Peres: World always against us
Ronen Medzini
Published: 03.06.10, 18:14
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1. nothing new CRIMINAL salutes CRIMINALS !!
2. poor baby ! STOP YOUR CRIMES NOW
3. Yes bad world doesnt let israel get away with murder boohoo
Ezra   (06.03.10)
4. #3 Ezra - LOOOOOOOL
5. PERES...Thank you...
Samuel ,   Chadds Ford - PA   (06.03.10)
YOU are CONFIRMING Israel's GUILT and BLATANT ARROGANCE... Keep it up..the WORLD is AGAINST you and what you stand for...
6. Some facts
ori ,   akko   (06.03.10)
Muslims are involved in 99% of global terrorism (Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Gaza, Ahizbelah, pirates, Somalia) and that only the tip of the iceberg. Israel is waging siege on Gaza is following the kidnapping of a soldier from the land of Israel, and approved by the UN! If the soldier (Gilad Shalit) is not returned to Israel, Gaza will continue to be under siege! How was responding Thorkia If Israel was sending aid to the Kurds? Would she let it into its territory? Every country in the world would prevent the ship which has not identified it self to enter its territory! The army tried to stop the flotilla peacefully! If the flotilla had stop (what anyone would do if the warship was in front of him) they would be all alive. Israel has a right, and more - the duty! To Protect its citizens, before we hear the world opinion. The Israeli people require its government to bring Gilad Shalit at any price (any price! with full backing of its citizens). As would any other country in the same situation! Release Gilad and you will be released! Concerned citizen
7. I salute you Mr Presiden and Israel.
Christian ,   Sweden   (06.03.10)
May G-d bless you and watch over you. May G-d make his face shine to you and be gracious to you. May G-d raise his face to you and give you peace.
8. Israel is in the right. No question.
The 11th Man ,   London   (06.03.10)
9. I try to imagine
Albrecht ,   P.O.   (06.03.10)
I try to imagine a situation where the policemen in Europe shoot dead in selfdefence not only one but nine(!) hooligans "armed" with knives and bars. And these guys are mostly really bad guys and not "peace activists". It would be the end of the careers of those policemen. They would be visited in hospital by bailiff and not by the president.
10. kurdish
sabasu ,   vietnam   (06.03.10)
Are there any country caaled kurdia. we help gaza legal help but 25 year you mossad help PKK. we aware of this. dont tell me you are not helping...
11. Israel's Best Gets Beat Up By Old Men And Women
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.03.10)
With sticks and kitchen knives no less. I wonder what will happen they next time they invade Lebanon?
12. World always against you???
Dino Domingo ,   Vancouver, Canada   (06.03.10)
Mr Peres, I have a lot of respect for you but have to respectfully say your reverse psychology on this topic is disappointing! I have always admired your honesty, your ways of representing Israel and of dealings with your Arab neighbours but I have to say this time I don't see your comments and opinions as being fair and noble! This whole mess was created because someone told the commandos to aggressively board ships, in international waters with the aggressiveness and full intention to be offensive! I am confident as millions of other people around the world that if the Israelis stopped the ships, even with incident BUT without any deaths... Israel would have far more support than they have right now! Your country made a huge mistake and unfortunately this blood is on Israeli hands! I have said and will say that I am in full agreeance with the Israeli government about not allowing any ships to Gaza... I fully support the security of 100% against Hamas (in fact I HATE THEM!)...but it is undeniable that the whole fiasco was avoidable! Your commandos were not at fault it was whoever game them their orders. Peres is playing a silly sad sympathy card and it just isn't the right time to do that! He is trying to justify the death of 9 people who should not have been engaged...they were engaged because of how this whole fiasco was mis managed! This issue is not about Gaza being open or closed although NOW it may turn out that way... it is about how irresponsibly Israel handled the situation!
13. In support of Israel
Abby ,   Op Ks.   (06.03.10)
Support for Israel is much greater than what is reported! The motives of the ones making the most noise will be scruntized when the need is greatest.
14. Why don't you stop caring?
Swiss   (06.03.10)
Would make things easier for you Israelis.
15. peace
maan ,   Japan   (06.03.10)
what peace are you talking about christian ? i dont get it :) are you blind ? you cant be in peace with killing people and scare them. May god give you a smartness Amin!!
16. #9 - This happens often...
Charles ,   Cleveland   (06.03.10)
Think about the hooligans who violently disrupt G8 and OECD meetings.
