Israel: Activists on Gaza sail had weapons
Ronen Medzini
Published: 31.05.10, 11:24
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31. to #21 so how 2 IDFsolders seriousl hurt
ghostq   (05.31.10)
if they didn't carry guns, from the holly ghost, no they were armed, and used it, and again you frotect people of hamas, aka jihad, they r terrorists who came with very lil supply and aim to attack Israel soldiers, if they were peacfull they weren't refuse arrest. again you protected people that support hamas, the same hamas who did sucide bombing in the 90's.
32. 8#.Sure they had guns and nobody
Eric... ,   Israel...   (05.31.10)
knows what else.We are dealing with a world of terrorists.Wake up pal.
33. Peace Activists: the New Form of Terrorism
Free Israeli News ,   USA   (05.31.10)
Fanatic liberals are no different that terrorists and the coupling of the two only goes to show how far liberals are willing to go. These were supposed 'peace' activists??? They were provocateurs and armed: VERY HAPPY TO SEE THAT ISRAEL IS HAVING NONE OF THIS; MAYBE NOW....THESE SO CALLED PEACE ACTIVISTS WILL THINK TWICE ABOUT THEIR 'ACTIVISM' AND THE THE CLEAR LINES BETWEEN TERROR AND EXPRESSING ONE'S OPINION. Apparently, this group of 'peace' activists didn't know the difference between delivering 'aid' and causing death. FOOLS G-d Bless Israel and may all of her enemies shrink and flee.
34. Israel Propaganda
Richard ,   USA   (05.31.10)
Israel will say also that they were carrying also Scud missiles in the boats
35. religious charity organization
cemil ,   TURKEY   (05.31.10)
ıt can be true or false but ı thing İHH ship didnt carry humanitarian aid this charity organization is religious thus may be flotilla wanted to help hamas we dont know but ıt is possible all turkish people dont support this frotilla but all people are unhappy due to deaths
36. #34 Islamist Propaganda
"Richard" ,   USA   (05.31.10)
For somebody who claims to read the future you sound pretty stupid.
37. Shoot.. dont ask questions never apologize
Al   (05.31.10)
Good shooting Do what has to be done and never apologize for what happens.
38. #29
So you call US Marine Corps, US Green Berets and the British SAS robbers and murderers? You are probably right, considering the number of Afghan civilians that Obama has murdered since taking office.
39. Palywood
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (05.31.10)
Yes, Richard, and Palywood will say that they were peaceful and didn't carry any weapons. Now it is on you to decide whom to believe.
40. You're indeed "ridiculous" #7
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (05.31.10)
"the Israelis are not realizing how ridiculous their analysis look to outsiders" - Especially to those who already have their mind set against Israel no matter what, and never bother to respond directly to the facts brought forth by Israel, like yourself. Have you actually read the piece here? Apparently when reasoning fails you, you resort to slogans. "Israel is going down... FAST!" - Isn't that exactly what you and your ilk have said after Cast Lead? After the Lebanon War? During the two Intifadas? In the 1973 and 1967 wars? And right after Israel's inception in 1948? Well, have we gone anywhere except upward and forward?... "Please, just continue what you are doing... " - Oh, I completely agree here. With great pride, we'll continue to defend our country and stand up for its legitimacy.
41. Terrorists among EU Racist Useful Fools!
The Truth ,   from Holland   (05.31.10)
That's exactly what those ships carried: ARMED TERRORISTS with handguns, knives, metal rods and ice-hooks. The 10 (not, 14, not 20, not more) are exactly those who attacked the troops. The troops shot and killed in self-defense against armed and attacking aggressors. This "peaceful flotilla" was actually an act of war, supported by Turkey against Israel. Armed terrorists do not go hand in hand with "peace". Turkey sent in armed terrorists who used civilian shields and civilian ships to violate Israel's soverignity. Turkey should be on trial - not Israel!
