Hospitals treat 42 people injured in Gaza sail raid
Ahiya Raved
Published: 31.05.10, 16:48
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1. Let's be clear about this
Chris Linthwaite   (05.31.10)
Israel attacked a ship belonging to Turkey a member of NATO in International waters and killed varying numbers of passengers on that ship. Obama will be on the telephone to turkey assuring them Israel will not get away with this. Otherwise Turkey are perfectly entitled to enact Article 9 of NATO's charter. No wonder Netanyahu is scurrying back to Tel Aviv. Israel has really done it this time
2. Choking on your popcorn yet, Linthwaite??
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (05.31.10)
Why so upset, Chrissie boy? After all, it's not as if we didn't all know pretty much how this would all turn out? As always, the terrorists (yes, that's right T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T-S) were forewarned. As always, they proceeded anyway. As always, they got their asses whipped. And as always, Israel gets condemned. No big deal. Nothing new. Indeed, one of the problems (for you and your ilk) posed by daily condemnation of Israel for 62 years is that more condemnation has no effect at all. So, as for "Israel has really done it this time", give us a break, fool. That's what idiots like you assert after every single event for the past 62 years. The effect of this story on Israel will be the same as the effects of Cast Lead, Goldstone report, Durban I/II, forged passport fiasco, NPT treaties, etc., etc., ad-nauseum.....NOTHING! When will fools like you ever understand that Israel is here to stay? Keep watching your television, eating your popcorn, and posting your inane Nostradamus-like predictions of doom/gloom for Israel until you head explodes in frustration. Frankly, we Israel supporters are 'lovin' every minute of it'. Munch, munch, munch. Mmmm, good.
3. Ottoman Armada attacking Israel has been soundly defeated
eporue ,   europe   (05.31.10)
Israel should have killed all 700. This was a good lesson and they will never attempt this again
4. #1 - no nato, the turkish ship mavi marmara sailed under
eporue ,   europe   (05.31.10)
comoros flag, means it was comoros territory... no nato. but its strange, that nobody can say how many people are dead. its also not acceptable, that relatives of those in hospitals cant see the injured. whats the problem, as long as they dont talk about the incident itself ? has israel taken pictures of the injured, who obviously cant speak, to send them to the embassy for identification in turkey ?
5. Swap the ship terrorists for Shalit
Jonny ,   South Africa   (05.31.10)
Do not allow any of the terrorists to leave until such time as Gilad Shalit is released. Do not allow any Red Cross vists. Keep them isolated. Tel the mabassadors that when Shalit is released, then they can come and collect their scum. Alternatively, put them on trial.
6. just for the record: #3 wasnt me...
eporue ,   europe   (05.31.10)
i will (again) try to get on a boat...
7. Sorry to disappoint you, Chris.
Paul ,   Miami   (05.31.10)
It will be business as usual. Israel has never paid the price of any of its actions. June 7 2010, markes the 43rd anniversary of israel's cowardly attack on the USS Liberty which killed 34 american sailors and wounded 174 others. What's 10 or 15 foreigners when we did nothing about 34 of ours. Nothing, no congressional investigation at all. A few months later North Korea captured the USS Liberty's sister ship, the USS Pueblo. Coincidence?
8. #2
david ,   jerusalem   (05.31.10)
i like yr style flyingdoc..gave me a good belly laugh munch munch mmm etc..
9. # 2 flyingdoc57
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (05.31.10)
Don't you know? Linthwaite is paying a visit from from the sewer of Haaretz where he dwells. Afternoon will swoon Obamao his god. mmm mmm mmm Obamao
10. to # 1: Linthwaite
Richard S. ,   Miami, USA   (05.31.10)
Let's look at another view: Turkey allows and encourages a flotilla to depart with its nationals, armed with knives, clubs and possibly guns. These people are to deliver cement to Hamas in Gaza, who is known to rocket Israeli cities. So Turkey is abetting helping a recognized terrorist group by sending armed people disguised as activists towards Gaza. Now who is the one initiating the act of war?
11. # 1 Turkey
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.31.10)
This is a Turkish initiation rite to enter the Muslim brotherhood ,Turkey is an unreliable ally of the USA and NATO,Turkey refused to allow the USA to use Turkish air trips against Sadam Husein,so, it's membership in Nato is questionable.Germany is right,Turkey is unsuitable to join the EU.Turkey is responsible for this tragedy,to the benefit of the enemies of Israel.
12. #1 Not as clearcut as you purport
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.31.10)
Turkey are the instigators and are the ones challenging Israel's sovereignty. Whether this event took place in international waters or within 12 NM off the coast, the intention of this flotsam was to land in Gaza...this was their unequivocal aim. So...they were planning to break the law. Israel warned them, they didn't want to listen, resisted with violence and this is the result. Israel did the right thing and Turkey should be the one worrying about Article 9
13. #6 and 4 wasn't mee, Ynet please remove impostor
eporue ,   europe   (05.31.10)
and don't allow her to ever post anything
14. Reply to Number l
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (05.31.10)
No sovereign nation will allow people to enter their country or territories without permission, particularly to give unneeded aid to a terrorist organization, such as Hamas. This was an act of provocation only, not in any way an humanitarian act. TONS of goods are sent into Gaza weekly by Israel. Note that Gaza shares a border with Egypt but all that one ever reads about is Israel's blockade. Well, Egypt has more restrictions than Israel does. Netanyahu must return to Israel to investigate. Truly, these "terror supporters in the flotilla" knew that Israel had few options and was damned no matter what they did. The bastards.
