MK Regev tells Zoabi: Go to Gaza, traitor!
Amnon Meranda
Published: 02.06.10, 15:36
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1. send Zoabi to jail, for supporting terrorism
ghostq   (06.02.10)
mary ,   france   (06.02.10)
PLEASE HELP TO SPREAd the message. God bless you.
3. Israel should revoke the citizenship of terrorists and ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.02.10)
Israel should revoke the citizenship of terrorists and THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS. The rising terror wave is the proof of the need to inflict harsher punishments, such as the demolition of the terrorists’ homes and financial penalties on family members, aimed at deterring future attacks. This will have a long-term effect on people and contribute to deterring others from perpetrating attacks in the future. A stronger security presence in high-risk areas of Jerusalem is necessairy. Israel should revoke the citizenship of terrorists and their family members and prohibit the families of dead terrorists from publicly celebrating their actions. More at :
4. true that
voice of conscience   (06.02.10)
Barakeh said it best: "I am holding the political echelon responsible. Not one country is taking Israel's side in this crime. You are swimming against the entire world. You are hurting your own nation." If Israelis hope to continue to have a country to call their own in the near future, they need to stand up and denounce this contemptible crime and the illegal blockade on Gaza. If not, they will soon find themselves the subject of an international boycott and then soon thereafter ... Israel will be no more.
5. Send her to Gaza
Rafi   (06.02.10)
Much better than jail send her to Gaza to finish the trip the navy interrupted. And let her finish her days there with her beloved compatriots.
6. No to racism in the knesseth
HArri Greenberg ,   Berlin   (06.02.10)
In what kind of world are living the extreme rihgt parties in Israel. In ex Yugoslawia extrem nationalism led to the katastrophe. At the end of the serbian nationalism lost every thing. Milosevic Bibi is destroying Israels existenz. Maybe he and his ultra rightist frinends will also end in the international court of Hague. Still is Israel not inWe the international public we are observing the debates inside teh knesseth. And today cessions demonstrated a lot of racism agains the arab minority in Israel. And I say it as ajew living in Berlin Germany. the same situation still is it possible to change. Such change in politics is necesary if not Israel will not survive. The world of today is not ready to accept this kind of extreme irrational nationalism. If Israel convert to be an Aprartheid statte it will loose that is for sure.
7. Peace activists will never look the same
steve ,   israel   (06.02.10)
8. Barakeh is a liar.
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
What an ill judged stupid stunt! 9 people dead.
9. REmove Immunity and Charge Zoabi for Treason
tony   (06.02.10)
for reneging on the oath of allegiance to the State of Israel. Shame on her.
10. remove MK Zoabi Immediately
LJ ,   USA   (06.02.10)
What she did is not a show of free speach but a slap in the face of State of Israel, IDF, PM. She is obviously an enemy of the state. Get rid of her quick! Peace to Isreal-----God Bless Isreal
11. swinmming against the world?
mik ,   LA, USA   (06.02.10)
Since when has the world EVER stood up for Jews and WHY should we EVER trust anyone in the world?
12. Zoabi
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.02.10)
Lift her immunity and charge her with association with known terrorists.
13. a morality all of her own
JO   (06.02.10)
she herself refuses the evidence. Israel is fed up of hearing such words - not based on reality. Truth is not one sided and demands evidence. All activists stuff was taken- common policy for all countries for illegal entry of possible enemies. Footage from al jeereza shows the same as the IDF. shot wounds on legs (as soldiers said) beating of soldiers as they landed. pictures of those dead- not our culture or mainstream western culture, it is the cuture of the arabs and it is also highly insenitive to relatives of those dead. And not required under interantional law. Trying to assertain the identities of those killed (no passports why?) is still pending. That alone will help clear up the motives and affiliations of those on board.
14. the only reason she isnt is jail is Knesset imunity
zionist forever   (06.02.10)
MKS illegally visit enemy states and when they get because of their immunity all they get is a slap on the wrists and told they shouldn't have done that. The likes of Tibi take part in anti Israel rallies with the palestinians but he has Knesset immunity. If Vanunu or Kamm had been MKS it wouldn't surprise me if all they got was a slap on the wrist but they would get off because they would have immunity. It seems that if your an MK you have the right to do just about anything and be immune from prosecution even if an ordinary civilian would get the book thrown at them. We couldn't do anything to Olmert when he was the PM... if he hadn't been pressured into resigning the law couldn't have touched him. Sure there are certain things an MK should have immunity from prosecution like being able to speak freely in the Knesset itself. In the Knesset chamber you should not have to worry about what you say being considered slanderous etc. Why though should somebody be able to carry out all kinds of other illegal acts when they are not in the Knesset and be told you have immunity because your an MK? We need to change the laws here MKS cannot be a law unto themselves who can do virtually anything. No more Knesset immunity. No more letting them do what they like. No more tolerance of treacherous arabs but because we don't want to be seen as being anti arab we turn a blind eye but if they had been jewish they would be in court because they are just part of the majority and don't get any kind of unofficial protected minority status.
