PM: Marmara sail organized by violent extremists
Roni Sofer
Published: 05.06.10, 15:29
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1. Mr.Netanyahu, I want you as Prime Minister
Miki ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (06.05.10)
for 120 years more. You re excellent politician and honest man. Thanks.
2. Turkish govt. incited the confrontation with Israel Navy
John   (06.05.10)
Turkish govt. incited the confrontation with Israel Navy Erdogan compared Magen David to Nazi Swastica Erdogan is clearly a political maverick populist just seeking publicity at any cost like the crazy Ahmadinejad who is leading this world to nuclear conflagration. The two are rhetorical leaders who are leading this world deeper into conflict with their ill chosen actions and words
3. Iranian Port in Gaza ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.05.10)
Israel has a solution to the growing Gaza Blockade runners problem ,something they failed to do in January of 2009 to please Obamanation. DEFEAT Hamas ,Re Take Gaza and the IDF can be waiting at the Gaza port for all Aid ships. Eventually you will have to neutralize Gaza threat, better now than later.
4. Long live Israel!
Reuven with family ,   Turkey   (06.05.10)
We're going to make aliya in few months. We look forward to meet new friends in Israel.
5. Gaza Aid
Paul Weise ,   USA   (06.05.10)
Israel has become the North Korea of the Middle East..
6. I wonder how long
Chris Linthwaite   (06.05.10)
it will take Erdagon to organise another flotilla including the Turkish Navy. Breaking the siege has now become a matter of Turkish honour.
7. wrong!!
Ankara- Turkiye   (06.05.10)
i suggest u to be objective and clever in this point.because this is not a conflict between Turkey and israel. actually israel has a conflict with United States...united states is planing to govern all the muslim countries in middle east. Russia and Iran, however, have an increasing military economic political and social power in this lands..moreover US have some trouble in Afganistan and the end united states create a formula that gives all the power to Turkey.because Ottoman conqured this lands for hundrend of years.Turkey has a comman history all the countries in the middle east.most importantly the last caliph was in my theory there will be a caliph this is the compete of leadership in this lands..and most probably Turkey in and Israel out..sorry..(actually i am not :) )
8. Israel get its lesson &reprimand from Obama not to repeat it
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.05.10)
Israel could not repeate bloody massacre because Obama harshly warned Israel not to repeate such a raid again Yeah more ships coming....
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (06.05.10)
10. hamas and erdogan
alexi   (06.05.10)
Turkey has been funding its terror elements against israel with money. Erdogan has been evading justice because of his politics but its now evident that he is the modern face of jihad. All truths are turned into lies by eredogan who invents libels against israel like the 20 bullets shot by the idf into the radicals. If someone was chopping me with a knife and rod, I'd fire 50 bullets into his head. Turkey who preaches peace killed ov er 1 million armenians, savaged their kurds. While ataturk was a breath of fresh air, erdogan is the same tired moslem brotherhood of orthodox obedience which is nauseating and stifling. I call on the turkish generals to stage a coup and save the turkish people from the rotten troika of erdogan, gul and dovotoglu.
11. Why they hate you?
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (06.05.10)
Would you like anyone who killed your relatives and expelled you from your home? That is their land, not yours.
12. Netanyahu...
CC ,   Leeds,UK   (06.05.10)
So many people hate what he says and I disagree with some of it, although it always seems that he is listening to the coalition more than himself. Also, you can't deny that he is extremely attractive...
13. thank you #11 jarda
palestine ,   palestine   (06.05.10)
