Turkey suspends all infrastructure projects with Israel
Shoham Levy, Calcalist
Published: 04.06.10, 07:38
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1. there are elections in Turkey next year
redbourn ,   Arad, Israel   (06.04.10)
and there is a good chance that Erdogan will be out on his ear. The recent resignation of Deniz Baykal, leader of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), presents a serendipitous window of opportunity for Turkish politics. If Kilicdaroglu can now also reinvent Kemalism, the founding ideology of modern Turkey and the CHP, making it attractive in the eyes of the Turkish people, he can even challenge the AKP in the forthcoming 2011 polls. The world should hope that Kilicdaroglu wins.
2. can you tell me again
Howard ,   US   (06.04.10)
why you're not cutting off military sales to Turkey? Yes, you'll lose some money but at this rate Turkey will be a full blown partner in terror with Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah very soon and you'll see your own weapons turned against you by one or all of the above.
3. Yea right, suspends everything except arms deals
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.04.10)
Nothing like the Turks getting some Israeli know-how in the constant quest to suppress the Kurds. Turkey gets lots of weapons and weapons-related equipment and know-how from Israel - like pilotless drones they use to patrol eastern Turkey where the PKK is trying to break the yoke of Turkish repression. Ah well, we know that Turkey's anger against Israel is based on a lot of propaganda and lies, in order to prop up the incompetence of Erdogan and his government....standard fare in the Arab and Persian world that the Turks are now adopting. If you can't run your own country properly, simply start a "crisis" with Israel to divert your people's attention away from the troubles at home...
4. it's better the DEVIL you know!!!!
lena   (06.04.10)
5. Our entire family and relatives will tour Turkey this year
Jeff ,   USA   (06.04.10)
6. For #1
Yuri Gratchev ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (06.04.10)
Yes, there is such an electoral 'window' in Turkey next year. Time to put marshall Jewish money and the PR machine to bring Turkey back to heel. How dare they, those Ottomans?
7. Go build your terrorist mosques, don't need Israel for that.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.04.10)
8. turkey is the enemy cancel everything with them
ralph   (06.04.10)
9. Enemy state
David ,   Haifa   (06.04.10)
Turkey should be declared an enemy state, and the restrictions that apply for Israeli citizens to visiting such states should apply to Turkey as well. If only Israel is not going to be so stupid as to sell any more military hardware (drones!) to Turkey, they might end up in Iranian hands.
10. Turkey, a UN member state, emerges as the engine behind the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.04.10)
illegal attempt at breaking the lawful blockade on the Islamist controlled territory of the Gaza Strip - as lawful, incidentally, as that of the US's J.F.Kennedy's on Cuba! Practically, having been rejected from joining the EU, Turkey, the same country that was responsible for the Armenian genocide and for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people, within and without Turkey, has opted to instead join as a leading force the Muslim world and expand its hegemony in the Middle East and beyond. In order to prove its loyalty to its future "subjects", so goes the Turkish thinking, Turkey began to collaborate with some of the darkest political forces in Islam, e.g. IHH within Turkey and Hamas without, as well as with the Iran-Hizballah-IslamicJihad-Hamas-Syria coalition that is openly intent to wipe Israel off the face of earth and the map. This "Gaza Flotilla" was orchestrated, paid for and manned by Turkey and Turkish thugs, based on hard evidence that is emerging, now that the boats have been brought to port. The people who were to pay for ushering of Turkey into its new position in the world of Islam are, once again, the Jews; the Jews of Israel and the nation-state of the Jewish people as a whole. And this simply can't be permitted.
11. No more nuts and raisins from Turkey :)
Ram ,   London   (06.04.10)
Within a year or two Israel will have plants converting sea water to provide 80% of its fresh water needs. Turkey relies on Israel for leading edge technology and strategy for its military among other things. Who loses out more?
12. Oh Please!! Save your whining.
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (06.04.10)
The world now realises that you sent terrorists aboard a ship that you expected would either sail into a warzone unchecked or manage to bushwhack our soldiers and maybe kidnap one? Are you kidding me? And now you are offended when Israel is forced to respond? Our economy is one of the most active in the world; 17th most competitive economy in the world, 3rd most active property market in the world and we just discovered natural gas offshore. Keep your hot air and drizzly water, we don't need friends like you.
13. NR 1.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (06.04.10)
14. Very perplexed by Erdogans stance
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (06.04.10)
Turkey are in a unique position to gain influence and authority by helping to bring Israel and the Arab world to a negotiated settlement Yet Erdogans recent one sided condemnations of Israel, his overtures to Ah MAD inejad and some of his out of character Ah MAD inejad like outbursts are making it very difficult to advance his no doubt genuine desire for peace Turkey as a nation has always commanded much respect as a modern vibrant Islamic democracy with links with both East and West Lets hope that it still has the means to share the confidences of both parties Israel and the Palestinians to maintain its influence rather than slide into one sided destructive partisan politics
15. This claim makes no sense....
John Smith ,   LA,US   (06.04.10)
First, what natural gas pipeline? Israel gets gas from Egypt, and now has gas on its own for at least some years. Water from Turkey? That project never got off the ground, hence why there are a lot of desalination plants being built. It's like they want to give a reason for all the nonexistent projects. Am I missing something?
