Turkey sends jets to evacuate injured activists
Ynet reporters
Published: 01.06.10, 16:37
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1. When is Gilad Shalit Coming Home?
Israeli ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Turkey, can you send your planes to the Gaza strip to pick up Gilad? Mr Erdodan, Can you facilitate the transfer of Gilad Shalit back to his home? Since you are so concerned about the people in Gaza maybe you should care about Gilad.
2. #1 Exactly!
ray ,   Germany   (06.01.10)
3. Do Kurds get Treatment
Jonny ,   SA   (06.01.10)
I wonder what treatment injured Kurds get frrom the Turkish. More likely a bullet in the head.
4. Withdraw from Peace Process
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.01.10)
It may be time for Israel to reconsider the peace process and withdraw from it. If Israel cannot be treated fairly by the world community then there is no point to further negotiations. Past appeasement and weakness by Olmert, Livni, Barak, Peres, and Rabin and others have destroyed our deterrance. Israel must develop a real policy of Mutual Assured Destruction the type of policy the US had during the cold war against any country that would seek to destroy Israel both physically and economically. Normal rules of diplomatic behavior does not seem to work.
5. Turkey PR Goldmine, stunt goes all the way to the top
Historical Observer ,   NY   (06.01.10)
Some could argue the immediate evacuation is to avoid showing Israelis giving medical treatment to Turkish citizens (a sign of compassion) or to capitalize on the deaths of the activists that were put into harm's way by themselves or Turkey. However, it is more logical that the point of getting the injured passengers back to Turkey is for publicity purposes. In Israel, they are prevented from making their inciteful exaggerated claims of the incident and this would allow Israel a chance to balance out the information being presented. Bring them home so we can exploit their story and use it to condemn Israel. No doubt this is a response to the neutral statement issued by the UN Security Council. So much for truth and fairness...
6. until questioned no one gets out. they want to remove their
ralph   (06.01.10)
soldiers, proof of their duplicity send planes home or keep them on tarmac . no one leaves until investigation completed.
7. turkish group involved in gun running proof provided in fran
ralph   (06.01.10)
france. they are radical islamic group.
9. Erdogan What Relation are you talking about ?
Sam   (06.01.10)
You refused to call your people back when you were expected to do so . I wish you were in that fleet.
10. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had harsh words
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (06.01.10)
The hypocrisy of Erdogan is breathtaking, however it is a typical example of the Islamist behaviour of believing that other people do not have a brain and are able to understand the double standards used by a brutal regime against a large minority of its Kurdish/Armenian population. I recall the blockade in international waters during the Cuban missile crisis, where was the criticism of the US then. What value the condemnation of the Russians of their brutal suppression and subsequent annexation of Georgian territory. I also believe there is a strictly controlled border between two friendly nations of US and Mexico, in which constant surveillance of drugs, weapons and people are accepted as the norm. Of course however because we are now talking about Israel, all normal actions are off the agenda; please Gaza/Hamas import even more weapons, this is normal for a neighbour; do not accept the UN mandate of '48 recognizing the state of Israel, no other nation is going to reprimand you for your constant terrorism. My one criticism of Israel action is that they constantly apologise for their justified actions which are imposed upon them. They should proceed with confidence in the knowledge that what ever they do most ordinary folk are sympathetic to you notwithstanding the mealy mouthed platitudes of the so called world leaders, and please do not sell any more advanced weaponry to any Islamist state; look what happened in Afghanistan when the US had to defend itself against the Stinger missiles it provided to the then ally Bin Laden. Turkey, Egypt, Jordan are merely biding their time when they can renege on any treaty they have made.
11. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
They are back in Turkey already !!
12. Now we know the dark minds of the Turks.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.01.10)
The MILITARY was sent to collect those "civilian" thugs rather than Turkish Airlines??? What do they have to hide and shield? Is Erdogan afraid that something will slip from their mouths? Because foreign press will be there for sure. Or maybe they have to be debriefed. I don't think it is far-fetched to think they are really military personnel and terrorists who were sent on a "mission". There is need for detailed background checks of those "peace activists" before any of them are released.
13. 3 johnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy
ARMAN ,   ISTANBUL   (06.01.10)
you meant pkk I guess. Come here and help yourself if you like...
14. Don't...
Alexis Sitton ,   San Juan PR   (06.01.10)
Don't let those wounded criminals to go back to their countries without a trial. If you allow them to go without paying a price for they behavior, they will come back at Israel in the International Court. Israel stop been Political correct and do what you are suppose to do. Defense yourself.
15. # 1 & 2
Palmito   (06.01.10)
What about the eleven thousand Palestinian prisoners in Israeli concentration camps ???
16. how dumb
perce   (06.01.10)
why did israel allow turkey to spy on israel. what is the problem the the government and the military. these were spy planes. israel could have had a thrid part take enemy combatents back to turkey or a nuetral port. when will israel learn that friends do not plan an attack on israel as part of a spy mission to extract their agents.
17. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Deportation orders mean that they can never enter Israel legally.
18. to jonny
osman ,   ankara   (06.01.10)
pkk is terorist. do not represents KURDS. a large amount of the parliments has kurdish origin turgut ozal who was the prime minester in 80s was also a kurdish orinated and elected as PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC by the parliment!!!! IN ADDITION IN LAST MONTH PKK KILLED OUR 40 SOLDIERS IN AMBUSHES. I DO NOT APPROVE what hamas does( killing isrealian citizens and soldiers with randomly targeted rockets and suice bombers) BUT I also DO NOT APPROVE what isrealian soldiers violent actions in gaza district. there is sometihng wrong in your goverments attitude towards people who claim any thoughts against theirself. I hope commen sense of whole people prevail!! PEACE.............
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