UN's Ban: Israel must lift Gaza blockade immediately
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.06.10, 08:53
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1. Really?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.10)
So tell me. Should the United States lift its embargo and blockade of North Korea? Yeah? Watch those North Koreans come charging across the DMZ. Hey. Fair is fair. Israel will lift theirs ... if the U.S. lifts its blockade of North Korea. Kiss your family in South Korea good-bye. Hypocrite.
2. Gaza will become Iranian port
YEHOSHUA ,   USA   (06.03.10)
If the blocked is lifted IRANwill have a new port to launch attackes from, Why doesn't the UN chief say that Hamas must live up to all previous agreements and except Israels right to live.IThink there is a little Jew hate effecting his brain. I also see Barry Hussains true colores, Israel I STAND WITH YOU AND SEE THE TRUTH
3. Ban, Guess Israeli Lives Don`t Matter
Dallas ,   Canada   (06.03.10)
Has the world gone insane? Why does no Western country take Hamas to task for their belligerence? This is insanity. No other way to describe it.
4. World is against you zionist. Open the Borders
Steve ,   Dublin, Ireland   (06.03.10)
Prepare for what is coming. I hope many many missiles from iran. You should advise your woman and children to leave palestinian land immediately, your enemy unlike you does not like killing innocents.. you have been warned
5. Of course we must Mr. Ban Ki moon!
!sraeli   (06.03.10)
We must immediately open a free passage way for Iranian shipments of Missiles, terrorists, kusbara and Humus. Why are there so many idiots in the world today?! joining the Jihad against Israel?! Finally a quote from Martin Luther King: " In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends".
6. The great hypocrite, Ban Ki moon
Arul   (06.03.10)
Hey Ban ki Moon, Why don't you ask your neighbours in North korea who sunk your country's ship with 45 of your country men in it ? Sure you will not ask them. You hypocrite coward!
7. Steve in Ireland
Stephen in New York ,   New York   (06.03.10)
depraved, ignorant and stupid.
8. Mr.Ban, First send humanitarian help to Gilad Shalit
me   (06.03.10)
an issue that taking place more than 3 yrs. And then take care of the recent issues. How come i dont see the same passion in the UN when it's abput helping Israel?
9. the blokad is acording with international law
ghostq   (06.03.10)
does this idiot knows what he is doing, he will make the UN laws unvalid, sound like the far east situation is also troubling, NK SK already preparing the ammo, and he worry on gaza thatt gets humanitarian supply from Israel on daily basis, sound like he is another of extreme muslim puppet that is all, and he cares only for the people who pay him to say those words.
10. Return all rockets fired to UN offices.
Jonny ,   SA   (06.03.10)
Simple solution, lift blockade and return to sender every rocket fired at Israel, to UN headquarters in New York or Geneva. . Should any live missile be seized at any time , return them as well to the owners, the UN as the de facto government of Gaza. Should not cause any problems, as the UN are independent of the countries where they are situated. I cannot see any disruption to the working life at the UN, as they should get used to rocket fire in the same way as Israelis are expected to do. Any prevention of delivery of these live and fragmented rockets should be considered an illegal blockade as Israel could claim they are just returning unwanted goods sent to them on instructions of the UN. I am sure there are International Laws(of which the UN is fond of quoting) relating to the return of unwanted and un solicited goods, that allow the return to sender
11. # 4 Mr. Ireland
Sylvia ,   USA   (06.03.10)
Steve when was the last time a rocket hit your house? What did you do or say? Iran's missles can now reach you .So you need to get ready too! You are not a Zionist either but you would probably call yourself an innocent victim. Then you would really want the UN. Maybe even some US or IDF soldiers to protect you.
12. we need your vote
Dave   (06.03.10)
Arthur ,   sf, ca   (06.03.10)
14. To Steve @ # 4
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (06.03.10)
Return to your Irish whisky and keep your stupidities to yourself.
15. #4 you speak the truth
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.03.10)
You are telling the truth, but Israeli Leftists are deaf and blind. The blockade is unsustainable and eventually any land we surrender will be used by "people" like you to exterminate us. It happened in Lebanon, it happened in Gaza, it will happen in Judea and Samaria. Israel has no choice but to start populating Judea and Samaria, the only place safe from Hamas rockets.
16. Irish boy has been drinking too much, Iranians tied 12y olds
R ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.10)
together and sent them out in mined fields. They are more than willing to sacrifice their children, cut their noses off, rape them at 6, 9, 12. Your ignorance is blatant and so is your racism!
17. "Lift the blockade so they can re-arm" and start
R ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.10)
world war 3. What an idiot! This guy does not want peace, nor does he care about the people of Gaza. If they did, why aren't they at Egypts door asking them to open their border. Because all the non-Hamas people would flee and Hamas's human shields would be gone. People of the world: Hamas does not want peace, they want war and they don't care about killing their own people for their sacred Jihad. They send their children to die in glory...just watch their home videos of their suicide bombers. Supporters of these people are so blinded by hate, they can't even think straight. It is a miraculous hate. All these people want the destruction of Israel, even people within Isr are trying to sabatoge Israel. Doesn't matter, because when the dust settles Israel will still be here and all of these nations will be laid low. That is a promise.
