Turkish protestors: We're all soldiers of Hamas
Published: 03.06.10, 17:39
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1. Yes, they are..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.03.10)
soldiers of Hamas, more precise, useful idiots, and they are proud of it? I never thought that I would write something like that, but if the Bush would still be president, he would lift the phone and stop the barking of this Islamo-Fascist in Istanbul. But Obama has no power, or he is willingly cooperating in this scam.
2. They do all efford to get killed....
Joseph ,   The Netherlands   (06.03.10) that leads to martyrdom and 72 virgins but they also complain about Israeli violence and with Hamas vouch to support one of the most violent regimes.
3. Israel needs to be soldiers for all Kurds.
Dan Kelso   (06.03.10)
Israel needs to urgently help the Kurds who are being killed everyday by the radical Islamist Turks.
4. Turkish: "We're all soldiers of Hamas..."
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.03.10)
and losers with it.
5. " Angel of Death"
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.10)
You ain't seen nuthin yet. Keep provoking and you'll turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
6. Turks Isreal Knew of your allegiance before now
SAM   (06.03.10)
So you think you can fool her, that is joke or rather wishful. Turks are born Hammas fools or soldiers.
7. We have to reassess...
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (06.03.10)
...our relations with Turkey. It is rapidly becoming yet another cesspit with a high concentration of Islamofascists. We should not buy their produce, vacation there or have much to do with them. I'm usually not one for boycots, etc. because they tend to be childish and petty but I'll certainly not be spending my money on anything Turkish. N.A.T.O. and the European Union had better do some reckoning, too: Do they really want to have a Trojan horse as a member or prospective member?
8. "as president i will recognize the armenian genocide"
President Obama said ,   :   (06.03.10)
9. free KURDISTAN!!!!
RACHEL   (06.03.10)
10. The picture says it all
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.03.10)
This is the picture of Turkey in 2010: Round bearded Islamist fanatics who do not look any different then the Hamas terrorists or the murderers of Lieutenant Kubilay in Menemen 1917. This i s what the world is seeing as Tiurkey while the secular, modern Turk is paying the price just like Iran.
11. The truth for those who rtuly are open to it....
EST ,   Miami USA   (06.03.10)
They claim to be terrorists...and yes!!! they are!!!
12. Defend Israel
Israeli ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.10)
It is very impotent to defend Israel in talkbacks in English in all kinds of international sites (youtube, facebook, tweeter...) not just in ynet.
13. #1 - why do you want the American President to do that for
you ??????? why don't you ask Netanyahu to do so ????????
14. the Zionists are having tough times these days ha!! :)
15. who'd want to be genocidal terrorists?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.03.10)
maybe the turks are crazy after all.
16. finaly turkey is in the right side
proud turkish ,   turkey   (06.03.10)
17. turkey is naked and exposed
mik   (06.03.10)
now the world knows where in the world of terror states to place turkey. at the head of the line. next to europe turkey is the greatest danger to the western world and needs to be expelled from NATO. turkey should have been smart and stayed under the cover of its military. the true under belly of the beast is in full view to the world. turkey now wants to head the muslum worlds effort to swallow the world.
18. The turkish apricots at Trader Joes just wouldn't taste good
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.03.10)
any more so I left them on the shelf. We can choose to buy from our friends or from our enemies. Take a long established secular state, mix in some muslums in charge and you have a violent cesspool. I lived there for almost two years and the people themselves were rather nice, good people; now with islum added they are violent freaks. Too bad.
19. Shiekh Salah was singing copacabana on the love boat!
Secular Beast   (06.03.10)
20. to 8 and 9
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (06.03.10)
all you israelis have is kurds and so called armenian genocide triying to justify your actions this way means in fact you admit your crimes subconsciously number 8 why dont your country recognize the genocide ı really want to see that happen to 9 kurds are free here ın turkey unlike gazans
21. we turkish jew are danger ın turkey send us a plane israel
we support israel and soldiers of israel. we are soldiers of israel. please rescue jews from turkey.we are threatened
22. Israel hates all things to do with "human rights"
Emre ,   Istanbul   (06.03.10)
Israelis don't like to think of themselves as a bad people. They are a good people who does bad things. No, wait. That doesn't sound right. They are a good people that does good things. Much better! Killing thousands of civilians since 2006 is not a good thing, but that was not Israels fault. Hizbollah and Hamas forced them to do it. In the same way, the peace activists forced the IDF to kill them. Israel is the victim here, and now these UN guys are sniffing around like Israel did a bad thing. Why do they always pick on Israel? haven't they heard of the "Armenian massacre". Haven't they heard of Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc? How about the "Hebron massacre? Israel is entitled to kill a certain number of civilians with no questions asked! The nerve of the anti-semitic world! Israel demands their rights!!
23. we don't forgive turkey for it deciitful relationship
Michhael   (06.03.10)
and purposely disregard the rights of another sovereign nation. In addition, purposely putting its citizen's and other natinalities in harm's way to do Iran's bidding. The government is suppose to protect its citizens not use its citizens to promote a radical international agenda.
24. "we are all soldiers of hamas".
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (06.03.10)
how does it come that thousands of turks scream: we are all soldiers of hamas? (i donot agree). do they do it just for fun? how does it come that the palestinians (who have always lived in palestine) resist against zionism? while this conflict already lasts for more than a century. was the solution by herzl (der judenstat-1896), the balfour-declaration-1917 and the unilateral proclamation of the state of israel-by ben-gourion-1948 just for all the parties interested? every people has the right on a safe place to live, as long as others are not being forced/kicked out or worse, no matter what ideology/religion is being used. otherwise the conflict goes on and on for ever and ever. the israelis are not always right or wrong/the palestinians also are not always wrong or right. nobody/no people has the right/wisdom (always) in lease. how many jews and palestinians want to go to israel/palestine? i wish both peoples much strength , wisdom and prospererity.
25. TURKEY: the new Iranian puppet
Dan ,   USA   (06.03.10)
I hope you enjoy your new overlords.
26. #14 - Today we are ALL Zionists
William ,   Israel   (06.03.10)
and know the very real threat to our human rights of self-determination by racists.
27. #16 - "finally Turkey is on the right side..."
William ,   Israel   (06.03.10)
...of my M-16!
28. "We're all soldiers of Hamas!"
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville   (06.03.10)
Of course they are. When it comes to trusting Muslims could they be anything else?
29. Winds of war
Anon ,   israel   (06.03.10)
The winds of war have increased in their speed,our enemies are gathering before us...where are our friends?
30. That's you creation Israel!
Onur ,   Istanbul/Turkey   (06.03.10)
Israel look at this situation with proudly.. That is your creation....................
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