World in shock at deadly Gaza ship raid
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Published: 31.05.10, 15:13
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61. This is a violent provocation NOT peaceful humanitarian aid
Abe ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.31.10)
These so-called "peace" activists ambushed and tried to lynch the Israeli solders. The Israeli forces were brutally attacked by these anarchists with knives, iron bats and even live ammunition. As a result of this lynch – 10 Israeli soldiers were seriously injured, few from gunshots. The Israeli soldiers had no choice but to open fire in order to prevent their own death. These days, Gaza is NOT even occupied by Israel; Gaza is now occupied by the Hamas terrorist regime who took control over Gaza by force in 2007 and overthrown the legitimate Palestinian Authority in a coup d'etat, 2 years after Israel completely pulled out of Gaza. Hamas uses Gaza as a huge terror base, hiding behind civilians, and launched thousands of rocket attacks upon peaceful Israeli civilians, until operation "Cast Lead" in 2009. Therefore, Israel has a natural right and obligation to protect its citizens and prevent weapon smugglings for the Hamas terrorists by inspecting any cargo delivered to the Hamas regime in Gaza. Israel DOES NOT prevent deliveries of food and medicine to Gaza and this kind of deliveries are allowed and carried out on a daily basis by the IDF and the UN only. In this case, Israel offered to inspect the cargo in Ashdod port in Israel and then offered to deliver all humanitarian aid to Gaza by itself or by the UN. But unfortunately the "peace" activists refused and were under way to break into Gaza. When Israeli forces rightfully tried to stop them – they were brutally attacked by these anarchists. This proves that this whole thing is just a violent provocation and has absolutely NOTHING to do with a peaceful humanitarian aid.
62. I can't believe the post I am reading
Sherman ,   USA   (05.31.10)
This is a disaster for Israel. Even if Israel proves it is right and I believe it is and I defend the soldiers rights to self defense it is still a public relations disaster. Israel has to MAN UP and issue an apology and tell its side of the story without being arrogant. In the worlds eyes.The verdict is already in and no matter what we say 20 people died attempting to deliver aid to a population that they believe is being collectively punished because of the actions of a terrorist organization, It is not the time to be arrogant. The world wants an apology and a sincere one. The Iranian axis is eating this up and lets not add fuel to the fire and give them what they want.
63. What would China and Russia have done
Leah ,   What a lot of garbag   (05.31.10)
in the same situation. EVERYONE on the boats would be DEAD
64. If Israel did not exist, the next "rightful Muslim land" wou
Europe is doomed   (05.31.10)
If Israel did not exist, the next "rightful Muslim land" would be Cypress, or Greece or Central Europe or Spain, or even France (all of which had some level of Muslim occupation). Arab leaders need an enemy or their people will rise up and kill them.
65. Piracy in international waters.
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (05.31.10)
The real truth will emerge when the independent reporters, now in the custody of Israel report the facts and not the version of "facts" put out by Israel. That is of course if Israel has the guts to release them. Of course they would arm themselves with makeshift weapons knowing the track record of the Israel war machine.
66. On Israel's side
Joan ,   New Zealand   (05.31.10)
Hey David #6 Many New Zealanders and Australians are on your side. We support you in a number of ways and we truly care about you and pray for you. It's only the leftists twits who are pally with the Pallys. Unfortunately the Palestinian immigrants that we have let into our land brought all their baggage and hate with them and can now call themselves New Zealanders which does not help. Believe me, we continue to support you media wise as well. Unfortunately many here are not educated as far as Israel is concerned and take as fact all that they hear and read from a very biased leftist media. G-d Bless you, He will you know.
67. Maybe ask the European Ambassadors to leave
Jonny ,   South Africa   (05.31.10)
Perhaps its time to ask the European ambassadors in Israel, to leave as we have enough of our own anti-semites. Of course, we could take some lessons from them on how to really butcher civilians as they do in Afghanistan and Iraq. I dod note the huge Muslim outcry at the butchering of 70 of their co-religionist in Pakistan at prayer. Alterantively, maybe we should be organising "food aid" to the North Koreans who are under siege from the Global Community. They after all are a peace loving nation.
