Turkey recalls Israel envoy over flotilla raid
Roni Sofer and agencies
Published: 31.05.10, 15:07
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31. to #19 you mean other than stop Muslim terrorist
ghostq   (05.31.10)
and their co, I think they did wonderfull job, really sorry about the 2 soldiers who got hurt Iwish the speedy recovery.
Talula ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
and demanding an explanation as to why these Loonies were allowed to do what they did - how do we know their governments were not involved? AND WHY ARE WE SO SLOW TO CATCH A COLD!!!!
33. Turkey
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
To hell with Turkey. Israelis should have boycotted Turkey long ago and Israel should have recalled her Ambasador ages ago as well. Turkey is as much to blame for this fiasco as is Hamas
34. Armed with paint guns attacked with bats and knives
Daniel ,   Washington, DC   (05.31.10)
To anyone who reads the actual report, congratulations! The boarding party was armed with paint guns and told NOT to open fire but to talk first. Clearly this was a mistake. They should have tear gassed the boats and then tried to talk. The reception the boarding party got was violent and dangerous. Yet t was not until a life threatening injury was sustained by an IDF soldier that the Israeli troops opened with live ammunition. I'm certain the world wont want to hear that as it is so much better to label Israel a pariah state and make Arab/Muslim populations happy. From my perspective the world Jewish community has a responsibility to learn the actual circumstances, report them, and act in a manner that actually punishes the terrorist supporters and their countries. Irish, Turkish, Greek goods...sorry I'm no longer buying them.
35. Perhaps someone can explain to me
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.31.10)
"Turkey announced cancellation of joint military exercises with Israel." Why would we even be planning such exercises with a government dedicated to our demise?
36. Israel - you must sever all Turkish ties as of today.
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (05.31.10)
they need you more than you EVER needed them. Let the Turks rot in their new found islamist state. Give them NOTHING as they have brought you renewed war.
37. Why does the world treat terrorists differently ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (05.31.10)
the tailban and al qaida are terrorists but hamas and hizbullah are 'militants' - this endless appeasment to islam is destroy us from the inside and they appear to be a long way of waking up and smelling the coffee. Muslims hate eachother aswell as everybody else. The only good thing that can happen is for every muslim land to be nuked and cleansed of the evil that is islam. Their favourite 'man' (mohammed) was PAEDOPHILE ffs! Does that not say enough!? These 'people' are a cancer and need to be irradicated for our own safety. Some day they will bring that upon themselves. Israel you are the only righteous nation on earth and i pray for you.
38. Islamist government of Turkey
Sidney ,   USA   (05.31.10)
has been looking for an excuse to break relations with Israel. They sponsored the flotilla and Turks were aboard the militant ship. And they are "horrified" at the confrontation that they set up.
39. Attacking unarmed civilists
Yohodo ,   Germany   (05.31.10)
on international waters? I can't say anything. Stop this arrogant behaviour and let these people free. If israel contiunes such aggressive acts they will only gain more hatred. If israel wants peace they must be peacefull. Shame on you pacifist countries...
40. Erdogan was bought by Israil
Mehmet ,   occupied Istanbul   (05.31.10)
Erdogan the curropt been bought by israil
41. Armed with paint guns...Daniel
Advocate4Liberty ,   Chicago, USA   (05.31.10)
They had no business boarding the ships in the first place. As pirates, it would have been within the rights of the flotilla to sink every IDF ship trying to board them in international waters. The IDF murderers deserve only prosecution and execution. Period.
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