Israel freeing flotilla detainees
Roni Sofer
Published: 02.06.10, 00:21
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1. Not Anymore!
Onur ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (06.02.10)
Turkey is not ally for Israel anymore.. Any country will know her situation.. I spoke to Israel, you look yourself well after that.. Pandora's Box was opened!
2. :: Translation – Israel buckles under...
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.02.10) pressure. This will only empower and encourage other attempts to break the Gaza siege. After all what is Israel going to do? Use deadly force??! I think not.
3. #1
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.02.10)
you are the last one to open your mouth... blood of 1,5 million Armenians are on Turkey's hands....
4. Oooh .. Ouch
Sarah B ,   U.S.A / Israel   (06.02.10)
5. Sultan Erdogan Rules
Ali   (06.02.10)
6. The truth always comes out.
Ana ,   Spain.   (06.02.10)
The world has double standards. One for Israel and another for the world.
7. We had warned
tayyip ,   turkey   (06.02.10)
Yeah! Israel, don't play with big brothers anymore. Little boys:)
8. After NATO order that
tea man ,   marjayoun   (06.02.10)
Israel attacks NATO and taking NATO countries people hostages after a pirate raid on the high sea NATO warn israel listen
9. #2 the siege is over you friend eygpt just open the crossing
palestine dove ,   afula   (06.02.10)
but the best is yet to come iternational tribunal and your prime and defence ministers facing the music they played
10. Raid
ahyar ,   jakarta indonesia   (06.02.10)
we condemn israel navy brutality against humanitarian activist , we as part of international community support humanitarian aid to gaza. what IDF and israel navy have done are embarrassing act, coward and unmoral at all. Netanyahu is a criminal
11. Australian
David ,   Australia   (06.02.10)
I see there were 2 Australians on flotilla, I hope when they return to Aus they are punished and if possible deported. Israel's enemies have no place in Australia.
12. To the Turkish guy that opens his stink hole
Brad ,   Tel Aviv   (06.02.10)
Turkey USED to be a mighty power, guess what....they fell like Rome did. I sugest for you to go back to your market and sell carpets! Keep your big nose for yourself and look into your country mess! Idiot!
13. "2 is right
jorge ,   argentina   (06.02.10)
The weak answer of Israel will encourage others to break the blockade. That was the real intention of the flotilla, to see how strong israel keeps on defeanding the blockade. If the first flotilla gets Gaza, the next will too, but with heavy weaponery. Sending the troops to be linched was certainly a great mistake. Worst mistake is to free the linchers. Don´t beg for pardon, you are defending your country. And you didn´t lose a friend on Turkey.
14. Turkey should be kicked out of NATO
sks ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
Turkey's shameful conduct should get them kicked out of NATO. Not only did they violate Israeli sovereignty by sending Turkish ships/personnel into a blockaded military zone, where HAMAS has an ongoing armed confrontation with Israel, they refused the peaceful option of unloading at Ashdod for UN supervised transport to Gaza. NATO nations have more responsibility and class than Turkey. Turkey needs to be given a warning and the boot if it resorts such irresponsible conduct again.
15. Israel lost respect
Mark Bernadiner ,   Pearland, USA   (06.02.10)
I remember, in the past several decades ago Israel was highly respected in the Soviet Union and US. Respect for Israel started deteriorating in 1980s when Israel government invited PLO bandits for "peace talk" and Barak offered Arafat entire Israel territory. Thereafter, every Israel government complies with any pressure, international, US, or PLO, demonstrating complete negligence to Israel image and thus security. Now any punk around the world can spit on Israel, humiliate Israel, assault Israel. Israel government is only responsible for this situation. In this particular case, Israel must put all bandits on trial, press legal charges against organizers, Greta Berlin and George Hallway. Demand they deportation to Israel. If Israel relays on UN or EU investigation, Israel will be finished.
16. Big mistake to release
Uri   (06.02.10)
did Iran release tha two americans entered Iran? Did N. korea released the American that enterd ? they came to provoke they need to be punished !!!
