Diplomat families return to Israel
Roni Sofer
Published: 02.06.10, 08:21
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1. humane
sunil ,   bangalore, india   (06.02.10)
the soldiers. how humane they are. killing 19 civilians is considered humane in israel.
2. Turkey, the engine of evil this this incident
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.02.10)
Turkey emerges as the real engine behind the illegal attempt to break the lawful blockade on the Islamist controlled territory of the Gaza Strip. Practically, having been rejected from joining the EU, Turkey, the same country that was responsible for the Armenian people genocide and for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people, within and without Turkey, has opted to instead join as a leading force the Muslim world and expand its hegemony in the Middle East and beyond. In order to prove its loyalty to its future "subjects", so goes the Turkish thinking, Turkey began to collaborate with some of the darkest political forces in Islam, e.g. IHH within Turkey and Hamas without, as well as with the Iran-Hizballah-IslamicJihad-Hamas-Syria coalition that is openly intent to wipe Israel off the face of earth and the map. This "Gaza Flotilla" was orchestrated, paid for and manned by Turkey and Turkish thugs, based on hard evidence that is emerging, now that the boats have been brought to port. The people who were to pay for ushering of Turkey into its new position in the world of Islam are, once again, the Jews; the Jews of Israel and the nation-state of the Jewish people as a whole. And this simply can't be permitted.
3. pretext for war
merf   (06.02.10)
israel should tell obama that israel is finished backing up and that they can expect turkey to go out in a flash.
4. Free Kurdistan
michael   (06.02.10)
While turkey portrays itself as the most self righteous nation in the world, despite a real massacre of armenians. Israel should learn from Turkey and become more sympathetic to the opressed kurdish people. the kurds want their homeland back. Yes they actually were a nation unlike the Palestinians. The Kurds country is plit between syria, Iran and Turkey. Israel should support their right to emancipation. Why no U.N. emergency meetings for the opressed Kurds? Why isn't the world demanding recognition of Kurdistan?! Israel as a democratic country should support the Kurds.
5. Israel now killing Turks?wow
Mark ,   Usa   (06.02.10)
Me and many like me are alive becose of theis race Turks, many out there and leaders in Israel did not read history I guess 500 yeras these people from Spain (my family) and from Germany inculding Muhtars Kent CEO of coca cola grand father help Jews escape,Turkish Oficial in Rohodes lost his wife andd kid to Nazi bobing for helping the Jews go to Turkey, and now we kill Turks insult their nation and hurt their pride? is this what Israel is trying to start a war ,Turks are not a match to Israels US weapons maybe but as I know they have greates fighting spirit to fight to death, this is not an Arab nation, I am worning Israel you pick a fight with Turkey it will be the end for both countries, you better appoligize and make things right, i see fight is comming and Israel might even loose USA over this as they already lost many in the World.
6. #1: ridiculous
Oops, still haven't freed yourself from Arabs' lies and exaggerations? Number of dead is 9 not 19. And they died not in a massacre but while trying to lynch Israeli soldiers. The video footage is for all the world to see but hating jews is more fun...
7. to #1 the exact number is 10 some how
ghostq   (06.02.10)
they added numbers to make it worse. but than again Muslims like to exaggarate. in pass over in Israel one palestinian women murdered 30 people who stayed in an hotel. you don't see anyone make noise about it.
8. to #5 apoogize for what? it was tutrkey who
ghostq   (06.02.10)
send boat full of people who carried knives, toward Israel, if forign gov will send boat full of people from kuba toward USA to protest your policy what would you do. will you let them in and than people ask you to apologize for something you didn't initiate, sound stupid especially when the boat was called to stop and they didn't want to they were only 100meters from Israely sea terirory. those r facts, if they didn't want people to get hurt y send people on non approved violant rioters to forign country. as for your relation to Turkey they but support hamas that still keep Gilad shalit congra you juat incorage sucide mission and jihad. neadless to say they called death to jews on the boat. I saw a video. you don't have the facts.
9. I agreed with Mark #5
BO   (06.02.10)
and i will add that only less than %10 of the Turkish people are true supporters of this Tayyip clown, but rather than Israel going to his trap and loosing the remaining %90 Turkish people, you should find ways to cooperate with us starting with APOLOGIZE for the massacre not to do dogfight. By the way together with 2011 elections CHP (left wing party) will be selected so don't worry about all this exaggerated Islamic fundamentalists in turkey anymore...
10. So now Turkey is holding Israeli diplomats as hostages.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.02.10)
Now I see why Israel is allowing the Turkish thugs to leave when they should be prosecuted and jailed. And Israel is worried about further inflaming the situation so it backs down. I hope that the politicians have finally internalized that Turkey is now one of Israel's greatest enemies. No need to make somersaults to preserve friendship nor live in a make-believe world. There is a new dispensation and a new agenda in Turkey. The good old days are not going to come back under that thug Erdogan. Israel's diplomat is now deliberately held hostage in Turkey and don't tell me about siege as those people can be dispersed. It is all a sham to cover the fact that Levi is held hostage. To keep a diplomat in Turkey is to throw him to the wolves. He will be subject to the whims and fancies of Erdogan. What a pity Israel sold arms to Turkey and held drills with them. Israeli politicians are truly DENSE.
