Report: Flotilla activists shot at close range
Published: 05.06.10, 07:55
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1. Self defense
Americanwithbrain ,   USA   (06.05.10)
5 shots, 3 to the head and 2 to tge leg at the American citizen abroard the flotilla. Im wondering, if ur elite soldiers got scared and shot this innocent 5 times what about oyher soldiers? I bet ya they gonaa run away like rats!
2. How does this 'harm' Israel's version?
Aaron ,   Australia   (06.05.10)
Israel has already stated that the 9 were shot with pistols at close range. Pistols generally are only useful at close range, so that is hardly news. When dealing with violent, homicidal maniacs at close range, several shots will often be fired to stop them in their tracks. If the IDF had used M16's or Galil's, then the rounds would have caused much more damage.
3. Life Threatening Situation
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.05.10)
I offer my support to Israel, and I hope that the US will offer full support---not sure with the Obama administration. Anyone who sees the video can see that the soldiers fired only as a last resort, and showed amazing restraint considering the circumstances. I hope that the world does not choose to be morally blind.
4. the number of bullets makes sense
pepe ,   San Diego, UCSA   (06.05.10)
tam-tam-tam, never one shot from a 9mm...specially not at short distances when someone is running towards you. This is what every soldier trained in anti-terrorist practice for hours. So do the maths 3 shots x 9 is not far from 30
5. So whats the problem. I thought they
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.05.10)
wanted to be martyrs. They came, they asked for it and Israel obliged. I think the Turks owe Israel a debt of gratitude
6. soldiers wait 40 minutes before shooting
tomer ,   or akiva israel   (06.05.10)
soldiers were fighting for their life , against organized barabarian but well paid islamo facists.(thousand dollars in their pockets) shame to erdogan having organized this tragedy . israel will never give up to his self defense hamas is waiting to get the same type of weaponery than hizbullah , so they can destroy my country this is not peace activists there are manipulation from iran gang to better penetrate mediteranean waters , and europeans & arabs has no interest to it
7. 30/9=3,3
Eric ,   Sweden   (06.05.10)
Roughly 3 bullet for each target... thats nothing to raise eyebrows about... It's standard shooting, not excessive in any way
8. Nonsense
Raymond ,   Singapore   (06.05.10)
What is this self defense nonsense? I understand shooting a pistol multiple times to stop someone but these bullets went in from the back. So these "Islamic terrorists" were running at them backwards? How devious.
9. What do they expect from close range fighting?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.05.10)
When your assailant is upon you, then you shoot to kill. The videos show the lynchers crowding the troops. I am amazed that more weren't killed. The Turks were on a jihad and kidnapping mission and they got what they deserved. Those on the Rachel Corrie are part and parcel of that act of war against Israel and the term "peace activist" is truly a misnomer. All of them accepted sponsorship Turkey and therefore are culpable for the violence and subsequent deaths of the nine. Now, they want to present themselves as angels, as if they are different from the Monday's group. They are all in it hook, line and sinker. They should ask themselves who organized it.
10. 9mm
james ,   uk lodon   (06.05.10)
The IDF said after the incident, 9mm bullet casings were found - a kind not used by the naval commandos.
11. On the contrary. This clearly supports soldiers' version!
what this shows is that the soldiers shot people from very close range because these people threatened their lives when hitting them with metal bars, knives etc. that's why most of the dead were killed by shots fired from very close range. this shows that the soldiers did NOT fire at demonstrators who did not threaten their lives. The amount of bullets shot in this case also support the version of the soldiers. When you shoot someone who tries to kill you from up close, you shoot in order to survive and you make sure the person in neutralized. If you shoot someone who doesn't pose an immediate threat to your life, you can get it over with with 1 bullet to his leg. Out of the wounded I'm s sure there are many with these kind of wounds - 1 or 2 to the legs.
12. Most of them shot in the back.
Godfry McGoy   (06.05.10)
5 out of the 9 were shot in the back or the back of the head. Sounds like the IDF soldiers lost it.
13. say no more
Gaile McLean ,   Cairns Australia   (06.05.10)
The doctors of Turkey made this statement. Seems to me these Turkeys are unable to tell the truth if what I have read and heard during the past week. Why would we believe this crap from these no good "gobbling turkeys" Go to Iran and start causing problems with your lies........You will loose
14. Lost it?
Aaron ,   Australia   (06.05.10)
Ever been in a brawl? Ever been hit in the back of the head in a brawl? Where you running away, or were you engaging someone in front of you?