15. #14 Elizabethlynne
Chris Linthwaite   (05.31.10)
Gaza is not a part of Israel.
16. # 15
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
Correct, Gaza is not part of Israel. BUT Israel STILL allows aid, food & medicine to get through to Gaza on a daily basis.
17. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.31.10)
Good post Elizabethlynne, except, "tons of goods are sent into Gaza DAILY by Israel" (not weekly)
18. # 15 Gaza
J.K. ,   Brookllyn USA   (05.31.10)
Chris ! you are right,Gaza is not part of Israel,but Gaza is at war with Israel,that war was started by the Palestinians after Israel handed them over the strip on a silver plate, Israel miscalculated,Israel expected the poeple abourd the ships will be political activists "the usual crowd'instead they encountered Turkish Jihadists with makeshift weapons including fire arms.
19. Turkey
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.31.10)
What happened to Kamal Ataturk's Turkey ?
20. Treating "activists?
21. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.10)
The USS LIBERTY was a spy ship sent to eavesdrop on Israeli military communications while Israel was in the middle of a war. Do you know what they did with the communications they intercepted and translated? I will tell you. They conveyed them to Syria and to Jordan -- while Israel was actively engaged in combat against both countries, both countries of which were aggressors in 1967. That's why the USS LIBERTY was blown out of the water, and there isn't a single country in the world that would have done differently. ESPECIALLY the United States. As to the USS PUEBLO? Again, you're long on hyperbole, a little short on facts. The USS PUEBLO was taken by the North Koreans exclusively for the purpose of obtaining a United States naval encryption machine. You have the Walker family of spies to thank for that. North Korea was nothing more than a toady of the Soviet Union at the time. I resent your implication. Then again, you're pretty stupid, so I mostly discount you. Get the facts before you post. Unless you prefer to be made into a fool.
22. To No. 21: You're a traitor
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (05.31.10)
How dare you write "USA" in your TB title and say that US servicemen deserved to die on Memorial Weekend of all times?!?! You're a traitor. You're no better than those Muslims who hold American passports and wish death on American troops. You're Jewish before you're American and that shames all proud American-Jews who put America FIRST! You're a g*dd*mn traitor!!!!!
23. #21 Sarah B
Chris Linthwaite   (05.31.10)
As an American you find it acceptable for Israel to kill American servicemen. I find it strange that you accept the deaths of American servicemen on memorial Day of all days.
24. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.10)
Stuff it. Should I be less than truthful because it is Memorial Day? It's a good thing I'm not addressing the issue of what happened to American Jewish POWs in Germany. Now THAT would be REALLY embarrassing to the United States. See? Told you I am a loyal American. What are you?
25. To: No. 23
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.10)
No, as usual you are wrong. I find it acceptable for Israel to protect its military objectives during time of war. Would you like to talk about the Falklands, Chris? How about the British carpet bombing of Germany during World War II? Oh, wait! I know! Let's talk about the British hunting Mau-Mau for bounty. Not to your liking? Okay. We can talk about what the British did in India. Israel acted in wartime to preserve its interests. Israel was attacked by both Jordan and Syria. The United States acted to jeopardize any advantage Israel may have accrued. Tell me. What would YOU have done? Better still -- what would the British have done? (Be careful answering that. I know more about your country's history in wartime than you do. It is not a question that you really want to answer. Be kind of embarrassing.)
26. #7 - and the conspiracy theorists arrive
William ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Did you come on a separate ship, Paul? Since the US has already accepted the Israeli explanation, and their own investigations, and closed the case, I see no reason to discuss it further. But every so often, a few conspiracy nuts surface because they can't dare to accept anything that would disrupt their narrow perspective. Paul, sorry to disappoint. But you might also find disturbing that the world is round, the sky is blue, and lowfat yogurt does actually taste good.
27. #15 - It is under UNR 242 until final negotiations
William ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
and since Gaza has no real ruling party and no sovereignty, Israel can act in order to protect its citizens. Further, even if Gaza was a State, Israel is legally justified under the Hamas war declaration made in 2005, and following Intl law.
28. #22 - US Servicemen never deserve to die
William ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
But thanks to the ill-motives of their commanders that placed that ship there for the purpose of spying on Israel, that's what happened. Sarah is not saying they deserved to die, but let's place blame where it truly should be...on those US commanders who felt US servicemen lives are expendable...and on this Memorial Day, too.
29. You're out of your league here, Linthwaite (# 23)
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (06.01.10)
This isn't Haaretz, Linthwaite, where most rebuttals to your comments are censored. Your type don't stand a chance here. We know the reputation you've earned for yourself at Haaretz as one the most virulent Israel/American/Jew-haters. And you've got some gall trying to pass off some sort of fake respect for fallen American soldiers. Perhaps it hasn't occurred to you that many/most of our dead American serviceman died saving your worthless assess in W.W.I and W.W.II. Your G-D foreasaken Country has gone from the world's most barbaric empire to the world's biggest pacifiers of Islamo-facism. You bums just can't seem to get it right, and we Americans keep having to save you from yourselves. Now, your Country (U.K.) is on the brink of falling to Islam, and you'll again (for the 3rd time in one century) be calling upon us to save your worthless souls. Were it up to me, I'd tell you to enjoy the Jihad and go straight to hell. You don't give a sh*t about American soldier's lives, anymore than the fraudulent flotilla was about humanitarian aid. For you, and them, it's all about about hating Jews. S go sell your propoganda at Haaretz, where it is welcomed.
30. To: William at No. 28
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.01.10)
Thank you. I'm grateful that you caught the gist of my argument.
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