Lieberman backs supervised probe of Gaza flotilla
Roni Sofer
Published: 03.06.10, 13:16
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1. israel commission - ha ha ha LOL
Ella ,   Haifa   (06.03.10)
Talk about Kangaroo court, now dont forget to mention antisemitism at least a 100 times in the report !
2. Wakey .. wakey.. Avigdor Lieberman
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.10)
3. "supervised probe"?????
Marco ,   Spain   (06.03.10)
Is that the same as "doctored probe"???? NO Mr. Lieberman, I suggest we let Goldstone do the investigation...
4. probe
colin   (06.03.10)
Lieberman wants a probe into the fortiila escapade. WONDERFUL Hope that his first question to the IDF officers is "HOW DOES AN OFFICER SEND A SOLDIER TO WAR WITH TOY PAINT GUNS ??" The balming of information corpse does not excuse a playground!!! Has the groveling of the Israeli politician sunk so low that they try to kill our own soldiers. !!!! The rest of a probe is only a paint job for the public relations to twist words of lies and untruths to the world. Israeli soldiers were hurt,stabbed beaten for the politicians. NO WONDER THE CHILDREN DO NOT WANT TO SERVE IN THE IDF.
5. :: In an interview today…
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.03.10)
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said “We should not be afraid of any investigation; we should set up a transparent commission of inquiry” adding, "If they (the UN) ask to include foreign overseers in the probe – we'll include them." When asked if he was high on crack Lieberman responded “inquisition commission transparent we must - international oversight we seek”. Public reaction was less than muted, “Is he NUTS?!” screamed Yonatan Shavit, a shopkeeper from Sderot “We can’t afford a transparent commission of inquiry and have the truth come out”. “We're sick and tired of this idiot,” Tali Berglass, a student from Kfar Sava told Ynet while spitting in Lieberman general direction adding “he will be the death of us all with his crazy ideas”. “He said WHAT?” Ran Abdel Hail, a Palestinian Israeli from Jaffa gasped in disbelief. “Has he been brainwashed by Hamas? Nobody expected this, it’s really unbelievable”.
6. These people trying to impose themselves on Israel
Scott   (06.03.10)
Whether Israel detractors like it or not - Israel CONTROLS these areas that they feel they can visit at their whim. Sorry, it doesnt work that way. Its amazing that after 60 years of endless BS - some people cant accept that Israel is a COUNTRY and CONTROLS that area. Its theirs. It will not be relinquished except by war...and I feel that is exactly what many Israel haters want ..and they will very likely get their way soon. A bunch of imbeciles.
7. Fine. The world Community wants an internationally
Allan ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (06.03.10)
led inquiry commission, give it to them. On one condition: under no circumstances should it be led by Goldstone or Ashton. Given these two anti Israel bias, it goes without saying that should they lead the investigation it'll be anything but biased.
8. No to International Probe
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.03.10)
Israel is not a puppet of the US. No to kissing up to world and US No International Probe and observers no appeasement and get these EU paid agents people off the talkbacks please
9. #1 and #3
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.03.10)
It is now clear that most of the mercenaries who attacked the IDF soldiers were El-Qaeda. Why do you guys condemn Israel for killing Al-Qaeda soldiers, but don't condemn Obama for murdering a baby just because she is the granddaughter of an Al-Qaeda activist? Racism perhaps?
10. Lieberman is a big fat idiot
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.03.10)
Admiral Eliezer Chi Marum who led the massacre of fleet of freedom was a reckless and Mahtse wines and he is Chinese so, as long as Mr Lieberman ,Russian worked as a bouncer in a nightclub , I think he's the right person to stop Rachel Corrie ship :) It is not necessary to be just militarily N.B. Admiral Eliezer Chi Marum IS WANTED
11. No international inquiry.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.03.10)
Whoever don't like it can suck water out of the Dead Sea.
12. Probe focus - Who was on the ship and who sent them
Mike   (06.03.10)
13. Turkish responsibility
Sidney ,   New York US   (06.03.10)
If Turkey sends its military alongside the Rachel Corrie, Israel should announce that from that moment on ALL goods and services into Gaza are Turkey's responsibility. Israel should stop supplying any goods and services to Gaza and turn over a list of the goods supplied in the past. Turkey will then assume the responsibility of supplying Gaza. Israel will wash its hands of Gaza.
14. Irish-owned ship Rachel Corrie
Noel ,   Cork, Ireland   (06.03.10)
The British government has issued a travel advisory to its citizens not to travel to Gaza. The Irish Foreign minister, in contrast, blatantly gives support to the activists on the Rachel Corrie ship, urging them on their journey to Gaza. When these activists are intercepted by the IDF and cry foul, the Irish Government will once again attack the Israeli government for their actions. The Irish governments provocative actions smack of antisemitism and should be condemned. The blame for any injuries sustained by the activists should be laid at the door of the Irish government.
15. Lieberman - a probe
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.03.10)
On this issue I do NOT agree with Lieberman but I like him. We don't need to be probed for everything we do. What would it accomplish ? We were right and honorable ?! We already know that even if the World does not. Has Russia been "probed "on Chechyna ?
16. I have to agree with Liberman on this one
zionist forever   (06.03.10)
Israel can't make this an internal matter because its the only way for at least some of the countries that know it was self defense but because its seen as not acceptable to have anybody show support for Israel here they are having to condemn it. If Israel tries to do this alone it will just be seen as one big cover up and Israel will never be able to move on from this. Its also probably going to be the only thing thats going to stop Obama coming out and condemning it to satisfy his muslim allies or demanding an end to the blockade. All the video evidence filmed live at the time shows the soldiers being lynched as soon as they landed on the ship. There are currently soldiers in hospital including one with a stab wound from where he had to personally pull a knife out. The organizers have admitted that passengers stole guns from the soldiers. We have on the ships own cameras pictures of passengers in gas masks and bullet proof vests. The organizers refused an offer to deliver the stuff to Israel where it would be checked and delivered by toad to Gaza. They openly said their intention was to breach the blockade ( not deliver humanitarian aid breach the blockade ) Lets cooperate with an international investgations providing the people handling it can be trusted are not biased in anyway. We got the most distorted investigation last time called Goldststone which even some EU countries saw as a shambles. If we want to avoid another Goldstone we must defend our corner not just say its non of your business we were in the right end of story. This is not the time for Bibi to be saying we will deal with it quietly everybody else butt out.
17. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.03.10)
Eliezer MAROM is the name of the commander of the Israeli navy, you twit. BTW Lieberman worked as a bouncer in a nightclub to pay for his college education. Something you dont obviously have.
18. Because all Peace Activist should be peaceful....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.04.10)
That is why IDF soldiers carried paint ball (peaceful) guns to show the world how to have fun but it appears the 'pissful activist' from different parts of the world have no knowledge of 'having fun', instead is only interested in appearing in the media headlines as one of the most violent activist. Making the world look like total blockheads to recognize such a flottila by vehemently demanding Israel to investigate the flottila incident, ending the blockade and breaking diplomatic ties
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