Probe reveals flotilla lynchers have ties to Global Jihad
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 02.06.10, 00:45
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1. You're funny Israel.
JJohnson ,   Turks & Caicos   (06.01.10)
Promise you'll never change.
2. And..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.01.10) you will send them back to Islamo-Fascist Erdogan to praise their bravery? Hope not..
3. Why am I not surprised?
S.A   (06.01.10)
Turkey is deteriorating towards radical Islam, those brutal murderous jihadists have a safe heave in Turkey nowadays.
4. Probe reveals flotilla lynchers have ties to Global Jihad
Ofer ,   Phialdephia PA USA   (06.01.10)
Where are the pictures with the arms, Kevlar vests and gas masks; and all were found to be carrying weapons such as knives, metal clubs and slingshots. we need those on international media and we need to show it to our co-workers here for some positive PR!!
5. Turkey is looking for a violent confrontation with Israel
It is obvious clear that Turkey is looking for a violent confrontation with Israel. This is the only logical explanation for the Turkish provocation which is expressed by the support of turkey to the flotilla. Turkey has no reason to support Hamas, which is a puppet of Iran, unless it looks for a violent confrontation with Israel, an act that will place Turkey on the highway to the leadership of the Muslim world. As such, Israel should be prepared for this confrontation, and react in a determinant way when the confrontation will take place. In other words, a war declaration of turkey against Israel is closer then ever.
6. So says the state and media of israel.
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.01.10)
First,we hear that they were armed. The we hear that israelis attacked them on international waters. And now ladies and gentlemen: The mother of all TRUTHS: These guys had connections with islamic jihad.
AF ,   USA   (06.01.10)
It is abvious that Turkey armed and arranged this whole floatila to fullfil their leaders dreams. What are those dreams to illigimitize Israel and lead the Islamic world.
MAYA ,   ISRAEL   (06.01.10)
9. Jihadists with clubs/knives and cash!
Dona ,   NYC   (06.01.10)
so you mean to say IDF uses wooden clubs, knives and daggers to defend themselves. Don't think we would've gotten too far if that was the case. The pictures tell the real truth.
10. If you are on this page you probably want to read This
n   (06.01.10)
If you are on this page you probably want to read This Let me tell you the story of the Trojan horse of the 21st century: a large ship, the Marmara, Sailing toward the Israeli Boundary. The People inside declaring: " We turned to peace and we came to help the poor in Gaza ." When the ship approached the coast, an Israeli boat asked the "peacekeepers" to past a normal Security check, To make sure there is not any weapons inside and to really prove Their Peaceful Meanings, and let them continue. But the ship resisted and ignored. Israeli soldiers repeatedly asked for the ship to stop for a routine checkup before reaching shore. Israel Wanted to believe that it's really a peace ship, Because Israel is not really interested in terrorists from other countries; it has enough terrorists in Parts of it. Of course no country would ever agree to a foreign ship linked to a terror organizations, Not sure what a surprise it's in there, to Pop in the area Which is located in a terrorist organization. Therefore, if you have nothing to hide why not prove that there is no malicious intent and it really just humanitarian aid. Very few Israeli soldiers were sent to check if it is indeed "a peace ship ". Israel really believed that the "peace activists" inside has no intention of violence at all, so the soldiers were given explicit instructions not to attack, and only in case of life-threatening. The soldiers, not yet managed to reach the floor of the ship, fell straight into the hands of murderous terrorists hiding behind the fancy name of peace activists. So tell me, what you would do if a bunch of people were surrounding you, stab you with knives, beat you with iron bars, and break your bones each stroke, trying to kill you? The soldiers used their emergency gun to save their lives. Terrorists from different countries hid behind the friendly looking Turkish ship, behind women and people from international organizations. Just as Spartan Warriors hid in a wooden horse ready to attack, terrorists were hiding inside a ship Ready to kill, hiding behind a mask called peace activist. And that's what people tend to forget: Terrorism is not Israel's problem, terrorists are in many countries. Terrorism is a threat to all free and democratic countries in the world! Terrorism brought the Palestinians and other Arabic countries to maximum of poverty and lack of progress.
11. # 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Dona, put your reading glasses on & re-read this article.
12. The reall dupes of the freedom flotilla
MenachemP ,   NY Usa   (06.01.10)
N you are mistaken. The real goal of the jihadists was not to kiill Israeli soldires. They only had cold arms which are great in street fights but not in killing lots of people. Their goal was to attack the boarding party to force the Isralelis to open fire to save themselves. They wanted the Israleis to kill as many of the people on baord as possible. Them more dead the greater the pressure on Israel. . The real dupes were the Europeans and American naifs who were to serve as cannon fodder to advance tha Hamas-Jihadi aim of stopping the blockaade.