15. Regev is a criminal
Gunny ,   Milan Italy   (06.02.10)
we hope that the international court for human rights declare this israeli goverment and all substainers like Regev to criminals! damned cowards!
16. she is traiter of the state of terror
tea man ,   marjayoun   (06.02.10)
thats an honnor she carry that the accuser lack it
17. Kach was outlawed,
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.02.10)
but Hadash and Balad remain in our Kenesset. This shows serious problems in our government. Our politicians, sell out our own like those in Judea and Samaria, to look good to all the Goyim, why? They hate us either way, WE NEED TO STAND STRONG AND UNITED AND FIGHT! In the coming war will we show our enemies mercy again? WE NEED TO FIGHT TO WIN, WE NEED TO BE CONCERNED FOR OUR OWN NOT THOSE WISHING OUR DESTRUCTION!
18. "You are swimming against the entire world.
Jewish   (06.02.10)
You are hurting your own nation." I sadly agree.
19. Pathetic right-wing Israelis
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.02.10)
First of all, you can readily see the lack of education in the Israeli Knesset. Trojan Horse? The trojan horse story in the Iliad dealt with deception. The Arab MK did not deceive anyone. Instead, she spoke the truth as she saw it. After all, unlike almost all members of the Knesset who hide their heads in the sand and don't want to know any truth not 'officially approved' by their government, she was actually there. Of course, that is her crime. Refuting the Israeli-approved propoganda. By the way, if the Israeli commandos were only armed with paint guns, then how did so many die? From paint fumes? And why are there no pictures of protestors covered with paint?
20. revoke citizenships of people that don't agree with you.
Sam ,   ME   (06.02.10)
On what basis do you revoke her citizenship? Faith? Race?
21. Regev is criminal
JUDAH THE LION   (06.02.10)
Gunny why you are ignorant and uneducated.I can assure you even your Country which I love want accept traitors in your parliament. In Arab or Muslim world they will be hanged on the spot and their body will be given to dogs.
22. Israeli arabs & arab MK
JUDAH THE LION   (06.02.10)
All Israeli arabs in the Kenesset should be kicked out from the Kenesset and to be deported to Jordan or Gaza.Israeli arabs shoud swear their loyalty to the State of Israel,anyone refuse should be kicked out from Israel.
23. tea man
JUDAH THE LION   (06.02.10)
you are nothing but stupid. She will be punished sooner or later.
24. yesterday she was saying there was not even a club on board
zionist forever   (06.02.10)
Despite the video evidence taken boath aboard the ship and from the air showing the soldiers being lynched by the passengers on this site yesterday this woman was reporting that there was not a single club or knife used against the soldiers. When you can make those kind of statements even when you know there is video evidence contradicting it then you have no respectability.
25. 200,000 israeli arabs voted for Balad and Zouabi
Aaron ,   Bat Yam   (06.02.10)
I'm sure they share Zouabi's views. What can you do about that?
26. true that
there will never be international boycott, and if there will be boycott the arabs will suffer more than the Jews.Israel will always be ours with or without international approval. IN G D Jews trust not on human being.
27. MK Zoabi
Douglas Fireman ,   Niles, USA   (06.02.10)
Just another lieing propagandist. And the world's anti-zionist/Israel/Jew population believe her.
28. (-_-)
shlomo ,   tal aviv   (06.02.10)
It Zoubi I'm with the right "You people are not democratic" (you can not hear the opinions of others) this is something Not normal
29. Traitor Knesset Member
RayS ,   USA   (06.02.10)
Only a self hating Israeli government ,Knesset and public would allow a Hamas supporter to use the Knesset as a platform..
30. M K Regev
ami ,   israel   (06.02.10)
Iam proud of you and a shame on Rivlin instead of throwing out the bunch of arab Knesset members he threw out the those who belive in Israel
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