18. Number 4
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (06.03.10)
Don't get your hopes up, you vindictive creep. The Israelis aren't going anywhere. Hopefully Bibi will tell that gibbering little UN rodent what he can do with his demands.
19. Israel is in danger
Bar ,   All around the world   (06.03.10)
Israel is in danger of destroying itself. I quote: During her meeting with the UN chief, Shalev presented photos of the knives and bats that were found on the ship, which she said were used by the "group of terror supporters to lynch the IDF soldiers." The ambassador expressed regret over the loss of lives during the raid, but stressed that it was carried out only after the flotilla was repeatedly warned not to proceed towards Gaza. First of all, those on board were not terrorist it were people who wanted to give aid to gaza, look those people up yourself, the boat included students, journalists and so on. Shalev talks about them being warned, but who does she think she is? The gaza siege is against international human rights, it is being sufficated economically. And those people on boats had the right to protest against this. Furthermore Shalev is talking about soldiers being lynched. Well 19 people on that boat got killed and on Israeli side: NO ONE. Do the math. Plus if someone would enter my boat on international waters (!) I would also pick up a bat to defend myself, IDF had no rights. This propaganda from extreme right newspapers and the government is just crazy. I read about a soldier breaking his arm while in the same newsarticle not one of the murdered people is mentioned. Do you really think that Israel is always right? For every so called ''leftist'' person that are killed excuses are made. This is crazy, come on remember Fadel Shana (plus other teenagers) and Rachel Corrie. Do you think those were terrorist as well? Brainwashed as some are, probably yes.
20. HYPOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.03.10)
"We face international hypocrisy, this was not a Love Boat, it was a hate boat". Wasn't Netanjahu right..??!!
21. Sorry, Bar, but it's real aid workers who are in danger
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.03.10)
Bar is just another blah blah phony activist who likes to hear him/herself spout anti-israel rhetoric. Sorry, Bar, but a state of war exists with Gaza and the blockade is very legal under international law. Then, of course, you seem to have totally forgotten that Gaza is run by a criminal outfit called Hamas. Good for us, though, Judge Goldstone didn't forget about this. Can you argue with Goldstone himself? "... the [Goldstone] report contains the clearest finding that Hamas and other militant Palestinian groups committed serious war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity. The acceptance of those findings by the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly has been ignored completely..." Richard Goldstone, Interviewed by Ha'aretz, Nov 13 2009 These boats were bringing supplies to war criminals. Any aid to the people of Gaza has to go through the proper channels. Any boat that resists the blockade will be boarded and the people arrested - perfectly legal under international law. Bar, if you want peace, the why don't you tell Hamas to stop their policy of war and say openly that they agree to peace talks?
22. They did not want to give aid, that is a lie...
R ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.10)
The organizers said on national tv that their purpose was to stop the blockade, the main purpose was not to give aid. That was their response to Israel and Egypts offer to send their aid in for them after they sift it for weapons. Google it. Now Hamas won't even accept the aid. These people and all of their supporters are blinded and blissfully ignorant in their misery of hate.
23. UN's Ban: Israel must lift Gaza blockade immediately
Gerry ,   Holon   (06.03.10)
why Ban don't call for free Gilad or stop rocket attacks
24. Very good point, Sarah B.!!
Dror ,   Israel   (06.03.10)
You're completely right!
25. Ban Ki whatever....
Ram ,   London   (06.03.10)
describes the blockade as "counter-productive, unsustainable and wrong." I wonder if he would use the same words if his backside was exposed to the threat of missiles from Gaza.
26. a place under the sun
sam ,   colorado   (06.03.10)
Finally the man came out of his silence Israel must lift Gaza blockade immediately Among the many mistakes of Israel to prevent his daily requirements for the people of Gaza got all the problems for Israel will have to re-arrange his leaves Will not have find a place under the sun
27. This tragedy could have been prevented
Shaul R ,   USA   (06.03.10)
if Hamas would have canceled its genocidal charter and pledged recognition and peaceful coexistence. Perhaps Mr. Ban should devote a little of his time to that pursuit. Otherwise I must concede that yes, Mr. Ban is a hypocrite.
28. Ban do you get paid by Arabs/Muslims?
Mina ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.03.10)
The reason I ask is beacuse you appear to be recycling their lies. How dare you stating that the " ...underlying problem behind Monday's tragedy was the long-running, crippling Israeli siege of the tiny Palestinian coastal enclave...? Get it right Ban! The underlying problems are amongst other things the ongoing acts of terrors taken by Hamas against Israeli civillians, before & after Israel withdrew from Gaza. As you should know Ban, Israel allows tones of food & humanitarian aid into Gaza on a daily basis. Any 'crippling' done, is mainly aimed at the smuggling of weapones into Gaza & Hamas' capabilities to enagge in more terror against Israelis/Jews. May the Hamas be crippled in such a way for ever! Ban stop victimizing & demonizing Israel & get your facts right.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (06.03.10)
Favorite food : Fried Dog and chips .
30. Ban ki moon
Devorah ,   Israel   (06.03.10)
Would his country or any other country let ships bring supplies to their enemies without checking them? What hypocrites.
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