Fatah official: Israel world's most despicable country
Ali Waked
Published: 31.05.10, 16:08
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1. Obama laying ground works for WW3
2. Despicable ?
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.31.10)
Fatah and Co would know all about "despicable."
3. what an insult to billions of people!
Faruq   (05.31.10)
The amount of genocide, destruction and violation of rights that goes on in africa and the muslim world yet this evil man says Israel is the worst - this is a disgusting insult to the lives that have been lost in real conflict.
4. this worse than suicide bombers that kills 3X as many each??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.31.10)
and the victims of suicide terror are usually kids, elderly, and pregnant women. hysterical hypocrites.
5. Re: Suicide Bombers
evan ,   canada   (05.31.10)
Israeli-American mike, if you're going to play the numbers game, I'd point out that Israel killed more people in this one operation than have been killed in the entire history of rocket fire from Gaza. So, if the Israeli standard of justice were applied, it would be acceptable to bomb Israel from the air killing thousands, bulldoze Israeli homes, and besiege the entire country on a starvation diet. Maybe you should rethink this "hypocrisy" thing.
6. Regrettable but Neccessary Military Response
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (05.31.10)
The Storming of the ships was launched by the IDF as to strengthen the blockade at the prospect that the ship would berth at another location near the Gaza Strip, unload and transport the uninspected goods that may contain illegal contraband goods not permitted by IDF. As proclamations of a peaceful protest was reported by the "Peace Activists", the IDF did not forsee any need to be armed with rubber bullets. But judging from the evidence/video of the situation, it appears the so called Peace Activists were indeed waiting for the IDF. It is very much regretted that the peaceful protest turned out Violently that the IDF commandos had to shoot to defend themselves which is allowed under the Geneva Convention. The video evidently shows that the "peaceful activist" was well armed with offensive materials and that they intended to turn it into a violent confrontation which would inadvertently generate the necessary world attention to their cause to undermine Israel. It appears that the "peaceful activists" were behaving like uncontrollable street gangsters to make fools out of the world community.
7. 5 - it's called fighting terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.31.10)
you know, the most despicable life forms that target children as a religious act. making a false moral equivalence between terrorists and their enthusiastic supporters with israelis who reluctantly do what has to be done to protect itself from genocide is a fool's errand. and you're a good delivery boy.
8. smugglers, Thugs not peace activists
Dov ,   USA   (05.31.10)
These activists are nothing more than thugs. Any other navy would have opened fire immediately and not be mentioned in the press for doing so. If Hamas frees Gaza maybe things will change.
9. The Archives Kuala Lumpur
JUDAH THE LION   (05.31.10)
10. Re: Re: Suicide Bombers
Sagi   (05.31.10)
Well you should defently look the facts before you say something.. :/ you must remember that the fire from Gaza took place for a long period of more than 5 years.. so i don't realy think that you can blame Israel for stopping it. Plus, so much of the "victims" that were killd in the 2008-2009 operation are terrorists who stood behind 5 year old's and fired Israeli forces(that did't fired back not like the hidious rumers), or kept shooting missiles from kindengardens, hospitals and schools. So tell me something Evan: what would you do if someone was shooting you? wont you fight back? and we fought back in that way that causes them minimoum lives and us too much..
11. At least we have a country, Barghouti.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (05.31.10)
You don't even have a glass house.
12. 800 Palestinian activists
bob ,   usa   (05.31.10)
Israel has a right to defend herself. 800 activists wanted trouble and that's exactly what they received. Stupid is as stupid does.
13. et tu brute
world wide citizen ,   obamastan   (05.31.10)
evan, guess you forgot about 1967 and being hit from all sides, or 1973 while on the holiest day of the year, trying to catch the country at its wekaest -- read AMALEK
14. Mustafa is a joke
John   (05.31.10)
mustafa seems to forget when hamas throw his fatah men while still alive from high rise buildings .He will be more honest if he targets his words to his despicable hamas brothers for these inhumane deeds. He should know if not for Israel's protection, he will surely end up on top of the high rise buildings.
15. Israel: a despicable coward country guilty of crimes agaisnt
Sat ,   US   (05.31.10)
Humanity. The world will be better off without it.
16. He speaks the truth.
daniel ,   usa   (05.31.10)
17. So what's new?
Advocate4Liberty ,   Chicago, USA   (05.31.10)
Like we haven't realized this for years!
18. re: Israel Navy confronted flotilla
lito ,   usa   (06.01.10)
If those officers & crew of the Mavi Marmara are international professional sailors and certified for ocean going ships, then they should know that they have to follow orders from the Navy/Coast Guard of the sovereign territorial waters they are entering to, that's the protocol; and failure to do is a sign of agression against that sovereign nation and could be subjected to by "force", and that was what the Mavi Marmara got, ok? The officers & crew were responsible for the conduct of their ship, not the passengers onboard!
19. coast guard??? in international waters
ela ,   eu   (06.01.10)
any coast guard knows they have 0 authorithy in international waters so shooting a ship that cruises in the international waters even close to your coast line is fellony/ act of war
20. Not fair
Advocate4Liberty ,   Chicago, USA   (06.01.10)
Israel can't be singled out as most despicable. They're in fine company with North Korea, Somalia (obviously a lot in common - piracy), U.S. (Waco, etc ad nauseum), China (Tibet), the list is long.
21. you did not see what i saw!!!
turan ,   turkey   (06.03.10)
@sulictive are you blind, as a turkey Istill choose to see all the proofs and not to be blind by the scenes cut out by goverments as it sencures our right for the hole turth. Once i saw this i realized that there is more then what they are telling us: and god help us and this even shows that the Israel army as attacked even before getting on board to the ship:
22. Fatah?
J-boy ,   Toulouse, France   (06.20.10)
I have a feeling Ynet needs to check its facts: Mustafa Barghouti is leader of the Palestinian National Intiative. He is not a member of Fatah.
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