'20 people threw me from deck'
Ahiya Raved
Published: 01.06.10, 16:16
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31. Do not blame others to protect your own barrarism...
RC ,   Far away   (06.01.10)
Professional elite soldiers were in dangerous because of very dangerous armes like sticks, chairs and some knifes. Is this the reason why you killed humans? is this the reason why you are overriding international rules by attacking humans on international seas? Do not blame others to protect your own barrarism...
First, Article 86 of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the High Seas specifically excludes from its application any portion of the sea that is "included ... Ver másin the exclusive economic zone, in the territorial sea or in the internal waters of a State..." This seizure took place within Israel's exclusive economic zone. Second, nothing in the 1982 Convention applies to war nor did it alter or amend long-standing international law doctrines in place since Roman Times, in particular, the law of contraband and the law of blockade. Under the 1854 Declaration of Paris, a blockade must be maintained by a force sufficient really to prevent access to the coast of the enemy. The Turkish demand that Israel allow the Hamas flotilla “free passage” to the Gaza port must be understood, in this context, as a demand that Israel give up its legitimate right to self-defense by imposing the blockade in the first place. Third, in time of war, any belligerent has the right to blockade the enemy and possesses the right to board and inspect any ship, neutral or otherwise, which seeking to run the blockade to determine whether there is contraband on board the ship. Such boarding may be done ANYWHERE, including on the high seas, as in the case where U. S. and other ships seized a North Korean freighter carrying SCUD missiles 600 miles off the coast of Yemen a few years back. Fourth, under Article 59 of the 1949 Geneva Convention, Israel has the right to inspect all “relief” shipments bound for Gaza to ensure that what is being transported is, in fact, “relief” supplies within the meaning of the Geneva Convention. "
33. it is clear from this video that the
Barney ,   USA   (06.01.10)
Isaraeli army has gone too far in showing restraint. These aren't "peace" activists but just terrorists with another self imposed label. More deadly force should have been applied. The IDF should have dropped the enemy before the first baton could have come down and hit a soldier.
34. Withdraw from Peace Process
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.01.10)
It may be time for Israel to reconsider the peace process and withdraw from it. If Israel cannot be treated fairly by the world community then there is no point to further negotiations. Past appeasement and weakness by Olmert, Livni, Barak, Peres, and Rabin and others have destroyed our deterrance. Israel must develop a real policy of Mutual Assured Destruction the type of policy the US had during the cold war against any country that would seek to destroy Israel both physically and economically. Normal rules of diplomatic behavior does not seem to work.
35. You're a hero!
Mark ,   New York - USA   (06.01.10)
If it was me I wouldnt have been able to show as much restraint. I would have shot those animals as soon as they put their hands on me!
36. Far from being a supporter of our current
Yoann Efraïm   (06.01.10)
Far from being a supporter of our current Government, there is still a broad consensus in Israel on yesterday's events. The operation was well conducted, and I support it 100%. I wish you well recovery, G-d bless you
37. # 29
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Kudos to you Debbie. Great post.
38. Dear Mr/Miss/Mrs #20
Amir ,   Nazareth, Israel   (06.01.10)
#1, I hardly think that the IDF soldiers would've created this situation for themselves on purpose. It's very difficult to believe that they would've fired at those people if they hadn't attacked them. #2, the fact that they were still in international waters is slightly "neglect-able" here in this case since the ships were destined to enter Israeli territorial waters any time anyway. And whether there, or in international waters, it wouldn't have changed the scenario. #3, the IDF forces had every right to be on that ship. Any self-respecting sovereign country wouldn't have left a stray ship reach their coasts without its approval.
39. :: What rubbish!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.01.10)
“R said that some 75% of the people in the vessel resisted violently, "each one with a knife in his hand."” Really?! Approx 500 people on board the ship. 75% of 500 = 375 375 civilians were all armed with knife! I don’t see the IDF displaying a cache of 375 knifes now do I. These ‘tall tales’ are getting bigger each day, talk about ‘fisherman's tales’! Let me guess the knifes were >T----H----I----S< big.
41. Its a damn shame they didnt torpedo the ship!!
Ari ,   Toronto   (06.01.10)
or at least ignite it on fire. Imagine just imagine what the Turks, chinese, koreans, saudis, russians etc would have done to those animals and with support from their fellow citizens.
42. #9: Amen!!!
Vardina   (06.01.10)
43. So glad such men exist.
You're real heroes and I won't let your name be dragged through the dirt
44. #29, Save the crap, you have no right to OCCUPY Palestine
MA ,   USA   (06.01.10)
and steal it from its people and now you want to confine them in a concentration camp and you want them to die quietly.
45. "R"
david ,   jerusalem   (06.01.10)
Was this a military exercise or a PR exercise? Seems the Israeli high command is unclear in their thinking and staged an embarrassing compromise which caused our soldiers to be hurt unnecessarily.
46. Right
I reckon it would actually be physically impossible for 20 people to throw you off deck, genious. I wonder what else of your version is exaggerated nonsense...
47. '20 people threw me from deck'
David ,   Miami, FL   (06.01.10)
Well, we all know that they hide behind Women and Children or Hospital, to do the terror attacks. So why not trough the "Humanitarian Aid" ???? It's about time to take off the face cover and negotiate like a man !!!
48. To all thoes who think Israel was wrong
Anna   (06.01.10)
Go live in Israel for a while, feel the feer of teror, watch a bomb attac and then go and tell us we are wrong! we are dealling with deadly terrorists! Get It? It's our lives too that are on stake here! Sp sure the "poor" arabs know how to cry to the world... but every story has TWO sides! It's time you stop thinking in your pinky way and see the whole picture!!
49. #29
Anna   (06.01.10)
You are So right!!!!!
51. Check out how people are dying in Gaza
zigs ,   israel   (06.01.10) And this is from a Palestinian site! Yes there are poor people in Gaza too, but because of the Swiss accounts of their corrupt leaders!
52. #38: BS. Israel has no right to occupay Gaza or Palestine
MA ,   USA   (06.01.10)
Save those ships, you might need them when time comes for you to flee Palestine and return to your original country.
53. Salute to TZAHAL !
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (06.01.10)
I and all my friends and family joining you #9 and other well wishing posters to wish a speedy recovery to the injured heros of IDF and a hearty "YASHER CHOACH" to our best sons and daughters - the IDF !! YOU ARE THE PRIDE AND HOPE OF THE FREE WORLD !
54. Hahaha... if your elite forces are like this... hows army ?
man ,   Egypt   (06.01.10)
and israelis are asking why they lost war in lebanon and gaza.... its obvious why !!!!!!!!1
55. Dear Captain R...
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (06.01.10)
You should do some training with Russian Spetznaz or American Seals... they have recent real world experience in dealing with pirated vessels. Oops, my mistake... you should do some training with Somali pirates... they have real world experience in pirating/capturing very large vessels in international waters.
56. to # 11
Jennie ,   US   (06.01.10)
Pinchas, a great and timely point. All we can is hope, that the top on command of IDF will draw the right conclusion of this event and wii change the rules of engagement for the sake of Israel and the whole democratic world.. . And then I just thought of Ehud Barak and my optimism has just sunk....
57. GET WELL SOON !!!!!!!!!
BEN ,   DISPORA   (06.01.10)
Israel & the free world needs you.
58. Those who were making
JUDAH THE LION   (06.01.10)
trouble and using knives and other object on the IDF should be punished and jailed
59. # 44
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
hey big mouth, there is no country called Palestine.
60. # 40
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
AHHHHHHHHHHH Cherokee, there you are adding your 10 cents worth of hatred.
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