Erdogan to Israel: Don't test our patience
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Published: 01.06.10, 14:23
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1. Don't test ours!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.01.10)
Hey, hey, Tur-kay How many Kurds have you killed today? Erdogan is a fraud and a phony, not to mention mass murderer. He is trying to ingratiate himself to Iran (although heaven alone knows why), and thinks that slamming Israel publicly and voraciously will win him brownie points with Iran. Israel's not falling for it. If the international community does, well -- they're stupid. Turkey is just embarrassed because Israel gave them such a humiliating smack-down. Erdogan would be well advised to understand that what happened to Turkey over the weekend at the hands of Israel was just a little love tap. If he wants worse, it can get far worse. Really it can. With very little exertion on the part of Israel. Turkey is not nearly as big and bad as they may think. Israel kind of proved that on Monday ......
2. cant beleive the hypocrisy of this man
JO   (06.01.10)
he knows nothing of international law also. He talks hate and no common sense, The evidence pretty much speaks for itself and Turkey's alliance with this convoy does the same (as does it 's ties to Islamic groups of which he cannot be unaware) The IDF videos speak evidence and do not show peace activists- not to mention the chanting crowds of this group in Turkey - old chants , well known war and hate chants for Jews) Mention also lst year's public gallery in the a well known square defaming Israel and you get the picture. Turkey is not an enemy of Israel but it is not friend and has already -long before this- chosen this path.
3. turkish anger ,   u.k.   (06.01.10)
This man wants to live in a world without Jews,may I suggest he goes to hell
4. Recognize Armenian genocide
Aurelija ,   Jerusalem   (06.01.10)
Does anybody know when will israel finally recognize Armenian genocide? It would be a shame to do it in the middle of the war.
5. Dear Mr.Erdogan...
me   (06.01.10)
All i have to say to you is... Armenian Genocide. First take responsibility for what your country have done and still do until today to Armenian and Kurdish people and then have a say on others.
6. The Turks will never stand at gates of Jerusalem like Vienna
7. Edogan: Loser! You provoke trouble then you complain
Avi ,   Geneva   (06.01.10)
Had you been wise, sincere, peace-loving you would not had sent this trouble making flotilla to Israel's coast. Israel cannot allow open coastline to Gaza - if they did, the Iranians would soon flood Gaza with heavy weaponry as they do in Lebanon. No way! Anyone who tries to pass through the blockade is engaged in warlike activity and must be forcefully blocked. This is in full accord with all international law.
8. Hi Erdogan: Butchered any Armenians recently?
Yehuda ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Invaded any Mediterranean islands and occupying it? How many Kurds did your army shoot this month?
9. Why isn't...
Poitcha ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
this excuse for a leader being charged with "crimes against humanity?" Isn't this the jargon the Arabs/Muslims spew on a daily basis? After all, wasn't all this masterminded on his homeland? And obviously encouraged by his Iranian bedfellows to detract the world from Iran and their nuclear intentions. Amazing how such huge numbers of demonstrators appeared outside the Israeli Embassy so damn fast? And, amazing how fast they managed to have Israeli flags to burn and printed slogans to hide behind. Tell me, do all these Arab/Muslim countries have warehouses filled with Israeli flags they go and get for demos? Get a life!!
10. Erdgan! You ATTACKED US -YOU think of consequences!
The Doc ,   Travelling the USA   (06.01.10)
You have committed an Act of War by sending armed militants on an ILLEGAL convoy to break the legally and internatinally recognized blockade. YOU attached US! Not vice-versa! YOU broke the International Law! YOU are the aggressor! YOU think of the consequences. YOU forget that Israel is not part of the Ottoman Empire anymore. As a matter of fact, there is no more Ottoman Empire! Now take your "patience" and test it somewhere else. You and your Islamist friends at the IHH are not welcomed in Israel - the other, peace-loving Turks are! Get lost and don't let the door hit you on your way out!
11. We do NOT support the Islamist & Racist Erdogan!
Turkish Jew ,   Istambul, Turkey   (06.01.10)
12. Turkey appears to be the real engine behind the....
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.01.10)
...illegal attempt to break to blockade on the Islamist controlled Gaza Strip. Having been practically rejected form ever joining the EU, Turkey, the same country that was responsible for the Armenian genocide, the same country that has killed hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people, within and without Turkey, opted to join as a leading force the Muslim world. In order to prove its loyalty, Turkey began to collaborate with some of the darkest political forces in Islam, e.g. IHH within Turkey and Hamas without. This "Gaza Flotilla" was orchestrated, paid for and manned by Turkey and Turkish thugs. The people who were to pay for ushering Turkey into its new position in the world of Islam are, once again, the Jews; the Jews of Israel and the nation-state of the Jewish people.
13. edrogan- agent provocateur
OZ   (06.01.10)
sure ,aftert turkey, under this islamist, israel- hater rule, chooses to sponsor a " hate flotilla",practically tsting israel, he now has the audacity to blame the defender for even daring to defend itself. isay to you and turkey-- we don't your freindship, your torisy and casino sites, your military excercises and purchases. with "freinds' like you, we'd rather call you an enemy! tfu on you and your govt!
