Netanyahu: No ships to reach Gaza
Roni Sofer
Published: 03.06.10, 23:44
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1. Erdogan Rules *not ..
Kemal   (06.03.10)
2. Bravo Netanyahu!!!
Craig ,   L.A., USA   (06.03.10)
If God be for Israel, who can be against you? Let them rant, and riot, let them pass their filthy hypocritical resolutions, let them plot their final solution, let them amass their forces...but the God of Israel will decide the victor. Just wish I could be there with you all...would gladly take a bullet to for you Jews, even the ultra-orthodox which don't especially have kind feelings for us Christians - lol
3. Bravo Craig #2 !!!!!
Marty ,   Tel Aviv   (06.04.10)
I will do the same for you. G-d bless America!
4. All 9 dead were Turks. Says a lot hey?
Alan ,   SA   (06.04.10)
5. Israeli-Turkish relationship
Idil S. ,   Istanbul / Turkey   (06.04.10)
As Netanyahu says '' This was not a Love Boat , this was a hate boat '' ...I agree with him as a very ordinary Turk who follows the news from The Turkish websites.The so-called activists were ultra islamist people who were screaming like ' death to Israel ' and burning Israeli flags..Unfortunately there are a lot of them in Turkey and they just didnt appear in 5 years.I'm actually worried about this.They can be very dangerous..Most of the ultra islamists are ultra ignorant.There are very serious people in Turkey who think they have got a mission to take down the aberrant and amazed Israelis ! ...Those kind of one-sided people has nothing to do with peace and as a result of all these things the flotilla was a total provocation directly supported by Turkish government.There were quite a lot people in Turkey who saw the picture in this way at the beginning however they couldn't have had sympathy about Israel neither and the picture completely changed when IDF killed 9 turkish people.Israelis killed Turks for the first time.Who can ignore that?..I was shocked..They should have handeld the situation better..Israel made a very unprofessional mistake.. I feel really sad about all those cases.I can't even imagine how Turkish Jews feel.Last thing, they would ever want to see, is happening now and the Turkish media is unbelieveable nowadays.They act very irresponsible..We all have to calm down even though non of the circumstances helps. Btw the other regrettable fact is that Israel is getting more and more militarist what i mean is the mentalitty of the people.Army shouldn't has been the only assurance.
6. Blockade
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.04.10)
THANKS Bibi for not caving into Blair & Obama.
7. Helicopter or water cannon floods smokestack to drown engine
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (06.04.10)
Thats the easiest most nonviolent way to disable a hostile "peace" ship
8. Blockade / Netanyahu
Jason Alster ,   Zichron Yacov , Isra   (06.04.10)
Yes, Yes, Yes ! Finally a decisive position. Where were the flotillas to help the people of Sderot????
9. # 2 even the golden calf might could israel also?
jack   (06.04.10)
10. CORRECT decision, Bibi's the man
dave ,   RSA   (06.04.10)
11. # 2 Craig
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.04.10)
Thanks Craig. You ARE with us here, in your heart.
12. If this is truly your decision, Mr. Prime minister
Israeli 2   (06.04.10)
I salute you and respect you always!! Please all of you talkbackers BE AWARE!! There should never be an apology to anyone for anything tzahal is doing. Mistake or no mistake. War is War. Israel is a sovereign country. RESPECT their rights and OBEY their command just like you would anywhere else.
13. #5: Hmmmm! You should have quit
Israeli 2   (06.04.10)
half way in your writing. The last part is useless. Thanks anyway and do not be shocked too fast at robbers and low lifes getting shot at. They deserve it! Turks or not. Besides the Israelis do not look at a person's nationality. Just be good. That's all.
14. Amnon Meranda
david ,   jerusalem   (06.04.10)
It is saddening that you use this prejudiced language " the deadly raid on a Gaza-bound vessel". Mr Netanyahu, our Government and the Public expect this rhetoric from the world press, but not from an Israeli newspaper. Wake up and smell the coffee.
15. #2
david ,   jerusalem   (06.04.10)
Bravo Craig!!. We are not surprised at the reaction as (most of) the world in their hearts would like to see Israel and the Jews disappear. They latch on to any event to try to make this a reality but as you so rightly pointed out, the Gd of Israel will decide the victor.
16. UN Fact Finding Mission
Ahyar Haqi ,   jakarta indonesia   (06.04.10)
Head of the UN Fact Finding Mission Justice Richard Goldstone presented the report of the Mission to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on 29 September 2009, urging the Council and the int'l community as a whole to put an end to impunity for violations of int'l law in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. UN Fact Finding Mission finds strong evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel (IDF) during the Gaza conflict. Now int'l community have seen israel navy coward action raid and shot with their guns to humanitarian activist, I hope UN Chief Ban Ki Mon want to follow up this report and bring israel PM and his staff to int'l tribunal for their criminal and unmoral act
17. Israel raid on Milk Bottles for Gaza Childrens
sali ,   USA   (06.04.10)
A fighter without moral values will never won a war...Even if he killed ...he is a looser...Gaza now reached every home in the world and all those who have morality , feel sympathy with Gaza.
18. nr. 12
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (06.04.10)
nr. 12, even a sovereign country (whatever ruler/person or government) is not above the (international/global) law.the law has a function in the (world) community of mankind. we always have to make agreements (written on paper) to let society function well. we cannot always do/get what we want. if so it will mean global disorder/chaos/global destruction of everything on earth. in the end there will be only losers if they( can/will) survive!