14. Linthwaite (#6), the former Jew from Yorkshire.
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (06.05.10)
It seems as if you've perfected the "science" of being consistently wrong. While you've been spewing your Nostradamus-like predictions of doom and gloom for Israel for years now, at a rate faster than Haaretz can post them, not a single one has come to fruition. Your most recent piece of drivel, earlier this week, was your 'conclusion' that no more of these flotillas would be necessary inasmuch as Egypt had lifted its blockade of Gaza. Now that you have, in effect, acknowledged what everyone else in the world has known all along, that all this flotilla nonsense has nothing to do with humanitarian aid, it's on to the next silly nonsense..."Breaking the siege has now become a matter of Turkish honour". The problem with this latest babble of yours is that there is no "siege", and Turkey has no "honour". You've built quite the nefarious reputation for yourself at Haaretz over the years, Linthwaite. You may want to consider cutting your losses by sticking with that left-wing rag which caters to the world's Jew-hating societal rejects. In this forum, you'll just get chewed up and spit out like like a stale piece of gum. Yeah, Turkey is going to send its Navy to break the blockade, huh? And what will it do when Israel refuses? Attack Isreal? Can you really be that much of a dolt? We already know that you're a rabid anti-semite who claims to have converted from Judaism to Christianity. We already know that you're afflicted with O.C.D. which commands your Pavlovian response of "Nightclub bouncer from Moldovia" at the very sight/sound of the name "Avigdor Lieberman". We already know that you're an unemployed societal outcast who has no use for life outside of posting sarcastic, condascending little quips 24 hours a day on Haaretz talkback. You really don't need to add "professional idiot" to your already pitiful resume.
15. #11 - learn history!
Bolek ,   Poland   (06.05.10)
You'll see how wrong you are. You shouldn't go back more than 2091 B.C. when Abram son of Terah arrived in the land of Canaan. Good luck in studying history!
16. hate sale?, had enough, need no more?
observer   (06.05.10)
17. Cut the turkey.It's party time
American ,   Los angeles,US   (06.05.10)
.It's time to press the turks by recognizing the armenian genocide and ocupation of armenian and kurdish lands.Split this turkey into pieces it's too big.
18. #11 We love them and accept them...but they should
Nour ,   One-State   (06.05.10)
...renounce Zionism and Apartheid and live with us in peace in the holy land. PEACE, not APARTHEID.
19. No Wonder Obama Called this Guy (Bibi) ...Dumb
NYC ,   NY, USA   (06.05.10)
....Does Netanyahu think there is anyone who is not as dumb as he seem to be nowadays will buy what he is spiting out. Good Mr. PM if you managed to convince any sane person.
20. Jarda #11
David isarel ,   New York, USA   (06.05.10)
You are wrong. Israel did not kick out anybody from their homes. This is why 20% of Israel's population is Arab. But Arab countries did kick out their once thriving Jewish population. Over 100 thousand Baghdadi Jews were expelled in 1941, Syria, Egyps, Algeria, Yemen all expelled their Jewish populations. Even to secular Turkey did it by harrasing their Jewish population starting in 136 the Kirklareli pogroms, 1941 an iunjust tax law called varlik vergisi and in 1955 the September 6-7 pogroms. Yes Jarda my Jewish parents and relatives were expelled from their homes in Turkey in 1941 and I am only 1 example out of many
21. Noiur we accept and love you more
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.05.10)
This is why there are about 1 million of you living in Israel as Israeli citizens. You live with us in peace already. Sowhy don't you do the same in your country and renounce terrorism, and let some of us also live with you in peace? Look there used to be 100 thousand Baghdadi Jews before 1941. they were expelled even before there was the state of Israel. Syria, Egypt all had Jews but expelled.
22. #15
Ollie ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.05.10)
Bolek, normal people do not live their lives by the assumed actions of the year 2091're, well, nuts
23. Mecca is capital of Jews
Nour ,   23+40 States   (06.05.10)
If we take their Jerusalem then Jews have the right to take our Mecca, which BTW we stole it from them too.
24. #11 It was never their land
Shiran ,   IL   (06.05.10)
There were no palestinian people 40 years ago. They are Jordanians who were kicked out of Jordan. Israel is the rightful land of the Jewish people since the beginning of time.
25. Excellent summary of events.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.05.10)
Maybe the process was the same but there was one important difference. You let the world know what was happening with regular updates, via the media. There are those who will capitalize on your silence by presenting all manner of lies to a gullible public. You have to be first past the post. You owe it to those who support you. Also, you knew who were on board the vessel this time (some "peaceful" loonies). Hopefully, you will not trust the Turks again, and will be extremely cautious with any Turkey flagged vessel. God bless Israel.
