Report: 9 flotilla activists killed by gunshots
Associated Press
Published: 03.06.10, 11:00
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31. # 25, turkish turkey
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.03.10)
Yes, thanks to Israel Turkey is brought back where it belongs. To Middle Age world of Islam. Nice, that you are grateful for that. I wonder how long it will last..
32. On Facebook it is Turks living in Germany...
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (06.03.10)
...who openly call for the murder of Jews. They are there, with full name, city etc. A large amount of data will be given to the police, I know people working on this. A lot of the comments from the 'German' Turks are reminiscent of the Nazi slogans from the Third Reich ("Und wenn das Judenblut vom Messer spritzt"...) A first attack has occured in the Starbucks in the city of Bonn. I wish we could kick that scum out of our country.
33. to gostq #4
Gargamel ,   smurf town , EU   (06.03.10)
Actually it's not Merkel's (not merckle^^) job, she may step down with security untouched. We have damn many groups of a hundred in Berlin alone. They have a large base, a former flak barrack's place in the Third Reich, (gotta like that) just near where I live. Gaining a reputation for de-escalation over the years, but being able to strike truly hard at the sime time, I somehow feel all-too well-guarded. They resemble spacey Storm Troopers, or sadomasochists, or funny smurfs, depends.
34. Yes, we know
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.10)
Thank you very much for the old information. These so-called "peaceful activists" attacked Israeli soldiers who were enforcing a fully legal blockade. They paid the inevitable consequences of any such illegal actions. Got anything new to report?
35. to 26
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (06.03.10)
your response is clear that you feel guilty of what israel is doing to pals that is a progress shows you guys have conscience after all
36. Of course they were shot!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.03.10)
Any moron who watches the video and sees these Islamic radicals beating the soldiers to death. These instigators were not there for any "humanitarian mission" - it is perfectly clear that their goal was a confrontation with Israel. They got their confrontation. They tried to kill the soldiers as any idiot can tell by watching the pictures. In self defense, the soldiers shot and killed them. If the IDF goal was to kill, then there's be 400 dead, not just the Islamic fighters who tried to kill the soldiers.
37. Ottoman !
Fatih ,   Turkey   (06.03.10)
Turkey helped you stay alive in the world war II. And you thank by killing innocent Turkish. a jew is a killer, no matter where he lives. And the most important thing is; they are already dead, however they dont know this yet. We ll teach !
38. Gaza blockade!!!
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (06.03.10)
The Hamas are not allowing the aid through to the people. Does the world know about this and are they being condemned!??????
39. to # 24,28
murat ,   antalya-turkey   (06.03.10)
what makes you son angry. Or is it because you don't want to listen to the truth.You and your secret services know very well how to create hostility amongst countries and people..You made armenians and turkish fight with eachother in order to watch,to divide and to sell your weapons. You did it with arabs and turks too as you keep doing this in all other countries you exploit.One day history will charge you or your descedants for all the suffer you brought to the peacefull world.
40. To: No. 37
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.10)
I think you need to improve your research skills. No Jews found sanctuary in Turkey during World War II. Turkey, on the other hand, did murder over 1.2 million Armenians in the early part of the 20th century (which paved the way for the Holocaust -- aren't you proud?) and has slaughtered several hundred thousand Kurds -- a slaughter which continues to this day. You would do well to zip your lip about "killers." And Turks who attempted to murder Israelis who were enforcing a PERFECTLY LEGAL BLOCKADE are scarcely "innocent," now, are they? Would you like to talk about Cyprus and the wanton Turkish invasion of 1974? No, I didn't think you did. Turkey has commonly been known as "the sick man of Europe." Do you realize just how terminal that illness is? Tick tock.
41. Angry?
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.03.10)
Where do you see anger in the nice fable? After trying so hard to get to EU, now you say Well, it is sick. And yes, I like very much to listen to the truth, but not twisted Arab media truth. And, yes, we did all these things that you are so sure about, but we also made the big tsunami few years ago, and we are guilty for the recent oil spill, and whatever comes to your mind, it is us. Yep. Have a nice day.
42. Flotilla Activists being Shot
sirepuck ,   san francisco usa   (01.14.11)
it was self defence on the part of the israelis, they were attacked by hostile extremist and they responded.
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