11. to #9 10 dead people is no massacre in car
ghostq   (06.02.10)
accidents during the year the r much more dead, they aded people who never died to get sypathy, go check it and all the injuried r taking care of in Israeli hospitals. sound like you also don't have enough info.
12. #'s 1 and 5: a question
Shaul R ,   USA   (06.02.10)
were you asleep for the last few years? #1: look at some of the videos widely available, both from IDF and Aljazeera: notice the nice peace activists" chanting "Jews remember Khaibar, army of Mohammad is returning?" (Khaibar Jews were slaughtered by Mohammad, ending Jewish presence in the Arabian peninsula) Noticed the nice "peace activists" attacking soldiers with sticks, knives and metal bars? The soldiers descend one by one and get pounced on mercilessly by dozens of "activists" armed to their teeth. I am sure you are a well meaning individual, eager to correct the world's wrongs, but you have a lot to learn about the situation before posting comments and making an idiot of yourself. #5 I am happy that your family survived thanks to Turks. Many did. Some may argue, however, that many more perished thanks to the Turks. Just ask your Kurd, Greek, Serb or Armenian neighbors. But that is beside the point here. Today's government of Turkey is very different from just a few years ago. It is not Israel that's picking a fight with Turkey. Just look at Erdogan's actions and statements over the past three years and it is obvious that a decision was made by him and his party to distance Turkey from Israel and use it as a tool to consolidate its influence over Muslims in its drive to become a regional hegemon. Personally, I am sickened to see how low Erdogan is stooping in his perfidy, hypocrisy and cynicism to achieve his aim. That you uncritically accept his position and Arab disinformation, issuing your pathetic "wornings" (sic.) to Israel, as well as your very poor command of English language, makes me seriously question your intelligence.
13. Diplomat families return to Israel
Arthur King ,   Biloxi Misssissippi   (06.02.10)
Nothing is permanent in this world ... not even our troubles. Turkey is no longer the state of Attaturk...It is an Islamic state in the making! Take note Mark. Islam has trumped in Turkey Arthur King in Canada
14. Wake Up World
Sylvia ,   USA   (06.02.10)
As a mother of an IDF soldier that fought in the last Gaza War, I feel his life was uselessly put on the line due to this:The arabs do not want peace. Wake-up world to this fact. Remember Isreal returned Gaza for peace when my son was young yet because of the attacks from Gaza he had to put his life on the line. Enough of this terror and pity for arabs. What about the other little boys who will put their lives on the line in the future because the arabs continue the war. How many WWII's would the world have put up with?
15. #14 yet to come, only a golden cow might be of a help
Brod ,   USA   (06.02.10)
16. Sylvia #14 don't worry we are awaken , but to the other
George ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
side of the world, one you do not belong to.
George ,   Antwerp   (06.02.10)
seyfullah ,   turkey   (06.02.10)
as a mother of a soldier, how cant you see the realities of isrel-Palestinian conflict. if the barbaric israelis have a heart,conscience, then they wouldnt attack and kill innocent,unprotected people in Palestine. do the palestinians attack or firing rockets only as a leisure time activity? huh!. we,turks, are not against all of the jews,israelis, but the jews defending the stupid actions of isreaeli govt! we know there are many israelis against inhumane action of israeli state. please OPEN YOUR EYES! DONT MİSLEAD!
19. #1 If it were a Tamil boat, Sunil .....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.02.10)
...trying to run a blockade, not stopping nor allowing a cargo inspection....don't tell me the Indian Navy wouldn't have blown it to smithereens with all on board. Yes, it was a very humane operation by the IDF under the circumstances.
20. BHO
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.02.10)
I would not rule out the possibility that Barack "The One" Obama is behind this "human activity" (one Muslim thug asks another Muslim thug to bully the state of Israel).
21. Seyfullah efendi
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.02.10)
Those so called Turkish peace activists were not in that ship to bring aid. as you say (UZUM YEMEYE DEGIL BAGCIYI DOIVMEYE GITMISLERDI) . As the whole world sees only a group of Turks attacked the Israeli soldiers with daggers who were carrying paint ball guns. None of the Westerners did get involved. There were no incidents on other ships but only in Mavi Marmara. And while you complain about Gaza blockade how about Turkey letting the Greek inhabitants of Famagusta (MAGOSA) go back to their homes? Since Turkey invaded the Island in 1974 they can not go back to thir l;legally owned homes. Isn't this same as the blockade of Gaza? Evet Seyfullah efendi we have our eyes always open and we know what goes on around the world including the Turkish blockade of Magosa.
22. Kurdistan
withlove ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
We, the people of Israel, support the liberation of occupied Kurdistan and the return of the Kurdish lands to their righteous owners - the Kurdish people, which was stolen by Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
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