The price of Arab lies
Yigal Walt
Published: 02.06.10, 11:32
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1. Agree
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.02.10)
But the problem remains the world media, who is still buying all this pallywood videos, listening to their lies and publishing them, and by that creating world hatred of Israel. Btw, can you find out the exact time of Erdogan's departure from the visit? Before or after the raid?
2. Comment
Mohammad ,   Jordan   (06.02.10)
While i agree with the author that arab leaders are a bunch of liars, i dont understand whats the objective of this article? Of course, the author has not written this article for the Arabs to change/improve, and not because he is concerned about the Arabs well being! Have you vented your anger Mr Walt? Are you feeling better now? LOL
3. What about Netanyahu?
Plaestinian   (06.02.10)
Your PM said "Our policy is this -- we try to let in all humanitarian goods into Gaza, all peaceful commodities, food, medicine, and the like. What we want to prevent coming into Gaza are rockets, missiles, explosives and war materials that could be used to attack our civilians." I don't think anyone in Israel believes these lies. Every Israeli knows that the main aim is to make the of the Gazans difficult. You claim that you allow 100 truck to enter Gaza daily (Micheal Oren). What you didn't mention that the normal daily needs for Gaza are more than 500 truck loads. No one asking for YOUR AID, just let the aid form OTHER countries enter the strip after whatever inspection you want...
4. Mission Accomplished
Jeff   (06.02.10)
Yes.. another mistake, sending home those who attacked our troops - I'm sure it'll look good on TV when they get their heroes welcome.... This government is completely inept.
5. they also claim total of 19 dead in reality it's
ghostq   (06.02.10)
10 people.
6. The price of Arab lies
Reader ,   The world   (06.02.10)
Well, if you really believe that, they had a great teacher, ISRAEL.. go back to all press releases by the Israeli government, on War in Gaza, Lebanon 2006 , and compare it with facts. ... one example; Israel says that Arab teach their children hatred, we all saw the picture of Israeli school children writing Msgs on bombs (Lebanon War 2006). The problem is that Israel lies to itself & the world, and it believes that lie
7. Good Article
Fivey ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
One of the best I have read from the Israeli Press. The sooner these shmucks and their sympathizers self destruct, the better. Couldn't happen to a better bunch of zaharazus.
8. No, no, Arabs don't lie, they simply share their "narrative"
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.02.10)
that is their share their verbal quilts made of patches of fabrics whose core material are fabrications.
9. Reader..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.02.10)
Akhm, reader, you gave one example. Can you give more? I guess not, because you have taken the only one. Have you ever seen Pali TV, teaching pre-school kids how to kill and be martyrs?
10. Facts??
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.02.10)
..Lebanon 2006 , and compare it with facts.. and what are the FACTS? Green helmet and crying lady pallywood production? Where did you get what you call FACTS? From lying arab media, of course.
11. Brilliant Analysis!
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (06.02.10)
12. Goes both ways
Laila ,   Sweden   (06.02.10)
"and the support of an unusually friendly US president. Without this, the PA would cease to exist". Israel will also cease to exist without US support.
13. the price of Arab lies
bill hartley ,   southern cape   (06.02.10)
I can only agree.
14. I would to see a list
Rick ,   USA   (06.02.10)
The lies in the Jenin "massacre". More Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen killed than civilians. A close up shows the damage to the buildings. Panning out shows it was only minor to the rest of the town. Or the double plumes of smoke in Lebanon or the "dead" people in Lebanon who were seen rejoicing. What about the 10-year old killed by an Israeli bullet, later to be shown to be from a Palestinian one? Lies, lies, and more lies. The difference is now the world wants those lies to justify unjust reasons to blame Israel... and Israel is too arrogant to use PR to prove others wrong. The lies used to hurt the other side. They are just ignored by the world now.
15. Yigal Walt ,Learn This PLZ
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.02.10)
Lying is not a good culture for any one, If you think you're the only sincere, and that anyone who does not speak, what you want is a liar, you must have the courage to stand in their face, and tell them you are lying and the truth is 1, 2, 3.. Of course, with respect for people's minds. Let me disagree with you, I think that the Palestinians and despite the Passing Problems , which between them, are stronger now than ever before Don't care ,It's just a talkback !!!
16. Was thinking the exact same thing!!!
R ,   Jerusalem   (06.02.10)
Their lies and outrageous statements are so extreme that I can't believe people follow the BS. Hatred is blinding and there is truly a miraculous hatred for Israel. The arab and pro-palestinian mobs violently (always) march around cities around the world not only for Israel but for a drawing of a cartoon. People are sick of these Jihadis, acting like animals...always violent and calling for violence, especially Americans and Europeans. Their true colors show and its backfiring on them!
