'Hamas blocking delivery of aid'
Amnon Meranda
Published: 02.06.10, 18:35
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1. Listen Israel...nobody cares about the facts
Scott   (06.02.10)
...even Israel haters know this exercise is all bullshit. Its just another stunt.
2. Rationally, the best solution is to stand up and say that
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.02.10)
"ALL other vessels will be turned away by any force necessary. You have the option of unloading in Egypt." The world deals with strong Jews that stand up for themselves and they run over Jews who are in the right but choose to be weak.
3. what did Israel introduce in; poison or radiation?
observer   (06.02.10)
4. Give it all to Israel's needy and Gush Katif evacuees
Jake ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
It's the best thing possible to do.
5. The real face of the terrorists
FrienshippriorPeace ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
The Friendship prior Peace web blog is condemning the Hamas terror organization, the Turkish IHH and the Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and see them the responsible for the lost lives of their own people who are terror supporters. This wasn't a humanitarian flotilla but a simple provocation just for the purpose to ambush Israel to gain propaganda points. The refusal of Hamas to receive the goods is showing that their claim of "starvation" is fake. But the world is still not flipping the coin to see the real value of it. Read more:
6. israel Destroyed All Of THe Aid
Ted Coppal ,   Toronto Canada   (06.02.10)
look at the boxs oh my their all destroyed how can anything surve in boxs like that, THATS HAMAAS's NEXT REACTION, I'll bet everything I owe on that one War is upon us and its muslims against the Free World all the hype is unfolding so be prepared cause there EVERYWHERE
7. the march of islam goes on...
8. So let the flotilla deliver it if Israel can't
Seebear   (06.02.10)
stude ham   (06.02.10)
AND IT'S MILKING THAT COUP FOR ALL IT'S WORTH. but it won't be long before they make their fatal mistake. there is too much hatred in their bigotry.
10. HAMAS - robering the goods!!!
israel   (06.02.10)
the same goods have been sent into Gaza over the past year on a regular basis. what a hams blafing !!! the mening of hams is robering-and thats what ther dooing .......
11. #2 - Is that what Israel wants....
Dani ,   formerly Israel   (06.02.10)
I am not too sure that either Israel nor Egypt would be wanting that to happen through the Rafah crossing with Egypt and Aza. Especially Egypt, b/c they want nothing to do with Aza since '67. They don't even like being mentioned in the same sentence. Most of the arms are smuggled through the tunnels and into Aza anyway, so why give them more stuff to smuggle...?
12. no one believes you anymore!
Josh ,   the free world   (06.02.10)
it's like the story from the bible of the shepherd and his three lies. Except Israel lied like three million lies before it got caught. Nicely done but it's too late. now, even if you tell the truth no one will believe you.
13. Lift the Boycott and Let Egypt Drown
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (06.02.10)
Hamas is blocking the childrens toys and obsolete medical supplies from entering and Israel doesn't play it up for all it's worth? This is Israel's problemo, it seems in a fog, perplexed, overwhelmed by daily events. I asked numerous times for a list of the products boycotted by Abbas (W. Bk) and have yet to get an answer. I and others are prepared to spend thousands to purchase from that list and undermine the boycott. STILL no responses! Why? What is wrong with Israel and it's supporters? Okay, so left the boycott, Egypt also stands to lose when rockets are shipped by sea and launched at THEIR forces. Of course they will respond, something Israel has yet to learn To Israel: block the Philadelphi Corridor once and for all, but then again, what about Goldstone renewed?
14. Jewish lobby can force this BS Only on US Adm & Congress
Davis ,   Miami, USA   (06.02.10)
Israeli media has been running ludicrous stories about the Jewish terror attack on the Turkish humanitarian ship such as soldiers/terrorists were attacked by passengers, the ship was carrying knives and clubs... Problem with this carp is that only US media, Administration, and Congress buy this silly stuff [not that they believe but they can’t say no to Jewish lobby] which doesn’t fly for everybody else on this planet.
15. Flotilla aid....
Malone ,   Hfx   (06.02.10)
Screw hamas...dump it all in the West Bank and them all fight over it...maybe they'll wipe each other out.. hamas doesn't need it or want it... It interferes with their tunnel industry.
