Mossad chief: Israel less important to US
Ronen Medzini
Published: 01.06.10, 15:36
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1. full support
bern ,   phil usa   (06.01.10)
the american congress will give full support no matter what the rest of world thinks.
2. The penny drops
op ,   ni   (06.01.10)
3. Meir Dagan is right.
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.01.10)
Israel must face up to standing alone and standing up to all it's enemies but that is a good thing and far from impossible. Anyhow Israel is not alone but it is better off getting rid of it's so called "western friends" like USA
morris ,   WEST JHESTER   (06.01.10)
5. Meir Dagan CAN smile!!! He should do it more often :)
Talula ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
6. USA(A) vs israel(B)
Ras ,   USA   (06.01.10)
A. Take these $3 to $8 billion or these $10 million a day for free B. WTF that's not enough A. Despite my legacy and history about race relations, I won't participate to the UN conference against racism because you said so B. WTF that's not enough A. You can still keep your policy of ambiguity about your nuclear program and nukes' activities in a the middle east that should actually be free of such things B. WTF that's not enough A. You can commit war crimes and crimes agaisnt humanity anytime anywhere whatsoever without being worried about any types of actions from the international community B. WTF that's not enough A. You will be granted full immunity within the UN no matter the actions you engage in B. WTF that's not enough A. You can even deny to the palestinians their basic rights and still get all the above mentioned B. WTF that's not enough. You know what you talk too much and you seem confused. Now stop talking and start jumping around while I amuse myself A. Yes yes yes right now right away To be continued I have to go to work
7. Do not worry Israel..
devorah   (06.01.10)
8. #3 DT: Dagan is correct, but...
Rafi ,   US   (06.01.10)
... you are delusional. Dagan is rightly concerned by the loss of strong US govt support for Israel under Obama's new "softer" foreign policy approaches. You on the other hand seem to think that this is some grand opportunity for Israel. You completely ignore history and the facts that Israel never faced the USSR alone (without US in thebackground) - nor will Israel be able to face Iran alone LONG TERM. Western support is crucial to Israel's survival in a hostile Muslim world. You are a fool to think otherwise and G-d help us if indviduals like you begin to populate the Israeli govt. Who exactly do you expect to pay the price for your messianic, go-it-alone idiocy? I hope that you'll be among the 1st to volunteer!
9. Ras, when did you run away from the
Vardina   (06.01.10)
mental institute?
10. Israel should fear American opinion
imafreeagent ,   Florida   (06.01.10)
This incident has infuriated millions of Americans who previously supported Israel. When voters are angry enough, the President and Congress will listen and respond or be voted out of office.
11. USA and Israel
graczek ,   Israel and USA   (06.01.10)
Israel never was an ally of the United States; could never be because of its fundamental illegitimacy. True, Israel also is not an enemy, but it is a millstone around America's neck, and the sooner scraped off, the better.
12. USA has history of abandoning allies
Daweed ,   Saana, Yemin   (06.01.10)
Israel is lucky to have held on as long as it has. The USA has abandoned most of its cold war proxy allies, which is all ISR ever was. Bibby used to speak of economic independence from American aid. Certainly, Kahane did. Independent from aid, independent from Turkey for water, arabs for energy, etc.
13. US will support Israel bcause its people do
Matthew ,   Atlanta   (06.01.10)
Every opinion poll shows that rank and file Americans overwhelmingly support Israel. The greatest support comes from Protestants -- even more than Jews. Over and over, we are told by the media elites that this will change. Well, it hasn't. Not even a blip. Most Americans have common sense. Radical Islam is our shared enemy. The US and Israel will remain strong partners. .... because the that is what the American people want ...notwithstanding the angry chatter from the lonely Israel haters who blog here.
14. Mathew #13 has it exactly right!
zoog ,   US   (06.01.10)
15. Security?, in Israel?but we are one happy family
joe   (06.01.10)
The pistol affair at the Kyriah -- the c.card affair at the Kyriah -- the stolen weapons from warehouses -- the stolen secret papers by Anat Kam -- the stolen secret documents from a polygraph office ; and the beat goes on. As I said many times before, Israel is a big sieve, right for the picking. Security? what's that?
16. Finally someone seeing the truth
IRAN#1   (06.01.10)
With Iran & Turkey in the region who needs little Israel?
17. It started back in 2006
W. ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (06.01.10)
when the most advanced army in Middle East failed to deal an obliterating blow to Hizballah, and the 2nd Lebanon War ended in a controversy. Thereafter, criticism of IDF's performance and doubts about the strategic usefulness of Israel and its armed forces IDF to the US started echoing.
18. Mossad chief: Israel less important to US
Professor N Stefanik ,   Boston MA, USA   (06.03.10)
Dear Israeli Friends, Millions of us here in the USA support you and your governments actions to protect you. Aaron Klien has informed us that Obama's Chicago Neighbors, and a major campaign bundler of money had been instrumental in preparing for the chaos that erupted out in the open seas with the so called "Free Gaza Movement" The very fact that Senator Kerry wrote letters to embassies is a loud message that Obama and the Chicago Thugs; Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarret and Robert Gibbs knew about this in advance. You can read the detals her, and please do read the embedded links: In my personal opinion, the Obama's sudden urge, after a years absence, to return to Chicago over the Memorial holiday, for a barbeque in the same neighborhood Ayers lives, is somehow connected, Understandably your leaders and your people are appalled by the extremely shabby treatment the Obama White House has shown to your leaders, as are millions of us here in the USA. Hopefully no one will attempt to make Obama a "Martyr" , but rather have the good judgment to find a way to impeach him and then try him for his many crimes not only against Israel, but also America's constitution. Masel Tov from an American friend.
19. The Arabs are like a sleeping giant RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (06.07.10)
I realize Israel is a tiny state compared to the Arab giant Israel has to be careful not to do anything wrong to the giant but learn how to be friends with the giant because we are neighbors with a common geography the middle east thus the flotila raid caused differences between Israel and the Arab giant that we need solve for our own murual benefit catch on this is the real meaning of the bible what is now needed is a war with Syria to forge a unity by war 48 56 67 73 2010 to unite us other wise divided we would perish catch on RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
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