26. #14 flyingdoc - one correction. He makes his living
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.05.10)
writing posts at Haaretz for his anti-Semitic leftist handlers. Without that pittance, he would starve.
27. To all anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli talkbacks
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.05.10)
1) Despite your braindead, unlogical, inconsisent rant, due to extensive drug use, you change nothing. We Jews/Israelis are the natives, the original population and the original owners of the land of Israel since 2000 BCE and Arabs are as "natural" and "native" in Israel as Europeans are in Northern America. 2) The Arab world is despotic and so are the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Israel is th only democracy of the Middle East and one of the most democratic nations on earth - granting religious freedom for everyone and even allowing Arabs to reside and live in Israel with full democratic and citizenship rights including voting for Arab Members of Knesset spewing Jew hatred on a daily basis and de facto acting like traitors and a fifth column at the expense of Israeli tax payers! 3)In Israel there are more tha 1 million Arabs. In the Arab world, hardly any Jews are left - almost one million Jews were ethnically cleansed in the 1940s and 1950s. 4) There is no letter "p" in Arabic. 5) "Palestine" or "Palaestina" is a Roman/Latin name - has nothing to do with Arabs/Moslems. 6) There is no "Palestine" or "Palestinians" in the Bible and the Koran. 7) Jews/Israelis are the natives and original population/owners of the land of Israel and even blood related to the ancient Canaanites. Check Wikipedia - check Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom of Judah, kings of Israel and Judah, check ethnic/cultural/linguistic connection/bond between Jews/Israelis and Canaanites and Phoenicians. 8) When and where exactly does this "Palestine" exist? No Arab referred to themselves as "Palestinians prior to 1967 and Judea/Samaria was occupied by Jordan from 1949-1967 and Gaza was occupied by Egypt between 1949-1967. Funnily enough, there were no protests neither from the local Arabs nor from the talkbacks. No "Palestine" or "Palestinians" existed in 1948, 1900, 500 years ago, 1000 years ago or 5000 years ago. 9)What kings, dynasties, temples, palaces, capitals, cities, philosophers, philosophies, language, alphabet, religion,territory, borders, waters, mountains, lakes, valley and rivers, currency and neighbors did the "ancient" "Palestinians" have? 10) How come that NO Isrelite/Israeli/Jewish/Judean/Hebrew, Canaanite, Phoenician, Philisteene(Greek Cretans), Egyptian, Sumerian, Hittite, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantian, Arab, Mongol, Turkish/Ottoman or Christian Medieval European sources EVER MENTION ONCE ANY "Palestinian" race of people, ethnicity, nationality, tribe, culture, nation, religion, kings, dynasties, history, identity, state, kingdom, republic or duchy in the history of mankind? 11) And how come that besides from ancient Judean/Jewish/Israeli/Israelite/Hebrew sources, Jews/Israelis are also explicitly mentioned in Canaanite, Phoenician, Egyptian, Hittite, Philisteene, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantinian, Arab, Turkish and medieval Christian European sources? Is this a conspiracy too? 12) If the Moslem lives are so important to you, why did Moslems kill 10 million Moslems since 1945? Because of Moslem brotherly love? And if this land is so important to you then why the hell did Christians and Moslems leave the country to rot and become a country almost empty of people - a country desolate, unlovely, covered in deserts and malaria infested swamps? Is this a sign of your love to the land? And killing Jews for thousands of years - is this also a sign or proof of your brotherly love? 13) Most Arabs of today are not even remotely Arab. Most "Arabs" of today are Turks, Iranians, Kurds, Berbers, Africans and Asians, "Arabized" as far as their language is concerned. How then can there be any "Palestinian" "Arabs" if there is not even an "Arab" nation today? 14) Nationalism is alien to Arabs - and Turks. Their history is dominated by kings, princes, multi-culturalism, dynasties, tribes and nomadic life but not any ethnic nation states.