19. Ignore the Turks and behold the Kapos
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (06.04.10)
Forget the Turks for a moment. The whole stunt was organized by a woman named "Berlin", a JEWESS and her associate self loathers and other assorted communist anti-Semites. Israel is rotting from within: a large majority of Israeli and American Jews declared open war on you: from Haaretz and Anat Kamm, all the way to the Jstreet and Openheimer, the knives are out. If you do not revolt and get rid of these scum your country will disappear and no tears shall be shed if you commit a craven suicide. Leave the Turks alone, they are a backward 3d. world country: your murderers are the "Yevsektsiya" , the Kapos inside you own society. Them voted for the Kenyan Messiah because he reminded them to Stalin they worship aplomb.
20. well done
david ,   toronto canada   (06.04.10) minister i support and admire you for protecting your country .all sensable people can see through .hamas and there plan well done G-d bless you and Isreal
21. You want a guaranteed laugh. Watch this video.
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (06.04.10)
Here's a link to a video entitled "Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World". It's hysterical and oh-so-appropriate. Watch it. Laugh till you cry. And forward it to everyone in the world, friend and foe. Let the world know how ridiculous and fraudulent these so-called "peace" flotillas are.
22. netanyahu and blockade
esther ,   ny, usa   (06.04.10)
stay strong Bibi!!!
23. "Obey their command"
John Robey ,   USA   (06.04.10)
That right there says a lot for the Israel's mindset.....just obey Israel's "commands" and all will be well. We learned that you all killed another American on board the ship. Four bullets in the head at close range. Just keep it up...the Racheal Corrie (named after another American you all killed) is coming. The American people are beginning to realize.
24. Hire Somali pirates
blackburn ,   Vancouver   (06.04.10)
Hire Somali pirates. Give them all safe passage to Mogadischu
25. Turkey , threatens friendship that never was
A Reader   (06.04.10)
Turkey is NOBODY's friend. The ugly truth is that Turkey is doing everything money can buy to deflect negative attention to Israel (thereby assuring fat paychecks from Iran, Syria, Lybia and Saudi Arabia) - the objective of which is to continue to deny the responsibility of the the true Turk nature > to rob, rape, loot and plunder ethnic minorities - which led to the genocide of two million Armenians, Anatolians, Jews, Greeks and Kurds - and simply steal their land and properties without accountability. The Turks ruled "palestine" for 400 years, and treated their "muslim" "palestinian arab populations like slaves, until the well ran dry. The heat has been on Turkey - to acknowledge the genocide they committed - and to make reparations to those minorities they criminally assaulted, murdered and robbed of their posessions. Turkey is illegally occupying Cyprus as well - and Erdogan, knowing that America needs Turk airbases for their operations in Iraq , Afghanistan and Pakistan - is milking and extorting trillions from America - whilst at the same time Erdogan is filling his pockets via Iran and Syria, having accepted that by turning against Israel, from whom the tourist industry in Turkey has pocketed billions, (under the guise of "friendship") - whilst at the same time Turkey, frustrated by the reluctance of the EU to accept them as members > their denial of genocide and unlawful troops on Cyprus is part of the reluctance - quicky sees an opportunity to get fat paychecks from Iran and other terrorist sponsoring arabic countries - for criminalizing Israel - and thus taking the heat off Ahmadinejad's murderous regime, sworn to the destruction of Israel. Erdogan had a big business plan - if Turkey had been accepted as a member of the EU. Dump the Israeli tourist market revenues > and replace those revenues by allowing Turkey to "accomodate" fellow islamists - to infiltrate and populate Europe - with "turkish" passports, thus allowing open doors for islam terrorists to go about destroying the European culture and it's institutions - as they are already doing, but on a much larger scale. Turkey has dirty hands - and no honorable intentions - truth is - they will make deals with the devils if it puts money in their pockets - and the flotilla incident is the proof of Turk complicity with Iran and Syria - to turn the world against Israel, and to come out of it looking like heros to the islam world, who's religion of deceipt, corruption, violence and treachery is more profitable. Media puppets like Asli are well compensated for "humanizing" the treacherous Erdogan Turk regime, which is corrupt to the core. Hrant Dink the Armenian journalist - as thousands of others, have been silenced and murdered in Turkey - with NO consequences, just as there were NO consequences for the premeditated and savage genocide against the minority neighbors and groups in Turkey. Turkey was FUNDED for staging this incident in Gaza. By Iran. I dont recall any articles written by anyone about the crimes Turkey committed against the Armenian population - |
26. Gaza will not become a port for Iran
Yehoshua ,   USA   (06.04.10)
BiBi, Right ON
27. Stay strong Bibi and Israel! The international community...
Scott ,   NY, USA   (06.04.10)
wasn't right to condemn you after the destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor, the Syrian nuclear reactor, and the various defensive wars you've won, and they only knew it later or in private. Just remember to do what is right. Kol hakavod!
28. #5 - Idil - we know how irresponsible Turk media is
William ,   Israel   (06.04.10)
Even "Palestinians" protested how they were wrongly depicted in a Turkish-run show which insisted that everyone is tortured and raped in Israeli prisons. But when you have a willing audience will hate on their minds, any cock-eyed story thrown at them becomes absolute truth. Sadly, Turkey used to be better than that.
29. Apologies and preventative measures
John ,   Boise, Idaho   (06.04.10)
These countries still need to give an official apology to Israel and provide absolute assurance before the UN and the world, that they will honor Israel's security measures.
30. Peace and love
Frank ,   Canada   (06.04.10)
Israel should use the non-violent methods used by 'peace' activists: break their skulls with iron rods.
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