A brutal ambush at sea
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 31.05.10, 15:44
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31. We've still got it!
Falafelis ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.31.10)
This just shows that Israel's still got the magic touch!
32. Freedom of speech
mariusz ,   Poland   (05.31.10)
Comments not popular to your "cause" are not published? Great democracy and freedom of speech u have there. Israel and USA are the greatest threat to the world peace - and that's the truth.
33. Are u blind?
Mariusz ,   Poland   (05.31.10)
Man that was funny. Act of war? Yes! From your side. Attack on humanitarian flotilla on INTERNATIONAL waters. Get the hell out of palestinian lands and there will be no problem! It's not your land!
34. Israel lying again: At least 20 killed
Paco ,   Canada   (05.31.10)
a country of immoral barbaric people, or war criminals and low values with no standards, u just shot urself in the foot!
35. Israel please wakeup
Rosie   (05.31.10)
Israel cannot assume anything and must STOP being politically correct. Whatever Israel does is being criticized by the Arabs. Do the Arabs ever tell the world about their life style which is the highest of any Arab country in the middle east. Do the Arabs ever tell the world about their healthcare, education, and democratic society. NO. They only want to destroy Israel so that Sharia law will take over the region. How sad. Israel needs to STOP the PC of the left.
36. #2 - not when they claim to be a peaceful protest
William ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
Their leaders specifically stated that they would not resist any attempt by the IDF to board the boats if the confrontation did occur. They were entering a closed military zone and knew the risks of continuing. This wasn't a group of pirate coming to steal their goods, boat, and take hostages for ransom. These were soldiers. On every point, you and the flotilla activists were WRONG!
37. #23 - the 600 are already massively opinionated
William ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
or they wouldn't have been on the ship to begin with. If the IDF arrived with flowers and candy, they'd still be vilified and rumors would be made about them being "violent". If you can find truth in people who live in a narrow, self-serving world of their's, then what does that say about you?
Hajir ,   libya   (05.31.10)
everybody is enemy and terrorist..but .you are angels... no body believes you ever and u sahaina are known and everybody hate can't hide your brutal and crimes no body like you you were and still and will be hated by everyone.........until the judgment day where will be no Israelian on earth on one.we will vanquish you and clean this world from your dirt and crimes.................. god bless Islam as he always will
39. The goverment of israel: "bla bla bla bla..."
Murat ,   Ankara   (05.31.10)
Facist people in israel will even may claim now, the civilians had mass destruction weapons on the ships.They shall keep being proud about their civilian killing "brave" soldiers.Shalom to the peace-loving citizens of israel.
40. These People Are Supporting Terrorists
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (05.31.10)
and they wanted to provoke a confrontation and create an international incident. Israel simply wanted them to turn back. As a sovereign nation, Israel has the right to refuse permission for them to disembark and offered them a reasonable alternative. Too many people in the world are just against Israel, and this is plain crazy.
41. Did this truly happen in Int. Waters? very bad if true
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (05.31.10)
If this happened in Int. Waters, then activists had yet to commit any crime but IDF did by boarding ships and could be charged with murder and piracy in the country the ship was flying. Once the soldiers landed on the ship they were in another country since ships were still in Int. Waters. This is VERY bad if they can prove they were in Int. Waters at the time of the attack.
42. madness
jess ,   Turkey   (05.31.10)
There are tonz of ways to neutralize those people who are carrying knifes or bars, for Israeli army. There is no need to KILL THEM. Israeli state MUST stop this kind of madness at no time! It is a pity that people here who support israeli actions by their comments...
43. Finaly..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (05.31.10)
we can see the IDF footage, showing pissnicks brutally attacking IDF soldiers..And of course, in the eyes of the world, obviously, a Jew has no right to fight back..
44. Truth
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (05.31.10)
Yep, keran, the truth is slowly unfolding. I guess that you did not see a brutal attack of your beloved pissnicks to IDF solders yet, and if I can guess even more, you will not believe it. Because you KNOW your truth, I guess, from AlJazeera.
45. BTW..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (05.31.10)
keran, this morning we have heard from organizer Greta Berlin, that they were non violent, standing with their backpacks on..Yeah, right, this footage shows who is lying..
46. A political set up/trap - and Israel fell right into it...
me ,   here   (05.31.10)
They won a battle, but lost the Public Relations war (for the next few hundred years to come)... this wasn't Israel's best day...
