State: Petitions over raid of Gaza flotilla biased
Aviad Glickman
Published: 01.06.10, 18:35
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1. Amir's mother says: son is not guilty
observer   (06.01.10)
what will Israeli High Court say?
2. Too much too quickly? Pre-planning the media war...
Historical Observer ,   USA   (06.01.10)
Within hours of the incident, we have organized protests all over (actually, not surprising or odd since they protest daily). A delegate of leaders invoke the UN to issue an immediate statement (dont' want to wait for the facts first before rushing to judgment?) The lifting of the blockade by Egypt (if they thought it was a humanitarian crisis, it could have been lifted months ago), recalling the ambassador to Turkey (still not going to apologize for the TV program that capitalizes on hatred for Israel) and the military evacuation of injured activists (why not intervene during the weeks of negotiations with Israel when they requested it?) And now we see an ICC petition drafted within hours of the incident. I'm sorry, but I have never seen a group work so hard in the court of public opinion when an opportunity to create anger and hostility arises. If this isn't a conspiracy, then I don't know what to tell you. Put in 1% effort displayed here for peace and all passengers would be alive and unharmed today...
3. "the petition was blatantly oblivious to International Law"
Hellooooo!!! That's basically every single Leftist. They are all oblivious to Intl Law, or any law really, which they claim is wrong unless they agree with it. They've already taken half the dictionary of English words and bastardized the meanings completely. Why should their ignorance of law be anything different? Their's is not a world of reality but a self-serving utopia where everything they desire exists, even though most person's human rights are violated. Sounds pretty much like a despotic regime, no?
4. #2 - if Leftist hate/anger can be bottled
William ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
we'd solve the global energy crisis. You're right. All of the energy put into vilifying Israel, so soon after the incident happened, indicates a system in place solely to that end. Imagine if just half of that energy was placed in the peace process and just end to the conflict here. It would have been solved a long time ago. People with an agenda....
5. Real facts
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.01.10)
Our actions were based upon international laws. The Arabs as usual are in direct violation of all international laws.
6. S O S
Ben ,   Dispora   (06.01.10)
Shiites On Ships They got exactly what they came for.
7. the same enemies now seek israel's cout help
eporue ,   europe   (06.01.10)
first they plan and proceed with an illegal invasion, then they cry foul when caught in the act
8. Withdraw from Peace Process
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.01.10)
It may be time for Israel to reconsider the peace process and withdraw from it. If Israel cannot be treated fairly by the world community then there is no point to further negotiations. Past appeasement and weakness by Olmert, Livni, Barak, Peres, and Rabin and others have destroyed our deterrance. Israel must develop a real policy of Mutual Assured Destruction the type of policy the US had during the cold war against any country that would seek to destroy Israel both physically and economically. Normal rules of diplomatic behavior does not seem to work.
9. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Yigal Amir's fame time is over & he is going to spend the rest of his sorry life in jail no matter what his stupid mother says. Have you nothing of more interest to add here ??
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