Turkish FM likens flotilla raid to 9/11
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 01.06.10, 21:40
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1. What an insult to Americans!
Claudia ,   Tampa, USA   (06.01.10)
This Turkish idiot can fool all his Muslim morons but not this American. Boot Turkey out of NATO. They are in the thick of it with Moscow and the OIS and can stuff their "peace" flotilla's and answer for the breach of international law by attempting to break an arms embargo. Obama is as responsible for this mess as is Turkey. The muslims can sink together into their islamic sewer, but they will not take America or Israel with them without a fight.
2. 'Our 9/11': come on, don't be ridiculous!
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (06.01.10)
According to Wikipedia, 9/11 resulted in about 3,000 people dead and more than 6,000 people injured by an infamous, treacherous attack. Compare this with the Israeli action in the flotilla affair: less than 20 people were injured and less than 10 died in a legitimate military operation, no matter if it was well or badly conceived and/or executed. The current Turkish government has been looking for an excuse to act against Israel, and this one fits the purpose right to the last inch. We are not talking about a modern, democratic State, abiding by the rule of law; actually, Turkish democracy is a façade, for the country's been a more or less veiled military state for countless decades, actually since the 1920s. Wanna learn about Turkish democracy? Read something about the Armenian holocaust or watch 'Midnight Express' as a good intro to the subject. When it comes to Turkey, the only delight you'll find is the deservedly famous sweet treat - and that is all.
3. black is white and white is black
Yehoshua ,   USA   (06.01.10)
The world has gone mad. Be careful progressive leftist. There will be no one to hear you when it is your turn.
4. this is an act of war against israel by the turks
Uri   (06.01.10)
Israel has 100% right to stop this ship and with force as for Turkey this is not how you promote peace hamas is a terror organization
5. Probably next thing we would hear is that the flotilla was a
Pierre S. ,   Oslo-Norway   (06.01.10)
Battle ship and that the people on board were armed with bazookas. Seriously who do you think you are trying to fool??
6. LOL
Sy ,   NY, NY   (06.01.10)
What a moron. I think it is hillarious how Turkey is fuming over this. I think that Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be brought to justice for allowing the ships to sail despite the blockade. Turkey is very good at obsolving itself of any responsibility- They kill 2 million Armenians and say it never happened. They allowed these "humanicriminals" to sail from their shores and again, it's not their fault... Turks are pathetic.
7. WHO Thinks they are Above the Law?
Dallas ,   Canada   (06.01.10)
Turkey is sounding more and more like Iran. It's irrational hatred is now at the surface and that hatred is affecting their logic. To bad for Turkey, another rogue state - I used to want to visit there but I wouldn't touch the place now with a 10-foot pole.
8. Who?
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.01.10)
Who will finally stop this stupid Islamo-Fascist? Is he going to bark months and months?
9. Hillary
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.01.10)
I just hope that Hillary will be able to stop him..otherwise we can expect months of barking, obviously..
10. Turkish FM likens flotilla raid to 9/11
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.01.10)
..comment coincides with the beginning of their opium harvest?
11. Kurdish rebels fired rockets at a naval base killing 6
John   (06.01.10)
But which legal act of self defence did the Turkish governm,ent and paliament focus on ? Answer : the breakage of the naval blockade by Hamas and Turkish sponsored ships displaying , turkish flags, palestinian flags, Hamas and other flag carrying types, and given tacit encouragement by the turkish government to confront the Israeli Navy. Perhaps the Turkish army should send peace keeping troops along the Gaza and Northern border of Israel and see if they can do a better job of stopping Hamas terrorist authority and Hezbollah launching war against Israel and trying to blow up any peace moves. I'm sure they would be less successful at containing War mongering Hamas than the Israelis
12. Turkey is looking for a violent confrontation with Israel
It is obvious clear that Turkey is looking for a violent confrontation with Israel. This is the only logical explanation for the Turkish provocation which is expressed by the support of turkey to the flotilla. Turkey has no reason to support Hamas, which is a puppet of Iran, unless it looks for a violent confrontation with Israel, an act that will place Turkey on the highway to the leadership of the Muslim world. As such, Israel should be prepared for this confrontation, and react in a determinant way when the confrontation will take place. In other words, a war declaration of turkey against Israel is closer then ever.
13. Israel did NOT attack flotilla.
Jonathan ,   Atlanta, GA USA   (06.01.10)
Israel made clear their intentions. If Israel had attacked, then the entire flotilla would be at the bottom of the sea. Israel's commandos DID however defend themselves FROM an attack by the passengers of the flotilla.....It never ceases to amaze me at how people will twist the facts to blame Israel.