14. Justice for Armenians
John   (06.01.10)
Israel must start to investigate the Turkish Genocide of Armenians.
Ottoman ,   UK   (06.01.10)
Zionist dont mess around with the turks, we have ruled jarusalem more than 400 years peacefully, considering your 40 yeary blody occupation. As our prime minister said do not test our patience and dont think that we are arabs.... And we will be at the gate of AL KUDS again, just wait you will see it in your life...
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.01.10)
The fact that this orginated in your country and that you are a hypocryte is besides the point. The Israeli response was done in a typical Israeli moronic fashion, reinforcing the defeatist loosers they have become, incapable to sucseed in anything. So yes you in the arena of politics you did a great job, then again looking at our political clowns hear it is not such a great achievement. I am sure that you can bully our naive Israelis into any direction you choose, because they want to believe in fairytails and refuse to see that you guys mean real business with your warmongering. Within 70 years Facism is trully alive and well and Israel's weak and dysfunctional leadership carrys a lot of blame for that.
17. Mr. Erdogan was impressive with his emotional speech,
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.01.10)
But certainly Mr. Erdogan knows that "Israel " is not interested in the LOUD SPEECHES , and so it is waiting the actions !
18. What a joke...
Alexis Sitton ,   San Juan PR   (06.01.10)
He's the most ridiculous enemy of Israel... And still... Israel keep diplomacy channels open with Turkey. Cut it out...
stude ham   (06.01.10)
he had the power to stop the suicidal bunch of leaking tubs from leaving their moorings... but his bigotries clouded his judgment. this man more than anyone is therefore responsible for the catastrophic set of events... and he his trying to wipe away the blood that now stains him indelibly. it won't be long before the turkish people oust him from office.
20. Just admit it zionists
Maria ,   UK   (06.01.10)
Just admit it you may have killed people, you may say its self defence, but you have lost a lot in this action and will lose more if you continue like this
21. Erdogan is an arrogant racist!
The Voice ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.01.10)
We do not need your "friendship"! We do not need "friends" like yours! You are so arrogant and impertinent to think that you can dictate Israel what to do in order to protect its interests and existence. Your friendship with Iran excludes you form any kind of "friendship" with Israe and puts you in no position to preach, demand or dictate. You are now a declared self-ENEMY of Israel and of the Jews, and nothing you say now changes that - on the contrary - it only reinforces our stance. Don't count on Israeli public opinion serving your desire to destruct Israel. We stand with our troops and government for as long as they ignore or fight you and your Jihadist rants! You better worry about a future relief and humanitarian convoy to the Kurds, and about an international independent inquiry into your crimes against the Armenian People! You are an enemy just as Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah, and you've just comitted an Act of War against Israel. Better NOT test OUR patience and determination!
22. #6 That's right :)
Turks ,   Istanbul   (06.01.10)
That's right. Because we already ruled the whole Middle East, including Jerusalem, for 400 years. Been there, done that. We no longer want to be on top you. Having said that, your mistake is generalising Turks. Do criticise Erdogan and his followers, but you are talking about all Turks, that is screaming out your racism. Those same Turks helped Jews survive during Spanish Inquisition and WW2. Why didn't you kill Turks then if you hate them so much, eh?
23. YOU are testing Israel's patience
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.01.10)
I for one am tired of this treatment of Israel by the hypocritical muslim nations and the cowardly West who cater to them. Why didn't anyone demand an emergency seccion of the UN Security Council after Pakistani Muslims killed at least 90 fellow Muslims while they ere at prayer in their Mosques ? My hope is that Israel stands up to you phony hypocrites who care nothing about Gaza and use it to hide your hatred for Israel.
24. enough
Sailor M   (06.01.10)
Turks should stop to attack us or we will have to raise all the dark aeras in Turkish history, like the genocid eof the Armenians and the daily slaughtering of the Kurds and bring them to the international justice courts for all those despicable acts.
25. Armenia my friend Armenia
a   (06.01.10)
26. Don't test our patience...
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.01.10)
or we might have to send more of our citizens and those of other countries on another involuntary suicide mission.
27. edrogan
david cohen ,   china   (06.01.10)
why dont you take care of your Kurds and Armenian problems and genocide and we will deal with the palestinians. clean the blood on your hands and then we will sit and talk. DARDUM
28. Vienna?
mehmet ,   us   (06.01.10)
The Turks were in the Jerusalem.Learn your history.
29. Armenian Genocide
armenian   (06.01.10)
turkey is the last country to teach morals. they should stand to their own history and at least acknowledge the armenian genocide. nobody can take a country serious that has so much pride and arrogance but not enough dignity, honor and moral to stand to its own history full of killings of innocent armenians. in israel there are people of al political and religous views, but turkey is a backward country that does not deserve any respect until they apologize to the armenian people
30. Erdogan,, You have massacred thousand of Armenians
Stuart ,   USA   (06.01.10)
You and the Turkish nation should be ashamed and last to speak of fairness. So don't test our patience,, unfortunately you are becoming part of the axis of Persian Evil.
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