Report: Flotilla activists shot at close range
Published: 05.06.10, 07:55
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31. Useful idiots and Violent Peace activists
Roberto   (06.05.10)
Of course they were shot at close range. They were attacking armed soldiers.
32. Activists=Terrorist shot 30 times right so!
Gerry   (06.05.10)
33. When u swing a bat u TURN expose ur back.
Rehavam ,   Israel   (06.05.10)
that how you get bullet in your BACK! Simple Physics!
34. Self-defense?
Alex ,   New York   (06.05.10)
"US citizen Fulkan Dogan, 19, was shot five times from less that 45cm, in the face, in the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back." These shootings are self-defense? I saw the photo of this boy, he was a white skinny teenager. If this is what 'elite' unite can do as a self-defense, one wonders what ordinary junior Israeli soldiers would do for self-defense? Perhaps, they would go on a nuclear bombing spree as a self-defense? These shootings only say that Israeli 'elite' unit is not capable of self-defense and not capable of making wise decisions either. Israelis, I defended you many times on many occasions. But, this one is unacceptable. Think twice, think more than twice. You are getting in big troubles with this mentality.
35. two bullets for each lynch-mobster trying to kill Sailors
Una   (06.05.10)
All those shot in the back or in the head actively engaged in lynching Israeli sailors . There was no other way to stop these crazy Turkish lynch-mobsters who were seeking martyrdom anyway even by their own admission
36. Technically it was professional shooting
See you ,   Shmulik   (06.05.10)
Good training - before "Casting Lead" almost all soldiers(including reservist) were trained to this level. 'Poor' mercenaries, somebody told them that israelis will be easy pray. What a blunder! But no matter - they were not first and not last.
37. Mourning the American Fulkan Dogan
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (06.05.10)
How amazing to know that more and more US citizens are dying here for the sake of Palestinians : Rachel Corrie , Tristan Andeson , and now 19-year old Fulkan Dogan ... Perhaps I should say good morning to their mourning ! I already said before that we do not need juveniles to support us because they make an ass of themselves while making of us an international joke . Who would not jeer , cheer , and gloat at us simply because ignorant, inexperienced youngsters are supporting us without them knowing what follies they are committing ? US troops are still occupying Afghanistan and Iraq ... US citizens had better go after their own government to persuade it to modify its much-abhorred foreign policy instead of them dying for us ! Unfortunately I do not appreciate at all what juvenile US citizens do for our sake . I advise them to stay home ... !
38. Self defense at international water???
Eren ,   Ankara   (06.05.10)
You call them a terrorists but they dont even have gun to shot your soldier. How can u say handcuffing wounded people and shooting 3 bullet to their head is self defence? Shame on you guys, stop being racist and just think again. Too many people supporting turkey because its humanity nasty of israel. Its not about nationalitys or religions. And once again, Its international waters. Not tel aviv or somewhere.
39. to #38 - Eren, Ankara
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (06.05.10)
Here we have incontrovertible proof of the comprehension skills of a Turk... Where on earth do you hear or read of "3 bullets to the head"?! (Unless you are referring to 3 separate individuals that might have taken one to the head but then again, this was reported by some Turk who, just like you, might have similar powers of observation!!) You state "stop being racist and just think again"..... Once you display the bare minimum capability of comprehension then you can ask someone else the think again. You admit that they can think as opposed to you inability!!!