28. #20 -they kicked out my family
lara ,   Australia   (06.06.10)
My family was kicked out of their home in Haifa in 1948. And i am only 1 example of many. The conflict with Arabs and Jews began when European Jews began flooding into Palestine. Arabs didnt have a problem with middle eastern jews who lived with them for thousands of years prior to this. The problem arose when the European Jews began arriving. They evicted the Palestinians and stole their land and homes. Arabs didn't like this because they belong in europe.. because they're european and that is where european people come from, europe. And European people have no right to erase the name of a nation off the map in the middle-east and claim it as their own.
29. Im glad
Walter Sauerland ,   Iserlohn Germany   (06.06.10)
your family found a new home. Plz : dont forget : lots of Jews were expelled from Iraq from Yemen. from Egypt and sent away with nothing.. And found a new home in Eretz
30. To nr 28
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.06.10)
And you will never be let into our ancient ancestral homeland as you are a foreigner and hostile to the Jewish people, you and the Arabs ARE NOT the natives of Israel, you are not the original population of Israel and you are neither the historical/original owners of the land nor the current/present owners of the land. Simply living in our land doesn't make our land yours. We Jews have lived in Mesopotamia for over 2500 years, more than 2000 years in North Africa and we have lived longer on the Arabian peninsula thatn the existence of Islam and Arabs! We have lived in Italy and Spain for at least 2000 years, 1500 years in France and Germany and 1000 years in Poland and Russia. And we Jews have had a continuous presence in Israel for the past 4000 years. And stop lying dear Arab. The land was almost empty of people, desolate, unlovely and consisted of deserts and malaria infested swamps as late as the 19th century AD. And Jerusalem had a Jewish majority as late at the 19th century AD. And Arabs have dominated Israel demographically for only 22 years in the 7th cent AD whereas we Jews have dominated Israel demographically and politically roughly from 1300 BCE to the first century BCE. And we Jews were ethnically cleansed by you Arabs in the 7th century AD during the Arab brutal conquest of the Middle East. You Arabs are not the natives of Israel, Egypt, North Africa, Mesopotamia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Iran. Dozens of ancient civilizations have lived in all of those lands thousands of years before any Arabs or Moslems even existed. We Jews have lived in Israel since 2000 BCE, 2600 years before the Arab conquest where you ethnically cleansed the Jews and now claim that you Arabs have "lived here since time immemorial". You were kicked out of Israel because you were hostile, unfriendly and aggressive and tried to throw us Jews out of our land and that's why we threw you out. You don't like when people flood your lands? Who told you that Israel is yours? We don't like that you Arab occupiers have flooded Israel - OUR LAND. And as you Arabs are so "tolerant" you shouldn't mind living together with the Jews again would you? You just stated that "you have lived with Jews for thousands of years". Jews of Europe are as Jewish as the Jews of the Arab world and we Jews are the natives, the original population and the original owners of this land and I will hammer this into yout head until you finally understand I plain and simple English that you Arabs ARE NOT WANTED IN ISRAEL, YOU ARE FOREIGNERS, FOREIGN INVADERS AND IMPERIALISTS and your Arab empire from Morocco in the west to Iraq in the east is due to Arab conquests and genocide on Jews, Berbers and others. Jews have lived for centuries in Arab lands under Arab oppression and tyranny, long before Israel was reestablished. There will be peace in the Middle East when you Arabs finally understand that we Jews are human beings too with human needs and national rights and we are equal to everyone else and we have the same right to control our destiny and lives without any Arab or Turkish dictator telling us what we can and cannot do. Jews and Arabs have not lived peacefully side by side as Arabs have murdered and slaughtered Jews for 1400 years. Living "peacefully" side by side means that Arabs dominate Jews - that's what you mean. And that's not very peaceful. And Arabs have not lived in the Middle East for "thousands" of years because Arabs have only existed for 1400 years. And there were no "Palestinians" back in 1948. You called yourselves Arabs and many of you came to Israel as recently as 1930s and the 1940s. Many Jews did too, but the differnce is that Jews are the descendants of the natives of this land - Arabs are not. You Arabs are as natural element in Israel as the Irish in North America. Israel is called ISRAEL, not "Palestine" which is a Roman/Latin name. Israel is called ISRAEL - it's OUR LAND. Get this into your thick head.
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