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Turkey's chief rabbi: Navy raid a provocation
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 02.06.10, 16:30
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31. Well done Erdogan, we Turks look good
Cengiz   (06.03.10)
Today's headline in the Times of London sums it all up: "Turkish charity that sent aid convoy to Gaza has links to terrorism"
32. can he afford to say anything else?
david ,   usa   (06.03.10)
if he intends to keep his head attached to his shoulders?
33. To #1
Rickey ,   NY, NY   (06.03.10)
I can't stop laughing! Thanks very much, I could use a good laugh today!
34. #1 Sherman
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.03.10)
What do you want him to say? In 1955 September 6-7 after a rumor that Ataturk's house was burned in Greece similar mobs that you see today attacked all none Muslims in Turkey. There are only about 15 thousand Jews in Turkey and they are living among hostile people. It is a very difficult job to be the chief rabbi in Turkey. You must try to understand it. And please don't recommend that they should make aliyah. It is in Israel's interest to have a Jewish presence in every part of the world. Be Intelligent for your own sake.
35. Hey Selahaddin #29
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.03.10)
You wrote I am afraid that you applaud and support another holokost only for other Jews make aliyah I am a little puzzled about this. What are you trying to say? Your government that supports Iran's nuclear ambitions does it have anything to do with it? Are sayiog that once Iran has teh nuclear capability it iwill use it against Isarel? Please clarify because I and all the world would like to be clear on this matter, the intentions of people like you who support Iran by making excuses that it is peaceful. I know smart people already know your intentions and what you mean but please keep on talking with you SOM AGIZ so that SAGIR SULTAN will know your evil intentions.
36. #35 oppps david you want jewish peop
selahaddin ,   Turkey   (06.04.10)
dear david the enemy within! why are you puzzled about that? I am very clear. turkish government doesn't support iran's nuclear ambitions. further, it wants a nuclear free middleeast as a part of the ambious plan of Obama who expressed a nuclear free world. I advice you not to pull the jewish people's leg. ok!? you are asking me "Are sayiog that once Iran has teh nuclear capability it iwill use it against Isarel?" well, i am not saying that. and you know that i am not saying that but stil asking. why? what is your true intention?don't you know how to read a text in a reasonable manner? we exactly know that zionists are trying to force jewish people to make aliyah. for that sake they even like to see world jewry to be hurt by others. can you deny it? we can see aliyah calls even here in talkbacks and israelis are ready to blame even a Rabbi who are worth to be praised and who has the credit to be listened carefully. people like you prefer to live in new york city - or istanbul - but urge other world jewry to go to israel getto. people like you prefer to see jewish people suffer some pain so that they have to make aliyah. so you want to see something near the another holokost. don't deny it! the jewish people, like other people have the right to live where they born. you are living in new york city but prefer other jews to be near the desert. for what? for the sake of zionist delusions and hallucinations? tell us your secret agendas.
37. Give the Rabbi a break
zooog ,   US   (06.04.10)
He has to protect his congregation at a very volatile time. Its the Chomskys and Rubensteins who are enemies of Israel while living in a free country, the us, who should be condemned.
38. coward
hannah ,   ny, usa   (06.04.10)
The rabbi is a cowardly court jew. My son went with his school several years to turkey, and they were warned not to waer yarmulkes in public. I guess that's cause the turks are such good friends of ours.
39. Wise Rabbi.
Salam ,   Spain   (06.04.10)
It does not matter who appointed him. He "prays for world peace" and understands that "Israel's security must come first".
40. To the Turkish Rabbi
Shalom ,   U.S.A / Israel   (06.04.10)
Turkish chief Rabbi, 1930 Jewish people tooth that they are Poles Germans and Hungarian they very fast learn they are first Jewish ..... Do not ever forget what happen to our people in Europe 6 million children women man old and young been murdered,,,, Long live Israel and the Jewish people .....Good Bless..... Jerusalem......
41. The poor guy
Daniel ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.04.10)
He must have had to make that statement with a 9mm pointing at his head.
42. Selahddin - You continue to make my point
david israel ,   Ne York, USA   (06.04.10)
Yes Jewish people must live whjer they are born freely. but why did Turks in 1936 attacked the Jewish community of Kirklareli while the security forces and teh military was looking but not stopping it? Why did Turkish government under Sukru Saracoglu pass the varlik Vergisi and the 20ci kura askerligi confiscating all the wealth and belongings from Jews up to their pots and pans, sending the elderly to Askale labor camp and young ones like my father to Afyon labor camp? And you must have heard September 6-7 incidents when al none Muslims were attacked by the mobs, entire Beyoglu like Christal nacht. Is this your famous Turkish welcoming? (TURK MISAFIRPERVERLIGI) Same happened in Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Syria. And if you already read my post #74 you must know that it is because of my efforts in 1980 ies and 1990 ies that today you are not under a US embargo with your treasury in need of 70 cents. So this is the kind of enemy of Turkey I am. Do you feel a little bit of NANKOR in yourself or your extremist Yobaz mind is still making you belive that you are the most righteous person?
43. to #6 Erdogan incites hatred
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (06.04.10)
Have you ever read Uncle Tom's Cabin? In my opinion, if Uncle Tom had been a real person, he would be a hero. He let himself be killed for refusing to beat another slave.If he were a Jew, it would be Kiddush HaShem. Unlike other slaves, he would never run away, but when the going got tough, he stood with his people. Something a lot of Jews could learn. Turkeys PM Erdogan incited the ugly demonstrations that took place in Turkey yesterday. He obviously wants to align himself with the bad guys,ie Iran and Syria, rather than the free west. Yesterday, I went food shopping. I bought Osem spaghetti rather than the much cheaper Turkish pasta. I won't buy anything made there. I think it's time for us to commermorate Armenian Holocaust Memorial Day come this December. We have a very loyal, friendly Armenian community in this country and we should stand with them.
44. To # 4 - Answer to number 1
Lou ,   Ramat Gan   (06.04.10)
Please note that a Rabbi is not a Jewish holy man. He is a "teacher". "Rabbi" in the bible refers to a teacher. So don't jump to conclusions. Number 1 is right, he is a SCHMUCK.
45. asks sherman of n.y.:
Eshkol Hakofer   (06.04.10)
" How do you say "shmuck" in Turkish? " well, sherman, why turkish? when u have it in geyman? just like your name!
46. they are a slaves of these regimes.
Eshkol Hakofer   (06.04.10)
said michael of Canada. Could be michael that conversly those of us in free canada and israel are slaves of our delusions! from modern days false messiah to illusions of superiority over others!
47. please give me a break
rubi ,   New york City   (06.06.10)
48. how to say 'schmuck' in Turkish?
Sampson ,   NYC   (06.09.10)
that's's "Sherman"
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