17. Arab lies believed by international community
David ,   Efrat, Israel   (06.02.10)
Good analysis, except that unlike in the past, the international community is now believing Arab lies. In the world media (BBC as an example), despite incontrovertible video of Israeli soldiers being beaten, stabbed, shot and thrown over the railings on the boat, media comments such as "Israelis say" they were attacked, but the "activists deny being armed" are prevalent. One only has to remember the old saying "If you repeat a lie enough, people begin to believe it". The Arab PR talent for staying "on message" is exactly that.
18. Fantastic article
Pepe ,   Netanya   (06.02.10)
Palestinians, the Arab world, US, UN and the EU r creating a terrible lie in all of this. We have to remain strong, learn from our mistakes, forgive but not be idiots. We know who r our enemies, and we have to stay together. Our biggest strength is to be together as 1. We, jews, were here before than u, and we'll stay here in Israel after u.
19. Either of 2 things will happen
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.02.10)
This is all well, true and good. However, there is a missing reality omitted. The lies, absurdity, and obsessive insanity afflicting the Arab nations will bring them nothing but misery. However, the world, in general, is dying a very slow death and the historical blame the Jews game is now a part of International politics with International law being formulated with the untying motive to de-legitimize the Jewish state. With all these elements in place, either the Jewish state will be made dangerously weak, or the world, not just the Arabs will go into a uncontrollable tail spin from prolonged denial, breeding chaos and eventually a massive rupture of order. Choking on their own vomit so to speak.
20. Anwar Saadat of Egypt
mordechai ,   jerusalem   (06.02.10)
was murdered by home-grown terrorsts erev yom kippur 1982, while attending an anniversary military parade celebrating egypt's VICTORY in the 1973 WAR !!! analize this...
21. :: Where is Sarah B?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.02.10)
This is an apt article as the subject matter is about ‘lies’, something which Sarah B knows all about. It will be interesting to see if Sarah B dares to post a comment on this thread... Sarah B where art thou?
22. Brilliant article and analysis
Yisraeli   (06.02.10)
Just compare the cultures of Israel versus all the Arab states, look at what Israel has achieved in barely 60 yrs the same amount of time other arab states came into being. They are still backward, ignorant and going nowhere. Even their petrodollars which wont last forever is being used by only a handfull for their own selfish benefit. Only last week a stainless silver looking Audi was sent to a gulf state only it wasnt stainless steel it was made all of white gold. They are all collectively doomed by their own lies and deceit, they have no future. Why else have so many sought to live in the west. The sooner they all fade in history the sooner this planet can progress. Thx loved your article!
23. 1+1=2
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.02.10)
The price of Arab lies equals only the price of Israeli "spin".
24. I have a solution that you may like.
Nir ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
Your comment is exactly what I was thinking: Israel should stop the blockade, let everything in. Israel should totally cut its ties with the Gaza strip - no more Israeli aid, no more electricity, nothing, and close hermetically the border between Gaza and Israel - now Gaza has free entry from the sea and maybe Egypt. Let the international community deal with Gaza. Israel should declare that the first rocket being fired from Gaza after this, Israel will bomb Gaza like never before. No more lies from Hamas, no more bias media. Simple, and maybe now the Arabs will show their real faces - they don't really care about the Palestinians. They just hate Israel.
25. True.
Nir ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
26. Lies are Permissible in the Talmud
Stefan Pezzulo ,   Torino, Italia   (06.02.10)
Yes. It's true. So, please stop your preachy and vacuous screeds.
27. Sometimes the truth is obvious
Vincent ,   Montréal, Canada   (06.02.10)
What the Israelis seem to ignore is sometimes it's obvious who the aggressor is. The flotilla incident-- which I believe the author wrote all this BS to introduce it in a certain context- is clear.. You have a flagged ship in international waters and the israeli military boarded it.. This constitutes an illegal invasion of the country of the flag period. The soldiers who boarded the ship are fair game to the people on the ship, who are definitely acting in self-defense since they have never intended to come across any Israeli soldiers to begin with. The author claims to know what people in the West think, and trust me.. it's what I just said-- no more no less. As to the notion that the media some how believes the Arab lies.. I wonder how Rupert Murdoch for example (out of many) would let that happen :)
28. Media just selling paper/ jews an easy target
yehoshua ,   usa   (06.02.10)
this is an age old formula. The Jews are a very small .5 % of the world. Arabs/muslims make up 20% of the world not to menchen the # of goyem. The jews are mouse like not responding with violence. So the media just has to publish a anti jewish/Israel piece, including lies, and poof instant audience. This formula for selling news has been going on for centuries. If Jews reacted violently and rioted in the streets like the muslims to just a picture, things would be different.
29. As long as the concept of Thadiya remains
Allan   (06.02.10)
integral to Islam lying will be as natural to Arabs and Moslems as breathing. Islam alows, in fact, demands that Moslems lie if that lie advances the Islamist cause. In the end, those lies will be the undoing of the Arab regimes and of Islam itself.
30. What about Jewish lies?
jack ,   jer is   (06.02.10)
Such as-Isreal is a democratic country ready to receive immigration from Jews worldwide.We are lying to ourselves first then to the world next.
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