17. reply to all above
david cohen ,   china   (06.02.10)
i will tell u what: Afula go live under the docatotrship of your Arab brothers and then you will have the write to talj. Erdogan is an Islamist that is destroying everything that Ataturk did. Actually he is taking Turkey back to darkness. WELL DONE EDROGAN: now we know that TUrkeye will never be accepted in the European Community. all of you Europeans: your years are few. 20 years from now the Islamist and Arab invasions will change your Christian countries into Charia law where your wives will be treated like cows, your inteellectuals will be beheaded for not accepting Mohammad's writing, your cjildren will have ther hands and genitals cut for offending the Muslims. Cant wait to see and we will NOT open our borders to you in the US and in Israel.
18. many more friends
marcellaurent ,   montreal, canada   (06.02.10)
Israel got this rare talent of making friends, and in the past 2 days they made many of them: Turkey, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, U.K, Vatican, to name a few.. and not to forget the people of U.S.A who took the streets of washington, L.A, and new york.. and of course the great people of Canada, especially in Montreal who they didn't let Pipi Netanyahu speak in the city, even before the ships highjacking.
19. #4 Sarah B, more ouches to come.
Pure American ,   USA and only USA   (06.02.10)
You can not be American and Israeli. You either peace loving (American)or blood thirsty (Israeli). anyway, more ouches to come when piracy and kidnapping charges are filed against this stupid gvnt. it was a trap and they fell for it. they should at least done this inside Gaza water. they have lost big by doing this in international water.
20. release of passengers
yehuda ,   brooklyn ny   (06.02.10)
This is an admission to the accusations of the Arab countries. Don't repeat past mistakes by caving in o pressure.
21. killing of kurds
real vision ,   usa   (06.02.10)
almost daily edrogen and the turks are killing the Kurds. Why not give them a piece of Turkey for their own state. After all there are almost 50 million Kurds
22. The Arab nazis and their turkish/anti-Semitic supporters
Frank ,   USA   (06.02.10)
will lose. They always have.
23. Israel could have legally torpedoed the ship
Maronit Marouni ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
I was told that Israeli navy could have intercepted the Turkish ship by blocking its path and if the Turkish ship did not stop then Israel would have had the right to torpedo the ship once it entered Israeli waters. That would have meant 700 people would have died. If that had happened then everyone would have blamed Israel for not storming the Turkish ship. What would the American navy do if 700 Al-Kaeda supporters attempt to enter an American seaport? I do not think the navy will torpedo the ship but for god's sake they have the right to board the ship and take control of it at any cost other than torpedoing it. It seems that Americans can defend themselves but the Israelis do not have that privilege
24. Which is it?
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (06.02.10)
I don't get it... Is Israel going to release ALL of the hostages from the flotilla, or only those that they believe did not try to defend themselves when attacked by armed masked terrorist IDF personnel in the middle of the night? Which is it? And will Israel finally detain those IDF monsters shown to be shooting innocent civilians? And will Israel release ALLof the footage that they shot and that they confiscated on the freedom boat civlians, or only those that they think might improve their horrible PR situation?
25. Reality
#8 NATO   (06.02.10)
In all reality, it was a NATO nation attacking Israel and using "peace" activists as proxies. NATO nations know the game.
26. What "Activists".. they are all terrorists to be killed. Our
Ehud ,   Tel Aviv   (06.02.10)
beave IDF soldiers made one mistake by boarding the ship.. they should have sunk it with all 600 terrorists on it !!!!! long live IDF
27. Armenians
tayyip ,   turkey   (06.02.10)
Dear Armenians, we offered you to work together on that issue. But you didnt give any response you village people..I am from Artvin and the Armenians begann the massacre in our city first. You always cooperated with western states and we kicked you out. Now, dont cry in USA and EU.. But on the other side i am really sad, than the Armenians in Armenia are poor people, but diaspora is the real evil..
28. what happens if turk fires back
Ottoman ,   Istanbul   (06.02.10)
You bloddy zionists, we know that you have a saying in hebrew "kill a turk and rest" and its story. So you dont seem to think WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TURKS FIRE BACK AND KILL YOU.. This is just the begining...
29. Arabs & Jews are Semitic
observer   (06.02.10)
Ms. Berlin, the co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement, is originally from Los Angeles. She was married for 14 years to a Palestinian, with whom she had two children, and for 14 years to an American Jew. She likes to joke and says that makes her the most qualified “anti-Semite.”
30. turkey
bert vos ,   Belgium   (06.02.10)
Hope the army of Turkey keeps the spirit of Ataturk and kick you and the other idiots out of the country
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