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Flotilla raid goes viral as Israel floods YouTube
Published: 06.06.10, 08:26
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1. Ben-Eliezer hit the nail on head by saying Israel didnt...
Gedalyah ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
do its homework. why didnt Israel know who was on that boat? Sink the next one and let the world cry foul but I guarantee it will be the last boat sent. Then we will be done with insanity. (and then, of course, onto the next insanity)
2. Can't rely on Facebook-YouTube
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
We need to get some beautiful Israeli (English speaking) PR women - with perfect English and a need to know knowledge about the subject matter to deal with these issues. We fail at PR because we have a bunch of losers who have no idea how to deal with international press.
3. Nice videos&pics
some guy ,   eu   (06.06.10)
Useful, to make ppl think.
4. #2 talula- i agree with you 100%.
m ,   israel   (06.06.10)
5. to #2 Talula I think you r right for this job ;)
ghostq   (06.07.10)
6. StandWithUS
Ruth ,   Givat Shmuel   (06.07.10)
StandWithUs opened a special operation room to help with the Israeli PR effort. Take a look at their links,or go to
7. #5 I would be perfect for the job :)
Talula ,   Israel   (06.07.10)
The only thing is, I lose my cool quickly, especially when people say horrible things about my country -and when I do lose it - those press people had better run and hide - LOL!
8. to #7 horible things come from horible people
ghostq   (06.07.10)
true, but you can never know unless you try, oh don't worry about temper, they need some repremending to put them in the right place.
9. BULL re ""It's not effective now" by Ben-Eliezer
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (06.08.10)
Yes, Israel made yet another mistake in its media war. And I hope it has FINALLY learn from it. But it is rubbish to say the belatedly released IDF vids are "not effective now". For e.g. here in Singapore, several people I spoke to, whose initial impression was that Israel was the aggressor, NOW have doubts about the "no violence" claims of the activists. And that's due largely to the IDF vids. Learn (AGAIN) from this PR debacle, do better next time but NEVER sit and whine, "It's not effective now because nobody wants to listen." Cos there will ALWAYS be somebodies who do.
10. 2
ABRAHAM ,   TORONTO   (06.08.10)
11. Public opinion
Alexandre Chinovich   (06.08.10)
No matter how truthful and reliable our PR efforts are, they can shift the public opinion by 3% to 5% maximum. Those people do not look for the truth, they look for the cause to express their hatred to Jews and Israel.
12. nice videos!
Armin ,   Berlin   (06.11.10)
yeah nice videos to justify the hijacking of the flotilla in the international waters!!!! people don't be naive and keep lying!
13. Really?
Nathan Oshlag ,   Pittsburgh, United S   (10.28.10)
If you are going to call it a hijacking of an innocent ship only bent for humanitarian aid, you have to first research to see if it was a humanitarian ship. 1) The people that attacked the soldiers were members of the IHH, a terrorist organization. 2) People on board the ship were prepared for "martyrdom" and wanted to die for their cause. 3) The people on the ship had weapons, not just wooden clubs but knives. Real knives for stabbing, not working in a kitchen. They had slingshots. 4) The Ship was given warning to redirect itself to Ashdod and the entire cargo of the ship that was humanitarian aid and not a publicity stunt would be allowed into Aza. 5) The people on the ship's upper level started beating the Israeli soldiers immediately after they landed on the ship. They threw them over the edge onto the lower levels. Once on the lower levels, the people who were not occupying the upper level, who were not members of the IHH, helped protect the soldiers. These people were actually out there to help the people of Aza, and though I do not believe they were right, they are not the problem. There was a small group that kept itself isolated from the rest of the ship that used the opportunity of confronting Israeli soldiers as a starting ground to hurt Israel's image. These people are the ones whose voices are being heard in the news, not the voices of reason.
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