Leftists protest raid, rightsts slam Turkey
Eli Senyor
Published: 31.05.10, 14:45
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1. Act of piracy
vivifiant ,   Cleveland, Ohio   (05.31.10)
Isn't boarding ships in international waters called an act of piracy? I hope the international community establishes an air-bridge to help the people trapped in the Gaza strip. Vivifiant, Ohio
2. Soon civil war and leftists will be killed for treason!
3. Re #1
Andrew Brehm   (05.31.10)
No, stopping a konvoi trying to get through a blockade is not piracy. The people of Gaza do not need an "air-bridge", they have more than enhough of everything. Few territories in the world get that many deliveries of food, medicine and construction material. If you want to save someone, try organising a konvoi to Darfur. In the mean time, send any aid to Gaza through Israel or Egypt, i.e. LEGALLY.
4. They made mistake
Roma ,   Moscow   (05.31.10)
They made mistake. They could have brought babies, 4-5 years old with guns on the boats. Now Israel can kill all terrorists, 100-200, and the world will be very happy and no babies will be dead.
5. animals
mazen ,   canada   (05.31.10)
animals will always be animals
6. "Shame can't find solution other than military one"
William ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
First, Gaza is a closed military zone. Don't enter it if you want a non-military reaction. This is basic knowledge, and ignored for PR. Second, offers went out to receive the aid in Ashdod or Al-Arish, both rejected. This was a planned atrocity by the Turks. Third, the organizers specifically said that NO ONE will resist the IDF if they boarded the ship. Suddenly, everyone has bats and other weapons. This was planned, this was organized!
7. Ranin Nicola - another Leftist blind student
William ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
There is no Intl Law supporting free rallying on college campuses, idiot! This is another example of how brainwashed Leftists are and their silly youth. Make up laws, make up history, then break the laws that really do exist. I am sure Ranin would protest a sudden Rightist rally on the campus claiming some silly Intl Law that only she knows about.
8. who said it was international waters?Hamas?
Michael   (05.31.10)
9. Next time....
English Nationalist ,   UK   (05.31.10)
make sure they are in Israeli national waters....... then sink them.
10. Re #3
Theodore ,   a border   (06.03.10)
Enforcing a legitimate blockade is not, but as a blockade is an act of warfare, but there are reasons to doubt whether the Gaza blockade is legitimate, though I would not say it is illegitimate. Enforcing an illegitimate blockade might be seen as piracy, of course.
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