You makes me cry , my heart is brocken for you .... why they are all against you , you are such inocent angels , bad bad world ....... are you joking .... if you know the reason and you try to play inocent this is horible but if you realy don't know this is a disaster
18. #3: Israel only country gets away with terror/occupation
MJones ,   USA   (06.03.10)
and this hypocritical world blames victims of Jewish terror & occupation.
19. Israel we support you and salute the IDF
Mikha ,   Nai'   (06.03.10)
I and many more like me love,bless and get inspiration from the Patriachs,heroes and heroines of Israel.The Most High God of Israel is real and Mighty in battle.Even if the leaders of the world led by the opposer of mankind and evil principal power of Iran rally the world against Jews in Israel and Diaspora the multitude of haters will be vanquished and the leaders vaporized.Israel should never tremble nor fear evil but obey the one Who is, IAM.
20. World
Shlomo the Homo ,   Tel Aviv   (06.03.10)
If the world is always aginst you then you must be wrong
21. People Believe Arab lies
Arul   (06.03.10)
Why there is no flotilla against North Korea or Darfur or for that matter to Sri Lanka where million Tamils were massacered. Where was BBC, CNN and other biased media ? There were clear warnings not to enter. Israel has the legitimate right to inspect what comes in. AFter all these, still the goods are being delivered to Gaxza. The activists could have done the same thing as Israel asked them. The ship could have gone to Ashdod as Israel requested. Thirdly the so called piece activists were fully prepared to attack the soldiers. If they are indeed peace lovers, they should have kept quiet, where as they shouted Anti jewish cries and attacked with iron rods and knifes. Even after doing all these, they have made the world to believe their lies that they are peaceful. There was no humanitarian crisis. See the people in Gaza. All of them are over weight, strong. No sign of mal nutrition. What is the humanitarian crisis these bigots are talking about. Will Turkey allow a flotilla to handover the humanitarian aid to Kurds ? The murderers of Armenians have no right to question Israel's action of self defense. Let the truth prevail. Israel, be strong in this time. Let nations of this world swim in the sewer of Arab lies. The Almighty GOD is on your side and protecting you. May GOD bless you and keep you.
22. to #12 Dino Domingo
Wade ,   NYC USA   (06.03.10)
Don't you get it? The people behind this flotilla were looking for a provocation. They wanted a violent confrontation to make Israel look bad. The Marmara was the only ship of the 6 which resisted the commandos' authority. You agree with the blockade- how did you expect Israel to stop this ship? Videos show Marmara passengers preparing weapons. The commandos had no choice.
23. it will not help you playing the victim card no more
sohaib ,   Edinburgh UK   (06.03.10)
24. Why a ferry instead of a cargo ship?
Michael ,   USA   (06.03.10)
Shows their true intentions. Came looking for a fight and found it. This defeat like 67 war for Arabs.
25. #10 . does it have to be a country?
Kaveh   (06.03.10)
Just because they dont have a country, a people of 50 milion does it mean no one should help them and instead let others kill them. The turks, iranians and the arabs are killing kurds everyday, they live without any rights in the society, their language are forbidden.. the world is hypocrats. turkey are against israel because of the arabs meanwhile they kill kurds and dont give them any rights.. tell me why its like that? because the kurds have no one that can help them, no one cares because it does not benefit them economically!
26. Simple minds..........
Stephen ,   UK   (06.03.10)
Keep up the good work, Israel. You must be doing something right to piss off all these bleeding hearts & "useful idiots". Stay vigilant & trust no one.
27. World was also against South Africa
Seebear   (06.03.10)
Take it as an example of what needs to change to get support of the world back.
28. I do salut IDF soldiers
scarlet ,   canada   (06.03.10)
and may god be with you.
29. Public diplomacy
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.03.10)
The model of public diplomacy, that Israel has employed for decades is premised on the persuasiveness of reason, evidence, context, truth, fairness, and apology. Anyone who has been following events in Israel over the past few years understands HOW PROFOUNDLY THIS STRATEGY HAS FAILED. Israel's HASBARA strategy must shift to one that is based on power, self-confidence, and an eagerness to vigorously condemn its defamers. This is the difference between driving the debate and reacting to it, refuting lies and validating them, offense and defense, setting the agenda versus being on the agenda. More at :
30. I support Israel 100% but...
Joseph ,   USA and Israel   (06.03.10)
Peres has been kissing Turkish ass for years and actively supports Turkish historical revisionism and genocide denial. Its time for Israel to recognize the Armenian Genocide and start support the Kurds openly
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