42. #35 You are right! IHH is a religious "charity" terror front
...for Islamists in Turkey. We know that MANY, MANY Turks do not support the Islamist government. The latest polls just proved that, when Turkish citizens showed support for the opposition party. We also know that many - MANY - Turks support friendship with Israel and appreciate its values for human life and peace. But also too many Turks are manipulated by Islamic fundamentalists from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, and they are lied to by a primitive government. If you value human life and feel sorry for loss of life (as we do here too), better replace the tyrannical government which will have people like yourself hanged for not being "Muslim enough", or in other words, for not becoming a racist, hateful, bloodthirsty Jihadist, ready to die for a corrupt Islamic Elite.
43. Suicide terrorists among the "peace" activists
Proud Redneck ,   OH, USA   (05.31.10)
10 of the killed on board of Marmara are Al-Qaeda suicide agents. Among the arrested: Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hamas operatives. That was no "peace ship" by any means! It was a ship full of stupid racists, used as human shields by ruthless terrorists, and warranted by the Turkish government. Turkey has shown its real face. It is a country supporting terror and the US should put it on the same list as Iran, Lybia and Syria!
44. blatant lies
Laura   (05.31.10)
"We asked to transfer the aid in legitimate means. We promise that the aid will be transferred through the Red Cross and through our people." They have been promising this for months and months- the blockade is still as bad as ever. Aid has been blocked since Cast Lead- how much longer do people have to wait?
45. Gaza
Joan ,   New Zealand   (05.31.10)
Chris and Richard USA. How very foolish you are, no, stupid to think the way you do. Watch your once great Nation go down the sink with your new leader at the helm as he allows more and more terrorists into the Country and supports the Arab Nations. Do you not realise that if Israel loses it will indeed not be very long before you do too, Look at the mess Britain is in, a once great Empire slowly sinking and it all started to happen when they turned their face away from Israel. Out of the largest mosque in London came the words "If we can take London we can take Europe" The Flotilla was a deliberate attempt to turn the media against Israel as is usual. Peace and aid had nothing to do with it, heaps of propaganda did. Start to educate yourselves and learn a little of the truth. 'From Time Immemorial' by Joan Peters an author from your own country will shake you awake.
46. Dear Mr. Abbas... when the Israelis try to talk about
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (05.31.10)
Israeli security requirements, when the state of Palestine is established, this incident may be a foretaste of Palestinian foreign trade from and into a country surrounded by Israel. They are paranoid control freaks, Mr. Abbas, who also want a cut of the customs duties since Palestinian trade goods will have to pass thorough Isareli "ports-of-entry".
47. Israelis used initally PAINTBALL guns!
The first soldiers who came aboard were only "armed" with painball guns. They were immediately attacked and lynched by armed terrorists using handguns, metal rods, knives, hammers etc. I want to see what would have done ANY of the "peaceful posters" here against the lynch! These were not "peaceful protesters" by any measure. They were on their way to attack the Israeli sovereignity and support Hamas - a recognized terrorist organization supported by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. The killed "peace activists" deserve their fate allright!
48. US stops suspect Korean ships in International waters!
Proud Redneck ,   OH, USA   (05.31.10)
and so, Israel too has every right to do so, especially to those ships whose declared manifest is to attack Israel.
49. no matter
Cinta   (05.31.10)
no mater if the 'terrorists' had pocketknives and pots and pans- Israel went in in American fashion with guns blazing- Cowboy tactics as usual. Brute force was used in the middle of the night- now Israel is trying to talk itself out of yet another disaster. Do the politicians and the IDF ever learn from past mistakes? This latest disaster will turn even more people against Israel and the Jews- people are always sympathizing with the underdog: psych 101- and spare us the 'anti-semitic' drivel.
