Istanbul rally: Israel will drown in blood
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Published: 31.05.10, 17:48
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1. Facing Reality
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.31.10)
Israel awakens to the reality that peace with Islam is impossible. The true face of Turkey was always beneath the shallow surface. It is time to realize that this global ambush is directed against the Holy one of Israel and the Nation He created. God vs The World. Guess who loses. ISRAEL is here to stay and bye,bye Islam.
2. Baruch HaShem! The Beis Hamikdash will be built this year!!
saraj shea ,   San Francisco USA   (05.31.10)
Silly Fatah, Israel is the worlds' most holy nation. And now I can see most clearly the day when we will dwell SECURELY in our land. And none of our despisers will ever be allowed to place a foot or take a breath in the land Hashem gave us. The Beis Hamikdash WILL be built THIS year! WE are getting ready to evict those disrespectful lousy current tenants!
3. turkey can kiss their hopes of joining the EU goodbye
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.31.10)
and they can head straight back to the7th century, which is exactly where they are headed. if that's what they want, be our guest.
4. Only Talibans can take revenge killing US kafirs in Kandahar
Hasan ,   Kazan, RUSSIA   (05.31.10)
5. TOTAL AGREEMENT WITH 3. Like they had a chance anyway.. but
Adam ,   London   (05.31.10)
6. Be quiet, silly Turkeys.
Joey Rose ,   Portland   (05.31.10)
7. Facing Reality Double TAKE
Alex ,   Orlando FL   (05.31.10)
Israel must face up to realty. There will be a two state solution or there will be a one state solution. There are no other options. The Palestinians are not going anywhere and the Jews are not going anywhere. So, we must have either or. As for Beis Hamikdash, Keep dreaming Moshe Dyan, the wisest of all Israelis, knew how dangerous thought like that would be. The Jewish and Muslim extremist will not win. Moderation, like Dyan, will triumph over extreamism.
8. When IL proves that 90% of dead are TURKISH ISLAMISTs
Alan ,   SA   (05.31.10)
the EU will realise who is the nation that wanted to join their own BANKRUPT EMPIRE. This is what was expecting and waiting to join the European Community-a nation fast becoming Islamist. .GERMANY with its large Turkish population should likewise sit up and take notice
9. Turkey
Bruria   (05.31.10)
Turkey has been rattling their chains for some time know just trying to stir up trouble. They were the major role players in organizing this floating fools gallery. Look at their own videos before they left Turkey--screaming for intifada! All you PC, leftist fools can't see for the blinders. Turkey is aiming for domination, that means all the code pinkos will be wearing tents and those who dare claim to be gay will be hanging from beams. Welcome to the new world you are all screaming for.
10. Turkey sounds more a TERROR state everyday
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (05.31.10)
This will probably speed it's EU membership as Euro leaders can't do enough for islam. Israel did the right thing today as the flotilla was an act of war. God bless Israel, we are with you and always will be. DESTROY the ENEMY for once and for all, that is the only way this islamic madness will end.
11. #3 mike
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (05.31.10)
One could say, the Turkeys had a premature coming out. Bad luck.
12. erdogan ya ya ya
alexi   (05.31.10)
This rugby player who never served in the military who was brainwashed in the islamic secondary school is recreating the ottoman caliphate while basburg stands around like a stooge. Erdogan one moment davos please has all his buddies in tow-sudan, somlalia, iran, syria, hamas and hezbollah. next time-naval commandos go in tough and use stunners and don't act like pussies. No matter what you do, the arabs hate you and will always do so. Europe naturally appeases their moslem hordes and condemn israel. UN likewise follows suit. What else is new? Obama is partially responsible for all of this as he has endorsed kalidi's narrative which is filled with lies, absolute lies. Its is the arabs who have taken israeli land.
American Jew ,   Toledo, OH United St   (05.31.10)
Turkish people, shut up! Turkey will drown in their own blood!!! Am Yisrael Chai!
14. the president of turkey calls
Barney ,   USA   (05.31.10)
for the punishement of those resposible. this has already happened. the dead were punished for carrying out an operation they were warned not to do. more terrorists need the death penalty.
15. Count down has begun
Mr Y ,   The Earth   (05.31.10)
The way you behave people just make your end closer and closer. Its not about Islam/judahism etc. Its about Justice, God has created us all equal, but not different! Not to kill each other, but to know how to accommodate each other. Do you know what is your problem? You think all the world is against you. This is not true, the world is againt your deed not your race. If you want to live in peace, then you have to respect others and give them the peace and justice. Remember, the fly wheel does turn around, today you are storng, tomorrow who know..Let's wait and see..