15. #12: "lost it"? how are u suppose to shoot someone
who tries to lynch u   (06.05.10)
16. #10 - you are right. But I'm sure there's explanation
Jerusalem   (06.05.10)
Nice to see someone paying attention to details. I thought like you do and found the article that I read reporting on 9mm castings ( All I can say that as Israelis we don't deny the facts. My guess is that the article from haaretz was incorrect, or the source that they interviewed was not well informed. As an Israeli I know that Israel and the IDF give truthful accounts on events. In this case I have no doubt that the IDF version of what happen was correct. My guess is that IDF did use 9mm bullets, and the soldiers suffered wounds from 9mm bullets because the terrorists took the soldiers' weapons and used them against them. And so the soldiers' bullet wounds do not prove that the terrotists used their own weapons.
17. Special forces can shoot
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.05.10)
Here, in Los Angeles if couple of cops would be in the same cituation, they wouldn't hesitate and shoot these terrorists up in an instant. No hesitation.
18. When did shooting someone 3 times
Danny   (06.05.10)
become "peppering" with bullets?
19. 30 at Close Range
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (06.05.10)
This is a good intel report from the Turks. In the chaos aboard a moving ship, at night, against a frenzied bunch of Islamic fanatics that were seeking matyrdom, the commados managed to make some well placed shots. If the issue with the Turks is the close range, perhaps the commandos should have picked them off from the helicopters from a longer range. If the issue is the number bullets found in the bodies, maybe switching to 45 cal or 10 mm would be more acceptable. In this case you would need only 1.5 shots vs 3.3.
20. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.05.10)
Thanks for your constant support, Elizabethlynne.
21. amazing
V   (06.05.10)
Amazing that these terrorists came to Israel just to commit suicide in front of the unarmed commandos just to spoil Israel image.
22. Trying to think...
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (06.05.10)
No cargo of weapons... A lot of money in the pockets of the activists.... Hmmm.....was the mission meant to bring cash to Gaza?? Maybe lot of money is still hidden on the ship??
23. Lynch mob on the Marmara were killing Israeli Navy personel
Jerry   (06.05.10)
Regrettably the Navy had to stop and shoot the Turkish lynch mob thugs on board the Marmara who were in the process of killing three Israeli navy personnel, and who had taken their weapons off them in order to fire on the other Israeli personnel. Israeli Navy were left with no alternative but to board as non violently as possible first firing warning shots , rubber bullets and stun equipment and other less than lethal means to stop the captain continuing, who nevertheless chose to ignore request to turn away from the blockade following Israeli requests to do so. The Turkish Lynch Mob were looking to kill or create three more Gilad Shalits and hand them over to Hamas terrorists
24. Sounds Like Mass Suicide
emanon ,   USA   (06.05.10)
25. Compare with Aussie police
Ben ,   Melbourne   (06.05.10)
When Australian police are confronted with someone armed with a gun or knife who refuses to follow orders and put down their weapon they are often shot multiple times. The police also aim for the torso to be sure they stop the person and minimise the risk to the police officers. Australian police definitely do not wait for seven other police to get skull fractures, stab wounds thrown off 30 foot drops and shot at before opening fire.
26. Close Range
Resistor   (06.05.10)
One of those killed, was an Indonesian doctor who was tending to a wounded person.
27. #1 - even in the US, a combatant is not innocent
William ,   Israel   (06.05.10)
I invite you to use your brain and raise a pipe against a police officer. See how you make back how many gun shot wounds you have.
28. #8 Before you shoot off your mouth,
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.05.10)
Raymond, wise guy, you weren't there. There hasn't been an inquiry yet and the possibilities for these results are multiple. For example, the 'peace activist' shot in the back could have been stabbing a soldier and was shot by another soldier coming to help.
29. As security guard in israeli school
David ,   Israel   (06.05.10)
I was taught that one bullet of 9 mm doesn't stop the attacker immediately. Five bullets make it for sure. The most effective range for handguns is 7-10 meter. It's naturally that the attackers with cold weapon like clubs,rods and knives were at much closer range, so respectively they were shot from short distance. The short distance is the only effective distance for this kind of cold weapon, it also gives advantage to cold weapon. Conclusion:holders of cold weapon began the attack and had enough time to get closer to the soldiers.
30. As James #10 wrote!
Yer   (06.05.10)
a) We heard earlier that 9mm were not used by the Israelis. b) This Turkish government has framed masses of the opposition. c) If the 9mm bullets were found there, maybe the Turkish government arranged for their installation
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