Ex-US envoy: Commandos ordered me to 'sit down'
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Published: 02.06.10, 01:12
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1. antisemite- why isnt he in sudan protesting?
m ,   israel   (06.02.10)
2. RE: The next Flotilla
Aaron ,   Australia   (06.02.10)
The only way out of this problem, without allowing the Blockade to be breached completely, is to mine the approaches to Gaza from the Sea. All Israel has to do then is "insist" that vessels seeking to run the blockade heave to, be boarded, inspected & then guided through the minefield(s). Anyone choosing to run the minefield themselves, has accepted a known risk. There outcome is their own choice. Aaron
3. Senile old man. End
Rich from Boston ,   Boston USA   (06.02.10)
4. Peck is an Arabist of the Terror State Department
Frank ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
There is no such thing as the mythical Arab street in the ME, however, there seems to be a real Arab street at the State Department.
5. A real bright one: Israel should have saved their money
Bernie ,   Erehwon, USA   (06.02.10)
and set him afloat in an inner tube - with a slow leak. Let all leftists live in an Islamic country for a few years. Then maybe the light will dawn & he can tell a jihad killer from a peace worker. Everyone on the planet who refuses to bow down with their bunch is subject to extermination - to inform all the liberals of something they seemingly don't know.
6. Those Israeli tyrants!!
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
They ordered him to "sit down"! How dare they take away his democratic right to stand erect. His rights were taken away and if he sat another 1287 hours, he would have died! It was a planned slow-genocide, I tell ya! Stuff it, Peck.
7. Hope FBI is on this guy
Shaul R ,   USA   (06.02.10)
some extensive checks into his jihadist connections and financial ties is definitely warranted here. Told to sit down... poor thing... can't wait to see him compare himself to the Warsaw ghetto defenders, the lying sack of s%#t.
8. The "humanitarian material" delivered, already inside the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.02.10)
Gaza Strip, amounted to twenty truck-loads of goods. Israel, by contrast, move into the Gaza Strip more than a hundred truck-loads of goods DAILY. Was the intent really to deliver "humanitarian materials" or rather to break a lawful blockade designed to protect Israel's sovereignty and the lives of Israel's civilian population...??!!
LARRY ,   USA   (06.02.10)
10. Peck
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.02.10)
Peck's only excuse for his stupid participation in this terrorist endeavor is that he is a fool and senile. I am from the US and I am ashamed of him and any Americans who participated in this terrorist organized flotilla or who support it.
11. Peck
Sam ,   USA   (06.02.10)
We already know humanitarian aid is going to Gaza with no problem. This old fool knew that along with the Jihadists aboard. the Israeli navy even offered to transfer the goods to Gaza as per protocol. Where is this old racist comming from? I believe he feels he can be a legitimate racist by supporting the Palestinian cause, which is racist in all ways. Very convenent Peck. One other question: if the Israelis are so terrible, why are you still alive? Why weren only the attackers harmed? You old liar. How do you think you will fare on judgement day? You are not a winner with Satan.
12. shock ... horror ...
David ,   USA   (06.02.10)
no ... say it ain't so ... you were told to sit down ... why ... the humanity!
13. The Height of Immorality!
Herut ,   USA   (06.02.10)
This hypocrite was ambassador to Mauritania---a country where the despicable institution of slavery is still practiced, and he chooses as his cause the support of the terror regime of Hamas! Typical US State Department alumnus!
14. Oh!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.02.10)
They asked him to sit down, did they? I guess they didn't shoot him ..... and here he is, back in the United States, a scant thirty-six hours later. What's his problem?
15. Edward Peck,
please retire... or join Carters habitat for humanity where you can be constructive
16. ignoramus seeks the limelight ...
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (06.02.10)
...but ignorant of the facts. Humanitarian suplies are allowed to enter but jihadists and rabblerousers are not. th y do not understand that their lives are meaningless as long as shalit is in captivity.
17. Pecker
Alexander ,   The Hague   (06.02.10)
Well at least the organizers aswell as Peck thought it was a tremendous succes... Israel get some better PR agents and kick the ball in the other court next time. You should have sent them to Egypt!
18. Too bad
Moishe ,   Golutsk   (06.02.10)
Too bad this idiot was not shot with other terrorists on on another ship
19. Israel is right
Brod ,   USA   (06.02.10)
Israel is right in deporting the scoundrels.
20. strange
Micheal ,   Earth   (06.02.10)
no israeli comments accusing him of being terrorist too? i doubt that u will post my comment
21. Yet another terror supporter
stand in line   (06.02.10)
22. Education of PA Children…
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.02.10)
Promoting violence and terror among children through video clips and other children’s programming has long been a prominent component of Palestinian Authority Television. A young girl was asked to recite a poem on PA TV. The poem is the recounting of a present received from daddy; “a machine gun and rifle” . What are the chances of peace even for the future? Promotion of violence is not only against Israel as can be read at :
23. Old douchebag
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (06.02.10)
Endless criticism against Israel, not a single word of condemnation toward Hamas. Looks like another Neo-Liberal, New-World-Order, Israel-hating, hypocrite douchebag. For ours and America's own sake, I hope it doesn't have too many like this joker.
24. Thanks Peck & other boardees
jerusalem   (06.02.10)
My condolences to your losses We really appreciate your courage and defiance against "israeli law" I hope more actions that question israel's real interests, actions, and what are considered "modern" countries are doing dealing with a thought of done with system (i.e. occupation and apartheid) keep coming.
25. appalled by edward peck
clint ,   london uk   (06.02.10)
I am appalled by his decision to join up with this illegal flotilla to provoke ISRAEL.What a shame for a known man like Peck to do such.Well to me he is one of them who supports and appease terrorism.He is probably one of them that forget the 911,the attacked on the World Trade Center,or he supported it.Why is it that i didnt hear any news on support of Gilad Shallit,shame on you,God will deal with you.better repent.
26. Well done Mr. Peck
Michael ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
All people with a conscience must stand against injustice wherever it may occur, and there is deep injustice going on under the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians. With the efforts of people like Mr. Peck, we can only hope the unjust occupation ends sooner rather than later.
27. Raid on Gaza "aid" ships.
Thomas ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.02.10)
Next time, do not board the ships. Use small explosives to disable the propellors and rudders of the "aid" ships.
28. twisted, one eyed and rigid
The World   (06.02.10)
all talkbacks seem to share one illness frank paranoia
29. Supporting Hamas terrorists is right but
Vardina   (06.02.10)
Israel is wrong for fighting terrorism. Gaza blockade is not right but kidnapping Gilead Shalit from Israeli territory by terrorist from Gaza is right. This is the face of that "peace mission". I have not heard one word about Gilead Shalit's human rights from those fake human rights fighters. What were Islamic extremists doing on the ship? Why were they armed with knifves and bats? Why don't they tell the truth?
30. sit down, wow that was... nothing
ghostq   (06.02.10)
Usually USA army make people stand without sit with their hands behind their heads. who knew that sitting down can hurt people.
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