Flotilla raid in foreign media
Jonathan Weber
Published: 01.06.10, 12:31
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1. there is no PR problem
Golan ,   modiin   (06.01.10)
you cannot condemn Israeli government for foreign media not reporting what happened. This not only includes knives but Israelis need to remember that we were also condemned for the Entebe rescue in 1976. They just don't like us, so what? We acted appropriately.
2. Israeli Naval Raid
Mike ,   Plantation, FL   (06.01.10)
While I deplore the loss of any life, I support Israel's right to defend its territorial sovereignty and integrity to which this flotilla was a public and direct provocation and challenge. It is most evident that the blockade runners were prepared to battle the naval forces. They knew the Israeli navy would stop them. Israel publicly said as much. So the challengers were prepared. That would undermine their pacifist argument and give evidence of their premeditative thuggery. Several IDF soldiers were wounded. They did not fall on their swords or shoot themselves. While the operation wasn't perfect, the ships were intercepted and thankfully the blockade runners will be procecuted. If not, just pack them up, warn them and send them home.
3. Liberal Leftist western media have an agenda! they no
NOTHING about ,   journalism!   (06.01.10)
4. Backwards
Josh ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.01.10)
Why don't they condemn the Turks for attacking our soldiers? They started it. Doesn't that mean anything anymore? The fact that we defended ourselves better than they did does not make us the bad guys.
5. #4 and all in civilized countries,when a group attack you by
Mark ,   Netherlands   (06.01.10)
Clubs,knives and so on,you do not open fire with live ammunition. If we had to use your logic,there would be scores of people dead in lets say a football match were people riot and attack the police(there are far worse situations that at least here in Europe,even when the police face these kind of situations,they do not open fire killing people). But that I guess only applies to the civilized world. I'm Guessing this comment would most probably be censored. Lets wait and see.
6. Predictably, the same Israel haters dominate the media
The Voice ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.01.10)
Who else but Mr. "Nazi Supporter" Fisk, and his cohorts at "The Independent" (what an oxymoron to call the newspaper of the Caliphate of Britain, "independent"). Whom else but NYT, with his heap of self-hating Jews dung. And of course, the BBC and the CNN whose cowardice to report "inconvenient truths" is overcome only by their racism, hatred towards Israel, greed and corruption. But I agree with Nazi Fisk on one point: "Western leaders are too cowardly to save lives". I would say, they are too coward to fight for their own lives, heritage and values, instead, they go the temporarily easier way of appeasement of the Muslim terror and blackmail - EXACTLY like they did with Hitler's Nazi Germany. But that didn't help them, did it? 20 million dead and 10 years later, the world realized that they should have destroyed Hitler while he was benign. Islam is still bening and possible to defeat, but at this rate of loss of values and will to fight, this time, the price will not be limited to 20 million dead. It will cost the entire civilization at least 10 generation to rebuild what will be destroyed by an unchecked barbaric Islam. Mr. Fisk and Thomas Friedman - enjoy your bubble democracy and right of free speech while you can, because whan Islam comes to your neighborhood, you will be the first to hang.
7. "The Guardian" of terrorists and their supporters
The Doc ,   Travelling the USA   (06.01.10)
And we should take the rants and criminal villifications from Ahdaf Soueif at face value? Let me paraphrase her own words and see how they fit the ruthless and murderous Arab propaganda and incitement on The Guardian Pages: " It does not matter what Turkey or any other Muslim spokesperson says. It does not matter what spin the Muslims triy to put on this; the only link between Muslim words and Muslim deeds is this: Muslims use words as a decoy and an obfuscation and a cover for their deeds. "They have done so for 1500 years. ... anyone who does not see this is willfully blind."
8. "Hamas to gain strength at the expense of Abu Mazen"
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.01.10)
Is "Israel" a smart or stupid?! The answer to this question tells us everything
9. #8 Are "palestinians" smart or stupid? Read below.