40. Reactions to Islamic Terrorist Ambush
Meir Elazar   (06.05.10)
It is clear that there were a large number of Turkish Islamic Terrorists who had planned a violent attack on the soldiers who repelled down to the boat. Video clearly shows twenty to thirty violently attacking the soldiers with metal pipes and knives while report state that other terrorist shot live rounds from nearby stairwells. The pervading mistake here is that the IDF forces only shot the Turkish Islamic terrorists in self defense and not to save comrades. When a soldier sees his comrade about to be violently assaulted, he must shoot the assailant immediately. This will account for the bullets to any part of the Islamic terrorist's body. Furthermore, we learned from the two Jerusalem Tractor incidents and from the Dimona Terrorist attack that when there is a major threat to the community IN ISRAEL WITH THE PUBLIC IN MAJOR IMMINENT DANGER that we must shoot at the head multiple times to stop the terrorist's lethal carnage. In Dimona, the first Radical Islamic suicide bomber exploded his self killing a 73 year old women and mortally wounding the second suicide bomber. The second suicide bomber opened his shirt exposing the bomb and was about to pull the cord when an alert heroic Israeli policeman put 4 bullets in the Islamic Terrorist's head immediately killing him and saving dozens of people. In the first Jerusalem Tractor attack the islamic Terrorist ran amock killing people and causing major damage with the Tractor and an israeli female police officer shot him twice. He continued the rampage until someone else shot him multiple times. In the second Jerusalem Tractor Terrorist attack, the Islamic Terrorist was shot 11 times in the head stopping the terror attack immediately and minimizing casualties. it is clear that the Turkish PM and all the Turkish Islamic Terrorist on the boat planned and support the Islamic Terror, the Intifada since the year 2000, the hundreds of terrorist attacks against innocent Israelis, the suicide bombings, the 10000 rockets launched against our cities, the murders of Shalhevet Pass and all the others, and the kidnappings. The support HAMAS and their Charter which clearly calls for the Destruction of Israel and the murder of all Israelis and Jews. And they are in good company with their neighbor Ahmadinejad. If these terrorists are murdering Jews in Chabad in Mumbai, that is perfectly fine. If the Radical Moslem terrorists are beheading Perle and Berg, that is okay too. However, if Israel tries to defend it self from HAMAS, PRC, IJ, EA, and all other Radical Islamic Terror groups that is not okay. If Israel is forced to seal the borders to minimize Islamic Terrorist infiltration and to try to defend themselves, that is not okay. If Israel creates a Blockage to stop HAMAS, the UN, and Peace Activists from smuggling in weapons and money to support the Terrorist actions, that is not okay. If HAMAS deploys Terrorist forces in schools, mosques, hospitals, and uses ambulances to transport missiles and combatants, that is perfectly legitimate. But if Israel shoots back at the source of hostility, that is not okay. If HAMAS kidnaps Israelis, journalists, and murders hundreds of Fatah in the bloody coup that is also okay. After all Fatah is not "Moslem" enough and it is okay for HAMAS terrorists to murder the Arab groom at his wedding because they played music which is against Islam. So the truth is that Erdogan and Turkey are supporting HAMAS and terrorism and have joined Radical Islamic Terrorist Movement attacking all non-Moslem Western World while pretending to be "moderates". Just look at their history (eg Armenia, etc) and see the truth.
41. Bibis' Biggest Mistake was a Moral Surrender To Terror under
Meir Elazar   (06.05.10)
Pressure. The central core issue here is and always has been Moslem Terror. It started in the early 1900's with the massacre at Tel Hai, knive and axe massacres in 1920, 1929, and 1936. Ironic that the Radical Turkish Terrorists on the Flotilla ships brandished knives and pipes just like the earlier massacres of Jews. The Palestinians continued their terror pioneering the airplane hijackings of the 70's with Leila Khaled, blowing up of the Pan Am airplanes, Rome massacres, Aquila Laro, Munich Olympics massacres, Entebbe hijackings, Buenos Aires attacks, and countless others. across the globe. If this was not enough they inspired other Radical Moslem groups across the globe such as Abu Sayaf with their beheadings in the Phillipines, Chechnyan rebels in the Moscow Theatre and Beslan Massacre of Teachers and Children, Al-Qaeda, and Hezbollah. Just so that there is no question about these groups, when they are not murdering innocent Israelis, Jews, Americans, and Europeans, they keep the skills up by murdering each other. Murder, torture, maiming, kidnapping, smuggling, drugs (eg Afghanistan) are their business. These are the worst of the worst. The only difference is that Israel is the most effective counter terror force in the world. They export their knowledge and skill as evidence around the world including the FARC rescue and repelling of Somali pirates and countless other situations. But back at home to protect our own people, we had to use the most dramatic and creative methods to stop the constant infiltrations and terror attacks. This cost the PALs the major source of employment, Israel, their freedom of movement, their quality of life, and everything. But the PAL people chose to support terror and elected the murderous HAMAS to be their government and representive. As such they endorsed their fate and their well deserved punishment. But the biggest mistake of the world is not to put the blame squarely where it belongs, on the PAL terrorist and all of those who support them. No other country would tolerate any terrorist attacks and somehow they expect Israel to absorb tens of thousands of terrorist attacks and rocket attacks. But the biggest mistake was by Hussein Obama pressuring Bibi to cave in after the Flotilla Ambush because he needed Turkey's support against Iran in the UN and Bibi morally surrendered. His Moral Surrender allowed Radical Islam to claim a victory, gave ammunition to all the anti-Semites who are attacking our LEGAL RIGHT AND OBLIGATION TO FIGHT TERROR AND BLOCKADE THE TERRORIST AND THEIR SUPPORTERS. The Radical Islamists fabricate Mohammed Dura and Beach attacks with multiple retake Palywood productions to sell to Al Jazeera and the Arab world. If the Arab world were responsible, they would see through these lies but they want to believe it or they fear for their own lives. Look at the assasination history in the Arab world (Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, etc). This is fueled by Radical Islam in the Madrassa brain washing system and it is spreading to London, France, Europe, etc. Stop focusing on the distractions and get back to the core issue: RADICAL ISLAM IS SPREADING ACROSS THE GLOBE AND MUST BE STOPPED USING ANY AND ALL MEANS BAR NONE. This is the ONLY issue at hand.
