel Aviv should do this inquiry? Isn't the EU aware that Israel's government is in Jerusalem?
22. marco
Twisted muslim ,   occupied Istanbul   (05.31.10)
Spain will be taken by Islam shortly. History repeats itself
23. #1, since when did these people care about the truth?
Danny   (05.31.10)
Free Israeli News ,   USA   (05.31.10)
planting terrorists among activists is an easy task, as we can see. obviously armed and hateful activists had the intention to do this. As unexpected as this whole thing was, Israel has sent a very powerful message to the worlds 'new' kind of activist: you'll be treated as a terrorist...and for good reason. Repeated attempts to follow safe and secure procedure was ignored by the 'flotilla' with clearly audible: "negative"'s in response to the Navy's request to change course for Ashdod. This probably won't happen again anytime soon and activists will have to re-think their violent approach to Israel. Israel, no doubt, did the right thing and should ignore 'int'l outrage'. Ignore it completely. The world has gone made by supporting terrorists.
25. "World In Shock "??Or Just Yneteditor
DAVID ,   Jerusalem   (05.31.10)
The Ynet headline "The World in Shock " is over the top. I doubt if the world is in shock perhaps just the YNET Yidiot Editors whose time has passed and cant accept the new reality.
26. the hypocrites are 'crawling out of their wholes.
tiki ,   belgium   (05.31.10)
The WORLD is SHOCKED. They only like to 'forget that Israel asked the 'participating countries to stop this 'FLOTILLA provocation, but of course they didn't, couldn't, wouldn't for they were 'sure to succeed in another BASH ISRAEL FEST. Greece is "summoning the Israeli Ambassador to it's it still theirs or does it belong to Merkel? The LADY ASHTON woke up from her big 'winter sleep to remind us that she's still there and has something to 'say! The rest of the BANCRUPT USUAL SUSPECTS sing their popular tunes, "sorry and shocked for the loss of life" (as long as it is no Jewish life) as could be aspected.
27. State Sponsored Piracy and Terrorism
Alan Smith ,   UK   (05.31.10)
Maybe piracy in International waters is acceptable to Israel, but in the world of civilization and democracy, it's a crime, as is the murder of innocent civilians.
28. USA & EU abandoned Egypt & Israel to Iran (by proxy Turkey)
Viva Irana   (05.31.10)
29. If anyone has a problem they can talk to Egypt!
30. "world" is never in "shock" when missles fall on Israel!
Eu=hypocrites   (05.31.10)
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