68. The Stupid EU Will Be Punished.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.31.10)
Its Euro will collapse and Europe will be overwhelmed with hostile Moslems. How dumb are they? These foolish clods ought to be thankful to Israel for standing up to terrorism while they cower if fright and do nothing. In the end, Israel will save Europe (if there will still be a Europe to save).
69. to #57 on the boat there were mostly forigners
ghostq   (05.31.10)
not turks, go check it out. pluse you expelled jews from Tell Aviv in 1914 doesn't sound like kind past to begin with.
70. to #55 you r mambling again
ghostq   (05.31.10)
did you take your meds, you should stick to daily dosage :)
71. Paintball guns met with knives, handguns and metal rods
... those ships were not "humanitarian" and those "peace activists" were not peace-lovers either. Israeli soldiers shot in self-defense and despite the murderous frenzy around them, only 10 of the attackers have been killed - IN SELF DEFENSE! Cut the bullshit! This was an Turkish act of war! The ships have been under terrorists control and led by terrorists. Good riddance!
72. I'll stop laughing ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.10)
... the instant all this international outrage translates into demanding a full and complete investigation into all of the suicide bombings committed by Palestinians in Israel. I will stop laughing the instant all this international outrage translates into demanding a full and complete investigation into repeated attempts on the part of Palestinian terrorists to infiltrate Israel for the purpose of setting IEDs next to kibbutzim and for killing ordinary Israeli civilians at bus stops. An investigation into sixty-plus years of unrelenting Palestinian terror against Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora would be nice, too. Until then -- please pass the popcorn. The flotilla got exactly what it deserved. They should be grateful that it wasn't any worse. Israel exhibited an EXTRAORDINARY amount of self-restraint. Do keep that in mind. Any other country would have simply blasted those ships out of the water. What do you think happens to ships attempting to relieve the United States blockade of Cuba? What do you think happens to vessels attempting to relieve the blockade of Myanmar? Et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum. The world needs to understand that Israel plays by the same set of rules as any other sovereign nation. Period. Full stop. Like I said -- pass the popcorn. Can't wait to see this comedy unfold.
73. to peter in vienna
charlie murphy ,   jerusalem   (05.31.10)
"Even monsters have some shame and compassion. " dunno, u should ask your father, grandfather, or even great sure they could tell u.
74. :: Rachel Corrie X15
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (05.31.10)
“The European Union called on Monday morning for a comprehensive enquiry into deaths aboard Gaza aid ships” Lets watch all the Ynuts condemn such an enquiry as ‘anti-Semitic’. “How dare the EU call for an investigation into the brutal killing of 15 aid workers by Israel in international waters? The evil Jew-hating EU is only interested in vilifying Israel -- why oh why can’t they see it is everyone else’s fault and not Israel’s???” So say the Ynuts. Israel will NOT weasel its way out of this one. I trust that lawsuits will be filed by the family members of the dead victims of this needless Israeli aggression.
75. U gave birth to millions of Palestinians today
Michael Bovo ,   Bhaktapur Nepal   (05.31.10)
Well done Israel. Today you midwifed a few more "Palestinians" into existence. You still think people will bow to your violence and respect the "Mad Dog"? As you radicalize more and more people around the world, a day will come when you'll be all alone and the entire planet will be Palestinian. And you'll be the last to figure out how that happened. Don't you have mirrors in your country?
76. How much more stupid can the Israeli government be?
michael ,   sao paulo   (05.31.10)
They just fell into the trap that was set! If Israel had any credibility and simpathy still, it has been destroyed again.
77. #65 US and AUS ships stop suspect ships too...
... in International waters. Cut the bullshit! The US, AUS etc. ships stop SUSPECT ships in internation waters ALL THE TIME! Israel, like ANY SOVEREIGN country has the right to stop ANY ship in international waters - especially since these ships were not even "suspect" - they repeatedly and publicly said that they intend to violate Israel sovereignty and penetrate a conflict zone. So take your stupid mumbo-jumbo disinformation back to Brisbane and count how many Aborigens you've raped today!