16. Stand strong and United Israelis
Craig ,   L.A., USA   (05.31.10)
Scripture indicated long ago a time when the nations of the world stand united against Israel, or shoiuld it be translated more properly 'United Nations' ? Not to worry my Jewish has to be as Scripture has foretold. Your soldiers did nothing wrong, do not fear and do not despair; but instead turn to your God. Much of Israel has become secular, but you are still God's chosen people, blessed above all people. Embrace that honor which the Almighty has bestowed upon you...humble yourselves as a nation and individually, seek your God as never before and He will deliver your nation. We Christians, though in disagreement as regards Yeshua, love and pray for you daily...I mean true Christians the world over, not those of the liberal persuasion. I truly believe that if the Israeli Prime Minister put out a call for Christians to come to Israel and take up arms with you...tens of thousands the world over would respond. Sadly, Scripture indicates that Israel in being maneuvered into a position where your leaders, so desparate for peace, will be fooled into making a deal with the Devil himself and be betrayed. No one knows exactly how this plays out, but the time now is obviously growing short. Gird yourselves Israelis, but don't despair, you are not alone...and in the end your Messiah will deliver your nation and crush your enemies. But Please Please Please...those of you who no longer believe in your God and Scriptue - it is not fairy tales, we are created beings by a God who has chosen the Jews to be His special people; seek your God and Prepare your hearts for tough tough times. God Bless Israel and His People the Jews.
17.  True face of turkey finely exposed
John   (05.31.10)
Turkey is the one which should be punished, for they are wholly responsible for the provocation which they have created. Turkey must have known, many on this flotilla are terrorists or sympathisers of terrorists.
18. Turkey will drown in blood!!!
Period!   (05.31.10)
19. Turkey with Arduan - is the next Iran.
pay attention   (05.31.10)
20. hypocrite turks
jack ,   usa   (05.31.10)
turks also known as killers of kurds and armenians and all other ethnic elements in anatolia please stop instigating problems. who died and made you arbiter of all things . your erdogan shall deliver to the mulim brotherhood.
21. We support Israel
troels g Olivero ,   denmark   (05.31.10)
in Denmark. we like the people of Israel. Let us stand togethere agains palestina
22. whaaooo we never saw that!
Roland ,   JERUSALEM   (05.31.10)
burning flags shouting DEATH TO ISRAEL this is so original!!!!... ...and all this mess against Israel perhaps have 10% to do with the News
23. israil destroys itself
vada vudu   (05.31.10)
this blood will die you
24. @Israel & USA
David ,   EU   (05.31.10)
You finaly begin to understand why WE DONT WANT THEM join the European Union?! Turkey is not a secular country, its the home of the new total islam of tomorrow.. Attaturk would turn over in his grave if he would can see this today..
25. Turkey wines
AriAvi ,   Bet El Israel   (05.31.10)
Put your turban where your mouth is.....Your terrified of Israel and you know it. You sneeky backdoor thugs! Come here and find out,,,,Ain't scared... get you some. Crank up your boat,plane or train and make it happen. You are weiners ! You will never see peace in this land,so quit asking..
26. The peaceful face of Islam...
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (05.31.10)
... again shows its ugly grimace. It is absolutely unthinkable that such a backward country with such a backward populace should have a place in the European Union. No way!
27. Israel "drowning in blood "?
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.31.10)
We are not Armenia nor the Kurds
28. shame on you
gokcen ataman ,   istanbul   (05.31.10)
shame on you, shame on israel, there was a one year old child in that boat, and israel is showing marble balls as weapons. read the torah, the biggest sin is to kill. you are cruel, because you are ignorant.
29. shame on you
gokcen ataman ,   istanbul   (05.31.10)
there was a one year old kid, a nobel winning professor, many members of the parliament...etc in that boat. 19 turkish citizen are dead, many are hurt. and you guys can still find the nerve to write those comments. shame on all of you.
30. Thank you Olivero from denmark
hal tripp ,   la paz, bolivia   (05.31.10)
last year we had almost 400 thousand israelis visiting turkey last year,the only hebrew school in istanbul has to hire it's own private guards since the state will not give any state protection, last night before the incident in gaza,there were 2 thousand hardliners demonstrating out side the israeli embassy,they must have known something we didn't,the whole operation was well planned by hamas and hezbullah,CNN AND BBC ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY TODAY,THEY WERE FOREWARNED,GOD BLESS THE YOUNG MEN OF THE IDF FOR THE ACTION THEY TOOK LAST NIGHT.AM YISROEL CHAI
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