50. #44 Yes, blatant lies from "Laura"
Truth from ,   Netherlands   (05.31.10)
DOCUMENTED hundreds of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid and regular commercial materials have been pouring OFFICIALLY to Ghaza through UN, Red Cross, Israel, and private NGOs - not to mention the illegal smugling of weapons, explosives and contraband goods through the Egyptian tunnels. Even before the ships set sail, Israel has OFFICIALLY asked Turkey and the rest of the organizers to pass the 10,000 tons to Gaza through any of the OFFICIAL channels but they refused - repeatedly. The organizers have repeatedly and publicly explained that their main purpose is to "break the blockade". Those 10,000 tons of "humanitarian aid" are insignificant compared to what enters Gaza on a daily basis! They were looking for armed and bloody conflict, and they got it! Now you go back to your local Mosque and try a different disinformaton approach.
51. #49 but it DOES MATTER!
The Truth ,   from Netherlands   (05.31.10)
Israeli soldieres did not go "American-fashion" with guns blasting! They actually had paintball guns and this first "wave" was met by a lynching mob who attacked them with handguns, metal rods, hammers and knives. Only when it was evident that the soldiers' lives were at stake, they received the order to shoot in self defense - and that's exactly what happened. If they'd come in cowboy-style, have no doubt that not 10, but 100 or 200 of the people on that boat would be dead by now. Do you think that we are freaking blind? We see the videos and we see what the "cowboys" had to deal with. And no, not everybody sympathises with an 'underdog" wich tries to deliver a vicious and racist critical bite, and that's exactly what the Turkish and Hamastan "underdogs" have been trying to do! And yes, YOU spare us your anti-semitinc drivel too!
52. # 44
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
Bull, aid goes through to Gaza from Israel on a daily basis.
53. #42
cemil ,   TURKEY   (05.31.10)
yes as you said that many turkish people support israel turkish friendship and they afraid the destruction of friendship and also everybody knows that what is hamas doing like in turkey pkk both of them are terrorist
54. have you all gone crazy?
yasmin ,   jerusalem   (05.31.10)
The world has gone bananas!!! Did you not see the gun fire at the hands of the "peace" activists? Did you manage to ignore knifes attacking the soldiers coming down the ropes? This was no humanitarian crusade, it was a well planed provocation intended to present Israel as a monster!!! Unfortunately Israel has over estimated the integrity and good intentions of the people on those ships and that is what happened as a consiquence. Open your eyes stop covering from the truth!!! Prove that you can still see what really happens
55. Malaysia flag
Sharon ,   Singapore   (05.31.10)
Malaysia's flag is flapping on that flotilla ship. Malaysia has no diplomatic ties with Israel. Islamic terrorists were on that flotilla, as well as organisors.
56. dagerous action
tamalet ,   France   (05.31.10)
I am not sure this action was a good Idea. You could have used Watter canons, in live on the TV ... Now, your country and your army lost their credibility and those who were defending your position will not do it anymore.... I do not get the object of this action...
57. Black is definitely white
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (05.31.10)
"Activists on Gaza sail had weapons" Oh come on. there were only a few karate exponents.
58. This is why Israel loses PR battle
Ian ,   Be'er Sheva, Israael   (05.31.10)
Can't this video just be posted on youtube instead? It would be a lot more effective than posting a link to an article contrary to many peoples' political beliefs. I want people to see the video without them being turned off by the fact that it's hosted by an Israeli news source.
59. # 44 'Blatant lies'
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.31.10)
Laura ! The Hamas fat cat Henya,doesn't look undernourished,there is plenty of food in Gaza,what they are short of,is freedom from their Iranian masters.
60. propaganda lies
Felix ,   Germany   (05.31.10)
Turkish customs confirm that they searched every single passenger and all of the ships thoroughly. There were no weapons on board. What was found were common knives and rods the crew rightfully got to defend against this act of piracy. There can be no question of the illegal nature of the raid, as the ships were outside of Israeli waters. Regarding the allegedly found guns, probably Israeli propaganda is talking about flare guns that all ships carry for emergencies. The propaganda can't honestly expect us to believe that terrorists would gather simple knives and metal rods to assault a military unit. By international law, the raid on a Turkish flagged ship in international waters constitutes an act of war, no matter how many fairy tales about security zones Israel chooses to invent. Israel should damn watch their tongues now, as Turkey has the legitimate right to declare war, which would instantly oblige NATO to join.
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