14. Armenian genocide
Steve from Raleigh   (06.01.10)
Now is the time to bring this up over and over and over all the time. At the UN, on the media, 24/7
15. let's bring them home
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (06.01.10)
Erdogan assigned a terror crew to provoke an international incident and is now calling on the international community as though he leads it. There won't be any progress in Turkey as it goes the way of Iran. Poverty and austerity await the secular and freedom loving Turks, because of Erdogans hunger for prestige. Now Hamas has a little more, and Turkey a lot less. We should make the necessary preparations to evacuate the Jewish community to safer locations in the west. At least until Erdogan has been ousted.
16. Turkish Response ....
Aaron Duchan ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
After seeing the video of the commandos being attacked by a mob of "peace" activists, beaten with metal pipes, etc., thrown from deck to deck and off of the ship, almost lynched -- all that I can say is the next time Turkey attacks the Kurds, in eastern Turkey itself or in Iraq, Israel should lead world-wide diplomatic efforts condemning Turkey. If fact, right now, today, the Knesset, the President, & the Prime Minister should issue a statement condemning the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians and attempt to bring the issue to The Hague, as a war crime.
17. all this is obama fault
tony ,   new york. usa   (06.01.10)
all this terrorist folowers they are like dogs on a leech. obama dosnt say nothing
18. Turkey is a disgrace
Menachem ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
A criminal state like Turkey which is guilty of war crimes and genocide should keep a low profile and not preach morality. Ask the Germans for advice, they can teach you a thing or two about taking responsibility for your blood-soaked history.
19. Me thinks he doth protest too much!
Allan ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (06.01.10)
Ben ,   USA   (06.01.10)
I don't know what these Turkeys were watching, but I saw a lynch mob. The first Israelis to board the ship were savagely beaten. Israel now knows how better to handle TURKEYS.
21. Israeli bully actions firing back in both america and Israel
George ,   Canada   (06.01.10)
As a Canadian worked in the Middle East, it shocks me that there is so little awareness of the problems Israel causes for its neighbors. It shocks me that the Canadian Parliament blindly sides with Israel - a rogue state completely out of control. Murdering Aid workers? Imprisoning Palestinians in Gaza without water or food? Ready to use nuclear weapons? Righteous anger is rising in the Arab nations. Get ready. This could be ugly. I beg Prime Minister Harper to take off the blinders and see the danger Israel poses to us all.
22. :: I wonder how many...
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.01.10)
...countries will expel Israeli ambassadors once they get all their citizens back? From reading the local news reports I know that Turkey and Ireland are gunning for this move. Well within their rights too.
23. Not all Turks agree!!
Sinan ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (06.01.10)
As a Turkish person who used to actually like Erdogan's gov't before the Davos event; I'm very saddened to see how Turkey and West are trying to rationalize their anti-Semitic hate with this Palestinian Oppression nonsense... I guarantee that even if all Israeli Jews killed themselves, they would be accused of killing people... Why ? Just read some history..
24. Turkey
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.01.10)
"Islam,this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotten corpse which poisons our lives." - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
25. Good luck trying to "stop Israel".
Menachem ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
Turkey's foreign minister: "'Israelis think they are above any law, but we will stop them". Really? How? Murdering militarily weak nations like the Kurds and the Armenians is one thing Turkey is good at. Confronting Israel's Defense Forces tend to be unpleasant. Turkey should remember that those who play with fire will eventually get burned.
26. How dare they compare 10 people to over 2000!
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.01.10)
27. what a drama queen
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.01.10)
just like the turkish soap operas, this is a wallowing pity party that makes you want to cry out of embarrassment for these dopes.
28. Obama & Hillery has always played both sides against the....
Roy C. Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (06.01.10)
middle. "Equal distant from the extremes." so which way it goes they will feel safe. Well that will not work this time.Israel is above the Gentile Global rule of Law. They will get around to following the Law set up by the God of Israel.They will take back all the Land that was given to Jacobs Kids. That has been well documented from the beginning of the Nation of Israel. Zechariah;12;1-9 All that come against Israel at this time will pay the full price, It is said; I will seek away to destroy all Nations that come against MY people, My Nation Israel, My Holy City Jerusalem. This should be posted in the Ynet, but it may not be. becuse it is the facts. No one wants to read the facts. they will see & live the facts in this next to last stand . Israel wins. Roy C. Hudson USA 6/1/2010
29. I am personally offended
SE ,   Boston, USA   (06.01.10)
The comparison is offensive. You sent a flotilla of armed thugs to aid a terrorist entity (Hamas) just hoping to start trouble. Comparing your terrorist assistance to an unsolicited attack on American soil is offensive, as the US was not attacked while aiding and abetting a known terrorist entity. I hope the US government immediately calls upon the Turkish ambassador to the State Department for an immediate rebuke and explanation.
30. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.10)
LOL Mark. Good one. Did you enjoy your popcorn ? mine got stuck in my throat.
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