Takeover ended in 5 minutes
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 05.06.10, 16:35
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1. I love IDF. Just because
Sylvia ,   Norway   (06.05.10)
female combat soldiers!
2. i love IDF
gabriela ,   argentina   (06.05.10)
3. Damn! Nothing to write home about. One more tale over like
leo ,   usa   (06.05.10)
that and the rest will start going straight to Ashdod all by themselves, part 12 n.mi out and wait for being boarded.
4. Kol Hakavod Tzahal
Ariel ,   Sao Paulo Brazil   (06.05.10)
You are the best and we trust you
5. Weird the only case with any violence
Danny   (06.05.10)
was on the only ship that started violence.
6. WHAT! No high drama for CNNNNN? Its a "fizzer"!
Scott   (06.05.10)
7. Lessons to be learned
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USA   (06.05.10)
If the Palestinians would have resorted to peaceful Ghandian civil disobediance since the Oslo accords (like this latest incident)instead of their violent ways (like what occurred earlier this week) their goals of statehood would have been achieved and the Israelis would have taken them seriously. But, violence has always been their means. Their hatred of Jews and Israelis has always taken precedent over their desire for a state. Their desire for a state is a ruse. Their hatred and disposition to violence is real. Their behavior and policies are indicitive of this fact.
8. Unfortunately you left out something
Jackie ,   Florida   (06.05.10)
The abusive language hurled at the IDF included the odious comment "Go back to Auschwitz" which is on a par with the language used by a pro-Arab woman in Florida who called for larger ovens to be built for Jews. It was great that the IDF commandos ignored this highly inflammatory language and behaved with decency that I would be unable to exhibit.
shu ,   uk   (06.05.10)
10. I love the IDF!!
Duchess   (06.05.10)
11. jews all over the world:
thank you   (06.05.10)
be strong. don't pay any attention to what people say. we love you. thank you for you support along the year!!!
12. I Love IsRael ...
Penny ,   Cape Town   (06.05.10)
You guys rock ... and had every right to defend your Country and all Israelies ... Why does the world not get this ???
13. Jackie in Florida is correct
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.05.10)
Stopping this vessel did not result in violent confrontation, but there was no shortage of invective verbally hurled at the Israelis who fully legally stopped this vessel from running a legal blockade. Me? I'm with Jackie. I'd have lost my temper -- not a pretty sight. Kudos to the Israeli Navy for handling these vile people with kid gloves. My late mother -- of blessed memory -- survived Auschwitz. I wouldn't have been nearly as polite. Really.
14. To: Scott at No.6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.05.10)
Yes.. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Floptilla. Sweet.
15. BRAVO ISRAEL! On both counts, you kept the blockade intact.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.05.10)
Nine militant Turks are dead because those Turks on board that vessel planned a violent and illegal confrontation with Israel. Indeed, it was an act of war. They deserved what they got. Erdogan was a collaborator and he, along with the militant Turkish organisation IHH are responsible for the deaths of those militant thugs. One thing the incident accomplished: it exposed the true nature of this wannabe "great world leader" and categorized him perfectly with his kind - the likes of Ahmadinejad, Assad, Hizbullah, Hamas etc. He ain't no statesman for sure. He is just a petty terrorist at heart.
16. #13 Sarah
Resistor   (06.05.10)
You are out of your bath. Now go back to your A
17. US supports Israel! Kisses to IDF!
Lina ,   US   (06.05.10)
18. Should have poured maple syrup over them first
juana ,   Dallas, USA   (06.05.10)
but since you didn't (or dropped a bulldozer on the ship), serve the jerks a dinner of pancakes with whipped cream on top prior to sending them on their way. Please. Great job, btw! Go Israel!
19. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.05.10)
Shush, hunny bunny. It's time to take your meds. If you don't, those nice young men in those clean white coats will hook you up to the battery charger. You don't want that, now, do you?
20. Much better...Never do a boarding from a Helo
Unless absolutely necessary...and never bring paint ball guns to a sword fight. As someone who was ordered to execute boardings with unloaded weapons, I understand not all commanders are the sharpest tool in the box.
21. How does hatefulness make a point?
GooGush ,   Alpharetta, US   (06.05.10)
If the same sentiments were expressed in another reference, it could be seen as hate speech. It certainly is disrespectful.