16. A typical Moslem Country
Ralph ,   Yonkers, USA   (06.04.10)
Sadly after Turkey was rejected by the EEC, It is slowly sliding back to its root. Ataturk is dead and now they are going to bury him. I recall, Erdogan's wife wears a Moslem scarf. These are early warning signs. Too bad.
17. Turkey is alone
den danske forbindel ,   denmark   (06.04.10)
EU dont want Turkey because they kill people from Albania and killing Kurde in a big number. Turkey push Israel away and start with Iran and Venezuela president. both country is lead by ditaktors. remember that was Turkey that ask israel for friendship. whar the motiv was ???
18. #5 Jeff, Don't forget the Imodium
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.04.10)
19. Maybe the Turkish Armed Forces...
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.04.10)
....will desist being led to the abyss by Erdogan and Co and do the right thing ie..... remove them and in so doing stop Ataturk from spinning....
20. trade
Natalie   (06.04.10)
Don't sell them drones.
SM   (06.04.10)
I sincerely hope that the Israeli government will see sense and cancel contracts and suspend all deliveries of military equipment to Turkey (such as the drones which are due to be delivered). Seems a bit suicidal to assist in the military strengthening of a country which has aligned itself with those who seek our destruction (Iran, Syria etc.) and who themselves seem to be building themselves up as an enemy of Israel.
22. Stop Selling Manavgat Water to Israel!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.04.10)
Turkey selling our water as drinking water to Israel from manavgat STOP SELLING MANAVGAT WATER I told this months ago SELL OUR WATER TO GAZA and Israel should buy it from Gaza
23. Pity, Turkey is sliding backwards
Zeroing ,   Germany   (06.04.10)
Turkey is sliding backwards against progress. With regards to recently natural gas discoveries and probably crude oil and the development and expansion of high tech water desalination plants in Israel, I wonder whether the Turkish Government knows exactly the consequences of its action. With Arrow 3 coming into play in a few years’ time and Israel has now alredy mastered and commanding the technology of miniaturization of Hydrogen and Neutron Bombs, then Israel can afford to let Turkey keep on sinking in its hate bitterness, even though most people would prefer better relationship between these two great Nations.
24. #7 Among Turkish built projects in Israel are HaKirya, ...
Turkish construction companies built many important projects in Israel such as HaKirya, Air Force Headquarters, Azraeli Center, many luxurious residents etc. Some of these projects were not given to any foreigner company, but only to a Turkish company called Yilmazlar. So, you say Turkish companies are building terrorist homes? Turkish companies are building the heart of Israeli security and trade. Watch out what you say without any knowledge and wisdom.
25. #22
sarah ,   zurich/tel aviv   (06.04.10)
Israel does not need Turkish water. In fact it wanted to stop buying it all together, but was blackmailed by the Turkish government to continue buying it. Israel has dessalination plants.
26. Turkish relevance declining, and Israel has other choices
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (06.04.10)
Those water sourcing and gas lines projects have remained in just the talking stage for years. Meanwhile, Israel's desalination projects are real and growing. And Israel will be pumping gas from its new fields (bigger than expected, according to yesterday's report) long before a Turkish pipeline could be laid. And Israel can buy its appliances from elsewhere. What Turkey still wants though is Israeli military technology.And that's what Israel should stop providing.
27. Turkey commits an act of war against Israel
m   (06.04.10)
and Ynet cries over the relationships. What will happen? They are against you, they want to kill you and what do you worry about, your cheap trips? They commited an act of war, a country sending a ship to defy another country is an act of war! Ynet stop whining
28. To No 5, Jeff
Alex ,   Johannesburg, South   (06.04.10)
Enjoy. Turkey is a wonderful country. I recommend a day trip to Yerevan in neighboring Armenia. They have a great Armenian Genocide Museum & Memorial. And don't forget about the Kurds and all the other oppressed minorities.
29. #26, and as for tourism, I wonder who's going to replace us?
Genuine Moshe   (06.04.10)
1) The Gulf states are direct competitors of Turkey. 2) The North African countries, Syria, Egypt and Jordan have not the sufficient disposable income per capita. 3) Irak is at war with Turkey. 4) I doubt the Iranians are going to rush to another islamic state for their vacation. 5) Armenia, Grece, Russia, Georgia, ....? Not even in Turkish dreams. Maybe the Neturei Karta jokers.
30. Will Turkey stop projects with Iran?
Joe ,   Canada   (06.04.10)
The Turkish minister so concerned about humanitarian conditions in Gaza does not appear the least concerned about the humanitarian conditions in Iran where opposition members are threatened with violence, jailed, tortured, & often killed. Business between Turkey & Iran is booming. An other case of demagogy by both countries trying to woo the Arab populations , not because of genuine humanitarian concerns but for political reasons.
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