16. #3 - Pals hurt themselves more often
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
They don't need Israel or others to do it for them. But feel free to have a 3rd party Western nation join in the inspection process. After hundreds of thousands of tons of aid going into Gaza, it's hard to take you seriously about "sabotaged" goods.
17. #4 - Actually, that is a good thing to do
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
Show the world Hamas' intransigence and set up an ultimatum. If not received in 48 hours, Israel will receive the shipment and provide it to the poor among them - Jew and Arab alike.
18. Hmm, so again it's not really about aid into Gaza, is it?
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
Just like many Gazans who couldn't travel to medical care because of Hamas hubris. Now Hamas wants recognition and power over the aid - holding their own population hostage until they get the power they desire. Didn't they do this also when they stolen UN ambulances and sabotaged aid deliveries during Cast Lead when a small cease-fire window was opened for UN shipments? A terrorist by any other name would kill just the same.
19. Hamas blocking delivery of aid nobody cares
Dani ,   Amsterdam   (06.02.10)
Is this resistance or starving their own people? Why UN do not says anything.Because is much easier to catalyse the strengths against one in this case Israel. Is logical few millions of Jews are nothing compared to the Arabic population so why spend time and resources make them happy and give Israel to the Palestinians. Time to fight for life diplomatically and with guns. On our back only the Sea .
20. Oh no! Palestinians refuse to be treated like DOGS!
Nour ,   One State   (06.02.10)
I'm not a Hamas member nor am I a Hamas sympathizer, however today I'm HAMAS to the bone. The siege has to end and Palestine has to be free caprice?????
21. Hamas blocking aid, in Solidarity with Convoy
Paco ,   Canada   (06.02.10)
workers who were massacred by Israel!! why would Palestinians take aid which is stained by bloodshed from Israeli army? No Thank you, and bravissimo Hamas! Do not accept aids until the Blockade is broken and that REAL aid finally arrives to your ports!!!!!
22. #20 you were always Hamas, you twit
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
In that you agreed 100% with their genocidal charter and their war crimes. You don't have to wear their colors - and indeed most of their own didn't during Cast Lead in order to hide their affiliation - but you can BE a Hamas-supporter. Today, I am Israeli 100% to the bone! And until Hamas/"Palestinians" end their 5-year declaration of war, NO siege will be lifted. Caprice? BTW - Gazans obviously don't really need the aid if they can reject it outright. Perhaps if he place it on silver plates the welfare queens will feel better receiving it?
BEN S ,   FREE WORLD   (06.02.10)
They don't want this aid. There are not enough weapons. Sell the stuff, and the boats on E-bay.
24. #14 - yeah - videos and facts just get in the way
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
It's easier just to take a group of angry Turks at their word than to accept video and other factual evidence. You don't have to think too hard nor navigate away from your pre-conceived biases. Viva la Leftists douchebags!
25. #12 - "the free world", so you're in...Iran?
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
26. #8 - they could have if accepted inspections
William ,   Israel   (06.02.10)
But now no one is left from the failed flotilla. I think we should just catapult it into the nearest Gaza city and hope for the best.
27. no problemo. offer 3 times. if not accepted, give it away.
ralph   (06.02.10)
28. if Karni crossing is open, no such incident could have happe
Hamas has offered to bring Fatah back to Karni or hire a Turkish company to operate the Palestinian side, but Israel persistently refused.
29. The Stuff Is Garbage
Ted Codwell ,   Toronto Canada   (06.02.10)
Why would Hamass Want garbaGE WHEN THEY CAN GET ANYTHING THAT THEY WANT Nooo there just part of the turkey plot to destroy Israel through PROPAGANDA. Russia had a bigg hand in all this as well if we read all the news from the World but then what isnt Russia into that helps to destroy humanity, Arabs are dispossable as we can all see as they not only kill infadels as they so call it they kill themselves (I guess there are millions of muslim Infadels). Obmma certainly is to blame for all this as he gave the green light for all muslims to go after Israel through Egypt, what a farce that guy is turning out to be, just like a muslim, all lies Wow, muslims are sure coming out of the Closet arnt they, like locusts willing to destroy anything in their path
30. #21 - guess no real humanitarian crisis
William ,   Israel   (06.03.10)
We have a saying - "beggers can't be choosers". If Hamas can dictate when and how to receive aid they say they need, then apparently they don't really need it. But the rest of us already knew that, didn't we? I say give it to people who both need and deserve it...IN HAITI!
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