42. Activists shot from behind to stop killing of Israelis
Kenneth   (06.05.10)
The activists were shot behind to stop them lynching , knocking senseless , and stripping the Israeli soldiers. No time to say "turn around and thank you for please for not lynching my fellow soldier."
43. Lets all believe the sponsors of the terrorists ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (06.05.10)
have any reporters actually seen these bodies? We have all seen how hamas fight their battles hiding behind scores of women and children, and if they don't quite get the body count they desire they go and dig several up. This war on Israel is a greater reaching war on the democratic world, and we are backing the wrong side. Only deciding to stand up to a bully can save us, and we just don't get it - Israel must never be neutered from defending itself against daily islamic terror - they are the only hope of mankind in the final analysis. When are we going to begin to address this reality? I worry for Israel. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.
44. Bizarre - would 1 bullet to the back at distance be better?
John P ,   London, UK   (06.06.10)
The reaction is bizarre, and solely aimed to pander to the frames of "shot at close range" and "peppered with bullets" that many people have negative connotations with. The soldiers were attacked with metal poles, axes and knives. The pictures have been released showing bloody soldiers and bleeding soldiers held down by "peace activists" on the "flotilla of peace". Israel claims two soldiers had guns taken from them and fired at them. Certainly, the videos of soldiers being mobbed by 10-15 "peace activists" with metal poles and metal chairs and held down doesn't point to It is therefore fully consistent with self defense that the dead received multiple bullet wounds at close range, at various points of the body. People react to this, because they have a negative framing perception of "peppered with bullets" and "shot at close range". In reality however, if the "peace activists" had been shot with a single bullet precisely in the back of the head at a long distance - that would have been far worse. I am therefore extremely happy that, provided that they got shot, they were evidently shot while taking part in combat trying to kill the soldiers. In conclusion, this is not news in any way. You could exploit framing effects in the same way by interviewing the civilian underage sisters and brothers of siblings covered by American bombs during the unlawful attack on Serbia. HERE is a picture of a bleeding child with a US splinter in his arm, HERE is an interview with a Serbian mother whose daughter was butchered by Americans, HERE is a picture of the daughter's body, HERE is a photo of where the American shrapnel entered her arm, HERE is a photo of the bloodstained piece of metal removed from her skull, HERE is a photo of her torn leg, HERE is a photo of the broken body part spilling blood onto the floor. Everyone knows that people get killed in wars, so detailed montages of exactly how they were killed is a political choice, not a reporting choice.
45. Peace
Peaceful ,   Canada   (06.06.10)
It is so obvious that most of you became blind with Israel's lies. Number one the ship was on international water. Since when Israel became the owner of the international water? Number two the people on the board didn't have any weapons. If they did I belive the entire Israeli troop would be dead by now. Number three if activists used the guns they took from the soldiers they would have killed tens of them which they didn't. Activists took the weapons and threw them to the sea. If Israel is honest and advance in technology as they claimed I urge them to openly say that yes weapons are in the water. But the liers would never tell the truth. The truth will win either today or later but the ones support the lie, war and criminals will be really regretfull!
46. Defensive aggression
Defender ,   Maagan Michael   (06.07.10)
Any experienced law enforcement officer or combat soldier who has been trained in dealing with a violent aggressor, in a life threatening situation, is trained and trained again with: go for the head. As abhorant as it sounds, when armed with a low velocity handgun, there is no other effective way of haulting the aggressor's progress. Body shots, leg shots are useless during an "adrenelin rage". The alternative is very high caliber and high velocity weapons (Eagle pistols) or other high velocity weapons where body shots are extremely effective. As reported, the commandos were minimally armed with low velocity hand guns, thereby requiring the above method.
47. Close Range is Obvious, Says Nothing Either Way
Eyal ,   Rehovot   (06.08.10)
The fact that they were all shot at close range is an obvious fact and says nothing about what actually happened. What do you people expect? it was a ship with narrow hallways, small rooms and small platforms. We will have to wait until the results of the oh so objective internal IDF probe to discern what Israel wants us to belive...I mean the truth.
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