The Truth ,   from Netherlands   (06.01.10)
As the saying goes, Arabs and "palestinians" have never failed to miss an opportunity for peace or for creating a "country". They missed it when they attacked Israel in '48 on the day it was accepted as a nation by the UN Then they failed when they repeatedly attacked Israel with wars of genocide. They also lost land and pride as a result of their attacks. Palestinians missed their opportunity when they failed to abide in letter and spirit to the Oslo accords and yet again by rejecting the Camp david accords which gave them a country, land exchange and half of Jerusalem! They failed to build an independent entity , with the best chance of becoming a state when Israel left Gaza. Instead they poured 9000 missiles on top of Israeli civilians and initiated countless terror attacks whcih left more than 1000 Israeli civilians dead - even before the Lead Cast action. "palestinians" want more, much more - they do not want Israel and they want it destroyed. They do not want peace with Israel - they want Israel gone, destroyed and disappeared. That's why they reject each and any peace initiative and when it starts, it drowns it in blood. They never stopped the incitement to genocide against Israel even during the Oslo Peace accord. On the contrary, arch-terrorist Arafat publicly said in Durban, South Africa and in every Arab League meeting that the Oslo Accord is only the first phase of the destruction of Israel. So "palestinians" suffer from their own poor choices, racism, hatred, corruption, greediness and impotence. They have been driven by their corrupt leaders to death and dispair for the last 62 years and they will keep on doing this until there is no hope and Egypt gets fed up with them in Gaza and Israel in west Back. And when that happens, they will have two choice - live in peace or disappear. Predictably, they will chose the second option. Now who's the stupid here, eh, Salma from "palestine"?
10. Ginsu or Miracle Blade?
Rachel ,   Russia   (06.01.10)
I have a larger stockpile of "weapons" in my kitchen drawer. I hope commandos don't raid my home, otherwise I'm a dead woman.
11. Those knives
NYC Guy ,   NYC NY   (06.01.10)
With the exception of a couple of those knives those were probably from the kitchen Galley. Nice attempt tho placing them on that Muslim flag. Israel fails once again in their totally bogus phoney PR
12. Kitchen Knives & Overkill
Voice of Reason ,   Nazareth, Philistine   (06.01.10)
A pre-dawn RAID in which "9 activists" were killed after commandos stormed aboard from dinghies and rappelled down from helicopters to capture "Gaza-bound aid flotilla" some 120km (75 miles) out in international waters, yet the HATERS want to believe that the IDF were 'attacked' with kitchen knives found on a cruise ship!?? This is not just an inept PR stunt but a sad caricature of a citizenry blinded by its own lynch-mob fervor. What has happened to the noble Israelite from the Torah? Who are these people that now hide under the preemptive “right to defend ourselves” from unarmed aid activists, just like terrorists, racists, Nazis and infidels. When you can longer see your imperfections as you look inside the mirror we call our soul, then this "deadly takeover" was truly a morbid inhumane act perpetrated by beastly gogs.
13. Those were all opinion pieces!
Tim ,   USA   (06.01.10)
Is this supposed to be a news article or an op-ed? "Spares no criticism" isn't exactly a neutral subtitle, and almost all of the noted "articles" are actually from blogs or op-eds themselves. Oh, and will the IDF now include training on how to defend oneself from a screwdriver attack by using a gun since that strategy was so successful in this raid?
14. In my kitchen..
Aaron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (06.01.10)
I have a similar weapons store. Look left, the clumsy photographer actually included the kitchen knife sharpening steel. Really, if the humanitarian activists were in fact terrorists don't you think they'd have brought guns, and left the women, children and senior citizens at home? The single knife that might be construed as a weapon is the traditional arab dagger with the curved blade. Do you think they were planning to share it between 600 people?
15. ok
slaw ,   poland   (06.02.10)
to 6. OK. I understand you. But Israel have to be smart and intelligent. Do not do stupid things. This attack was unprofessional und stupid.
16. #1
Norman ,   Philippines   (06.03.10)
How about the Osirak raid?
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