Israel: Activists on Gaza sail had weapons
Ronen Medzini
Published: 31.05.10, 11:24
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61. # 60
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
Go watch the latest video about this incident on U Tube & you will realize that you dont know what you are talking about.
62. Turkish customs
Turkish custom man ,   Istanbul   (05.31.10)
can be bought for FIVE DOLLARS
63. Felix
Mike ,   UK   (05.31.10)
Turkey will not dare to declare war on Israel.Israel not Cyprus or Greece. Nato will not go to war with Israel forget it
64. "human rights"
Fred W ,   California, USA   (06.01.10)
You know of no "human rights organization" who would defend itself from armed attack? I hope I know of no human rights organization who would not defend itself from armed attack.
65. Sunk the ship?
Yes! Wait for the ship to cross the border, notify one more time and SUNK if they fail to stop!
66. If they used guns...
1. If they used guns, even our communist press could call thep "people of peace" 2. If they used guns, they would be sunk
67. IDF's attach un-just
Ali ,   Manama   (06.02.10)
First of all it's a shame that we live in a corrupt world and that contries like the us that started a war in the name of democracy is taking such undemocratic stand, a stand based on financial and political benifits insted of humanitarian and democratic stand. The Attck must first off all be classefide as an offencive act and not defensive as some Israilis claim. One need to know that this akt is not most inhumain offence Israil have done but shorely got alot of attention due to the publisity it recived. just think off all the inhumain acts that happen in dark allys in gaza were no tv camras are recording. IDF say, they landed on the ship armed with "paintballs" can some one please explain what this is? is it rubber bullets but using a less frightning word? and then they say the passenger over powerd the poor solder and opend fire on other solder That had full boy armor on. If it only was (paint balls) why did they then decide to swap to live amo???? The ppl on board had all the right to fight back as pirets was trying to take controle of there ship, and they have the right to use any thing at hand that is just human instinct. Israil the state of terror must stop, and the west world needs to wake up!!
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