22. #21...Whose hate speech?
Le' Faux Jew ,   US   (06.05.10)
23. Why It Was So Different
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (06.05.10)
IDF approached around noon, apparently, in broad daylight (versus 2am or 4am in the dead of night). IDF approached peacefully (versus dozens of small boats, helicopters, dropping sound grenades and shooting "rubber" bullets down at the people).
24. #23....nah.....whats really different?
Le Faux Jew ,   US   (06.05.10)
1)Peaceful people on board. 2) Boarding vessel by sea...helo is dangerous and unecessary, and poor judgement. 3)They knew there would not be paint ball guns and rubber bulletts used. Get real.
25. Free Gaza? Send in 2 boxtops and a self addressed envelope?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.05.10)
Let the Free Gaza movement members choke on the truth: "... the [Goldstone] report contains the clearest finding that Hamas and other militant Palestinian groups committed serious war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity. The acceptance of those findings by the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly has been ignored completely..." Richard Goldstone, Interviewed by Ha'aretz, Nov 13 2009
26. When are Jewish apeasers ever gonna learn??
Le' Faux Jew ,   US   (06.05.10)
You cannot assume so called "peaceful people" are actually peaceful. You can't assume that appeasing them will make them "pleasant". You never know what a person can and is capable of doing. They are going to dislike the Jew no matter what you do to appease them. It was poor judgement to do a boarding one man at a time from helo to deck. It might not have turned out the way it did, if not for that.
27. That's the difference when you deal with peace activists and
Asher ,   NY,USA   (06.06.10)
terror activists supported by Iran and Turkey. Erdogan had received more than 18 billion dollars by Iran through gold bullions was smuggled to Turkey about two years ago. That fortune belongs to people of Iran and that was stolen from them and paid to Erdogan to change his policy toward Israel. If UN investigates that they will easily find out what's going on. Of course 18 billion dollars is an amount you can't have all for yourself and you have to share in a way that you can start demonstrations in Turkey against Israel the same way happened in Iran after Islamic Revolution in Iran. So people of Turkey have to decide if they want to follow up the footsteps of Iran and to face the same results happened to people of Iran. This is not something worths 18 billion but will cost Turkey their Democracy and Freedom and fall into the traps of the Mullas.
28. the truth behind Erdogan
Erdogan   (06.06.10)
Turkish government makes beset efforts to become a leader country between the radical Islamic countries like Iran and Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood organization which is trying to take over Egypt. These efforts include support terror, harm Israel in the public opinion and help Iran avoid supervision and sanctions. The Turkish army resists Erdogan policy (The army doesn't want Turkey as a radical Islamic country). Therefore Erdogan want to create a clash between the Israeli army and the Turkish army. That way Erdogan plan is that the Turkish people will put pressure on the Turkish army. The Turkish people are not fool and they will stop Erdogan sooner or later.
29. pirates are pirates
JO ,   USA   (06.06.10)
whether in front of the Gaza shores or in front of the somalians shores .. when you take over a ship against their captain's will ,that is PIRACY . supporting this actions like the Obama's administration is doing is a very dangerous,very not american . the anti israeli and the anti american sentiments are at all time high ..this not a temporary thing ,the world had given Obama an ample time to stop those pirates . America 's support to Israel is OK as long as Israel holds our Values of Democracy and freedom of speech . the comment i heard from your readers about Helen Thomas doesn't support that . your actions in the international water against peace activists and former US envoys,MPs, and nobel peace winners are shamefull to say the least .. i really wonder now what credentials that idiot Natanyahu and Liberman are requiring for someone to be allawed in Gaza ..LOL Israel declared Gaza a palestinian land in 2005 ...what right do you have to put 80 % of the population on food assistance since the day you left . .? are you surprise they are angry !!!!! America is asking .
30. Israel lost this one
Anschauer ,   NYC USA   (06.06.10)
According to the New York Times, Israel agreed to transfer the cement, which they previously prohibited. It must have been too embarrassing when the news got out that Israel wouldn't let the UN have cement to rebuild schools for Palestinian children. You're not going to be able to "make the Palestinians suffer" any more. The whole world is watching.
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