78. #62 I can't believe the post I am reading either!
These people did not try to deliver "humanitarian help" - they were provoking an international incident, they were planning to violate Israel's sovereignity and basicaly, considering that Turkey and its Jihadis allies are behind that, an ACT OF WAR against Israel. No apologies and no remorse. Soldiers fired in self-defense - proof is the small number of killed compared to the number of the attackers. Now instead of telling us to shut up and behave like appeasing dogs, why don't you show some suport and understand that the fututre of the free world is being decided on these shores - not in some god-forsaken sands of Iran!
79. #44 "What is the difference"
What is the difference between the armed "peace activists" and terrorists?
80. EU is bankrupt
Alain ,   Montreal Canada   (05.31.10)
EU is bankrupt economically and morallly. They expect Israel to behave like them, that is, to act like impotents. If they were in the place of Israel, they would have surrendered to Gazans a long time ago.
81. EUrabia
Alain ,   Montreal Canada   (05.31.10)
Who is The next to follow if we do not replace this ailing US administration?
82. Israel is losing it
berlonski ,   berlin   (05.31.10)
This Israeli government is a much bigger enemy to Israel than Hamas or Hizbullah. Don't they realise how they scare away one ally of Israel after the other? Are they so stupid, unprofessional and arrogant that they cannot even deal with some boats (be it with with sticks and knifes) without producing a human desaster and a political desaster for Israel? This scares me.
83. to Turan in Constantinople
charlie murphy ,   jerusalem   (05.31.10)
sorry dude, i dont really care. if israel and turkey are enemies. i thought of u (turkey) as a enemy all the time. should i be concerned? How concerned? Concerned like an Armenian?
84. To #57 Turan
Jose Farias ,   Sao Paulo   (05.31.10)
And IDF and israeli aren't armenians. Try anything.
85. #72 sara b, you go girl
Yehoshua ,   USA   (05.31.10)
I am sorry for any loss of life but as always Israel tried to be warm and sensative. In the end the true nature of the arabs/muslims came out. They fool no one. Their goal is the distruction of the Jewish State Period. The arabs have 99% of the ME, they just can't swallow a 1% Jewish piece.
86. to #74 you mean they also posed with guns?
ghostq   (05.31.10)
she did, mmm kinda stupid when they both went on sucide mission. usually sucide mission is the way of jihad. like sucide bombers, see how easy it is.
87. Not all of the US
US citizen ,   Atlanta, USA   (05.31.10)
The mammon worshipers live to serve their god and they have more Muslim customers than they do Israeli. We all know the Israeli military were ordered to board the ships and I believe they were trained to not attack if not attacked. Thank you Israel for showing what resoluteness looks like. Fear not, your ally is greater than the whole world combined. We are all going to die whether in war or old age, unless God acts. Trust and depend on the One that is trustworthy and dependable who offers more.
MARTINS AKINBODE AKI ,   Osogbo, Nigeri   (05.31.10)
All of the european leaders have condemned Israel, what type of investigation do they need, since they have pre-judged the small but mighty, and G-od owned Israel? We know where their swing will evetually go, to the Palestinians. The Great Watcher is watchng over His people, Israel.
89. Crocodile tears ...
AlbertoGa ,   St. George, USA   (05.31.10)
By the so called Terrorist World Lovers. Shame on you, Ayayay !
90. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.10)
BUSTED! You are no Australian. I think most Australians know how to spell "Sydney." What's your real name? Hamid? Hassan? It sure as hell isn't Howard. P.S. The rest of your syntax and grammar is perfectly awful. You're one crass phony. You should learn to write a language properly before passing yourself off as coming from a particular nation. So, where are you from? Iran? Gaza? Jordan? Turkey? Doesn't matter. I've outed you. Now go crawl home with your tail between your legs.
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