13. Israeli soldiers, there is something wrong with your mind
Petr ,   Czech Republic   (06.01.10)
Israelis think that they are victims but they themselves behave as the worst aggressor. You should be ashamed
14. blockade of Cuba
Susan ,   NY USA   (06.01.10)
Read your history. The US had to blockade Cuba because the USSR was sending in missiles to attack us. What if Kennedy didn't have the guts to do that? Israel has every right to ensure that arms are not getting into Gaza. The Turks can go suck an egg. Every where Islamic radicals take hold the country is ruined What a shame.
15. if u were going to Gaza, what would have had with u?
credit card? No!, of course lots of cash. captain R's looted cash smells bad in his story. Links to Jihad? tell that to Obama , he dropped the word from his bookmark.
16. Cut your losses
IRAN#1   (06.02.10)
We have saying in Persian, "whenever you stop your losses you gain a profit". Stop trying to justify this stupid move. YOU made a very bad mistake, for which all Iranians thank you, so just cut your losses and stop making a fool out of your selves.
17. anonymous #15 that may explain the cash but...
Dina - Tel Aviv   (06.02.10)
they had no Identification means on them. That means no passports, and that's already suspicious. What makes it even more suspicious is the kevlar vests they were wearing - now what peace activist goes on the boat wearing a bullet proof vest?
18. links to videos for hasbara purposes - tag and share!
Dina - Tel Aviv   (06.02.10)
IDF Desk - dover tzahal on Youtube. Flotilla passengers open fire on soldiers: a look at the violence against soldiers aboard the ship: close-up angle at the lynch mob: weapons found on the boat - notice the combat knives at 0:43! ISraeli army inviting boat for inspection over the radio - the reply: "negative, negative, our destination is Gaza":
19. Wikipedia confirms Al Quaida link
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (06.02.10)İnsani_Yardım_Vakfı)
20. you dont really understand
yogev ,   israel   (06.02.10)
most of the israeli think for peace and not for violance. the problem is people like you, who dont really understand the situation that israeli people are living everyday from the begining of our otonomy. the people on the boat start the violene and waited to do it from the beginging. every country have the right to check or prevet any movement in his teritory, every country. include israel! the army ask a few times to stop and they did'nt have the ability to stop it and there was no other option for us becouse the boat is big and move fast. soldiers jump and got linch! u probably know good whats that, becouse u live in a fucking stupid country with a stupid old fashion leaders that act in a violence way and educate people for this. wake up!! israel interese is peace! terror is the trouble not something else...
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (06.02.10)
22. 19. Serge from Antwerp - Do u believe everything on wikipedi
Fahim ,   KL   (06.02.10)
19. Serge from Antwerp - Do u believe everything on wikipedia are legitimate facts? That's sad.
23. #6 - and how are the two related?
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
Israelis arrived, they were attacked by well-armed violent men, and they fought back. Per San Remo 1994, Israel was in its legal right to intercept the ship that intended to break a legal military blockade during war-time. These truths of their violent connects was made several weeks ago when IHH announced they were sending the ship. That's old news....glad you could catch up.
24. #8 - not for Peter in Vienna
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
It goes against his pre-conceived view of the world per his narrow, and often biased, perspective. Thus, he must push back and call it all lies, demand revisions to history and reality, and sing show tunes as he covers his ears. In other words - he's a true Leftist.
25. #9 - no weapons were drawn by IDF
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
but suddenly, because a soldier has a gun on them, they are allowed to be beaten with everything people can long as no guns are used. Next time you're attacked in NYC, I hope for your sake, the police don't use your same twisted logic.
26. #13 - so take your humanitarian ships to Darfur
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
where the Sudanese will of course welcome you with open arms since no one except Israelis are aggressors, huh? Tell us all about it....when and IF you return.
27. #16 - I guess A-jad doesn't read Persian
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
28. #21 - I certainly hope so!
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
An investigation will not only show how violent jihadis were planted on the ship in an effort to stoke violence, but that Turkey is directly responsible for both aiding the ship and incitement against Israel to cover its tracks. The kevlar vests are very suspicious and point towards more ill-intents.
29. GO ISRAEL : - )
jason ,   us   (06.02.10)
Israel is so bas ass!!!! I love Israel!!! GOD BLESS ISRAEL!
30. ARREST the violent turks...
put the violent ones in jail for grievous bodily harm and attempted murder for the ones who fires shots. Strange by the way how agents of "peace" know how to shoot pistols ???
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