47. :: So according to this pro-IDF article:
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (05.31.10)
The IDF, in an act of piracy, attacked the flotilla in international waters. The civilians on board tried to defend themselves, as is their right, with: bare fists, clubs, slingshots and ‘knifes/sharp objects’ probably from the galley. Although not reported there is a good chance that these civilians were also armed with ‘rocks’ which as we all know can ‘kill’. The IDF soldiers, supposedly well trained professionals, were overcome by these untrained civilians armed with bare fists, clubs and ‘sharp objects’. The only guns on board this ship were those brought by the IDF which they promptly lost to the civilians on board as the civilians tried to defend themselves from the IDF attack. Faced with such ‘unprecedented resistance’ by lightly armed civilians the IDF had no choice but to gun down 15 civilians. The utter murderous brutality committed by the IDF in this raid is not uncommon as we witness such disproportionate use of deadly force everyday in the occupied Palestinian territories. As for the claim: “I saw the tip of a rifle sticking out of the stairwell” well we all know that the IDF routinely lie to protect their asses, there is no reason to believe any such statements at this early stage. I look forward to the investigations into this slaughter of international civilians trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza.
48. Wow
Eoghan ,   Cork, Ireland   (05.31.10)
I'm sure this was just a clerical error but how exactly did ye manage to miss the fact that 10 peace activists were KILLED and the pictures (available on of IDF soldiers armed with RIFLES, not PAINBALL GUNS, on board the ship? Oh and the fact that ye were operating outside of Israeli waters making it an illegal act of piracy. A rewrite might be necessary....
49. are u insane?
Mariusz ,   Poland   (05.31.10)
Fox are corporate liars! I remember their news from first days of Iraki invasion - "our brave arerican soldiers... i'm proud to be american". They never will be objective, they never were.
50. IDF - the most amoral army in the world.
Paul ,   Trinidad   (05.31.10)
Let's hope they do not detain the journalists too long so that we could get truth instead of hasbara.
51. Israel should have hired Somali pirates
William ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
Let them operate in the Med...tell them they can keep what they catch and do whatever with the activists. Outsource this issue.
52. Brave Israeli soldiers
Sofia ,   Sweden   (05.31.10)
Fantastic work you brave Israeli soldiers. You're doing the tasks for yours and our protection, although we don't deserve it one bit. Wish you and Israel always all the best.
53. Whatever Israel would have been done would have been the wro
ros   (05.31.10)
Whatever Israel would have been done would have been the wrong thing. Whatever Israel does is criticised. In Kingston, Jamaica just now over 70 people were shot in cold blood; likewise on the streets of Bangkok the Thai army murdered their citizens; 100s are being killed on a daily basis inter Muslim violence. Only Israel is ever singled out.
54. The blockade of Gaza is there because of direct attacks on I
nick   (05.31.10)
Russia would have simply torpedoed this entire flotilla of brainwashed fools the moment they would have entered Russian waters. I understand why Israel rather boards and let the real aid stuff enter Gaza, however I think it would have been better to simply warn them and in case of no turn around to sink them. That is the way of the World; USA ... See morethreatened to do the same with Russian “Aid” ships during the blockade of Cuba in the 60ies. The blockade of Gaza is there because of direct attacks on Israeli civilians, in case of the Cuban missile crises, Cuba’s ‘attack’ on the USA merely was implied, not real (yet).
55. Impound the turkish ships and demand
Michael   (05.31.10)
restitution for soldier's injuries or sell the boats. Or Give the boats to the Kurdish rebels. Apparently, Turkey has too much free time on their hands.
56. so they died from legshots ?
eporue ,   europe   (05.31.10)
to me also this story sounds like fiction... it contradicts everything your FM/PM tried to implement in the previous day in order to prepare what happened... your story is as consistent and tight as a sieve... yesterday i read your wiki. i was impressed. today you lost all credibility...
57. Nonsense
Garry ,   Ireland   (05.31.10)
This read like lies, is lies and is not going to win Israel support. Dead bodies speak volumes. Has Israel ever hear of 'Crisis Communications'?
stude ham   (05.31.10)
too bad israel got scared on that plan.
59. I feel so bad for the IDF soldiers who risked their life
Shira   (05.31.10)
because of a badly planned operation.
60. have the world gone crazy??!!
open, ,   your eyes!!   (05.31.10)
The world has gone bananas!!! Did you not see the gun fire at the hands of the "peace" activists? Did you manage to ignore knifes attacking the soldiers coming down the ropes? This was no humanitarian crusade, it was a well planed provocation intended to present Israel as a monster!!! Unfortunately Israel has over estimated the integrity and good intentions of the people on those ships and that is what happened as a consiquence. Open your eyes stop covering from the truth!!! Prove that you can still see what really happens
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