Helen Thomas: Jews, go back to Poland
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 05.06.10, 20:49
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1. Helen Thomas
gingi   (06.05.10)
And you go back to Lebanon, Helen, and stop occupying the land of Native Americans! She definitely should lose her job. She has already lost her mind and her dignity.
2. I thought this is ex-wife
Good Soldier Švejk ,   Austria-Hungary   (06.05.10)
of Napoleon Bonoparte...
3. Its the truth, Veteran of W - House correspondent knows best
Palestinian   (06.05.10)
4. Helen Thomas
NYC Girl   (06.05.10)
What this ignorant dinosaur has conveniently overlooked (just as so many others of a similar mindset always do), is that the majority of Israelis don't look upon Germany or Poland as their homes...because they came from countries like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya. So, considering the fact that all of these countries are openly hostile to Israel, where the hell does this senile old gargoyle propose that these Israelis go? But maybe the upside to her racist rant is the fact that now the mask is off, because Helen Thomas has had antipathy toward Israel for as long as I can remember. But now nobody can deny it.
5. Back to Lebanon!
Samuel ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.05.10)
Laughable, for someone in her age and half a step from the grave. She should go back to Lebanon and not spoil America's soul.
6. Her family
JG   (06.05.10)
Her parents were Lebanese Christians. Doesn't she know what the Moslems in Lebanon did to the Christians there? Stupid woman.
7. Send this senile old bag
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (06.05.10)
out to pasture. Preferably back to HER home country, Lebanon.
8. actually this is our land, but you .........
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.05.10)
.....should get the hell out of America and go the hell back to England you nasty old bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. She said America too
Ivan ,   Haifa   (06.05.10)
She is not antisemite, she would embrace jews in her own country, she purposed that, she just said jews shouldn't be in Palestine, and I think the same (as state,we can be in Palestine but not as state imposed to a majority)...Israel must be wiped of the map in name of peace.
10. May I kiss you for your 100th Birth Day Long Live!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.05.10)
11. Another reason to donate against Alzeihmer's
Jul ,   Liverpool, UK   (06.05.10)
12. And Jews from Irak?
Aurelija ,   Jerusalem   (06.05.10)
Where should they go?
13. Pajamas Media has an article on Helen
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.05.10)
Thomas plus a survey questionnaire including the point made in this article: Should Helen Thomas be prohibited from her current position as White House correspondent? Ynet Readers may wish to participate.
14. Nutty!
Tracy ,   Colorado, USA   (06.05.10)
Wow! What a nut job! She's obviously a complete ignoramus.
15. Salutations to this brave woman. It takes courage!!!
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.05.10)
16. Helen Thomas
Rick S. ,   USA   (06.05.10)
Isn't this witch one of the 72 virgins who await the "martirs"?
17. This exactly what will happen. All Arabs & Jews know this
Case ,   USA   (06.05.10)
No occupations last for ever, especially in Palestine. Countdown for that day has started.
18. This 90 year old lady
Lioness ,   Israel   (06.05.10)
She might have lived to 90 but she has definately a place in hell waiting for her as all anti-Semites have. Then after they burn they are destroyed for eternity!
19. She's been listening to Israeli Leftists
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.05.10)
20. Thomas go back to Lebanon!
Ze'ev ,   Lod   (06.05.10)
21. why is there a picture of a cow's face in this article?
oh, wait, that's Thomas. my bad.
22. G-d Bless Helen Thomas
avi ,   jerusalem, israel   (06.05.10)
She speaks the truth, nothing but the truth!
23. Helen Thomas:just one of those who make peace a remote dream
Joe ,   Canada   (06.05.10)
Helen Thomas like many of the Moslems in the Middle East & elsewhere can't accept the existence of Israel. The extremists among them are making sure that the minority which might be willing to find a way to coexist cannot overcome by using threats & violence. And then you have the outsiders like Iran which uses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a tool for its own ambitions & genocidal plans.
24. Jews to Palestine
Saul Chapnick ,   Florida, USA   (06.05.10)
When my mother was a young girl, living in pre-war Poland, the anti-semitic graffiti in those days read "Jews to Palestine!" Now that we have our country the graffii reads "Jews out of Israel." How sad, how ironic. This madness called anti-semitism is again rearing its ugly head after being more or less dormant for the past 65 years. The whole world jumped on the "antisemitic bandwagon" this past week despite what the video facts showed. That is how much hatred blinds people and nations. Only this time, the Jews are not going to leave their historical homeland. Nor should they.
25. Idiot!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.05.10)
Obviously, no country is without a--hats and f-cktards, but this ugly, fat witch - sorry for the misspelling - needs to S T F U! This may fall under freedom of speech, but unbiased reporting it ain't. Maybe she should wear a burqa and improve the planet.
26. Shows the desperation of the Zionists
Chris Linthwaite   (06.05.10)
that they have resoorted to attacking an 89 yeaar old lady for having the audacity to ask if a massacre had taken place. Fact is European Jews are very unlikely to be related to the original inhabitants of the area now called Israel, the West Bank Gaza or East Jerusalem. The truth is DNA evidence places European's jewry's origins as being in the area that the Kurdish people inhabit in Turkey, Iran and Iraq.
ABRAHAM ,   TORONTO   (06.05.10)
dimentia is a bitch ! viva sirael
28. Senility on display
Sara B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.05.10)
How embarrassing! All that pent-up hatred for Jews finally poured out. Go away, Ms. Thomas. You've been a really bad joke for a long time.
29. As one who has worked with her, I'm disappointed in Helen
ljm ,   Jerusalem   (06.05.10)
I have always had the highest respect for Helen, who has a lifelong reputation as an unwavering investigative reporter who was always willing to ask the tough questions. However, I am obviously extremely disappointed in her ignorance of this subject. Jews do not come from Poland, and anybody who can read history knows that Jews come from Israel. Her comments are obviously insulting to those Israeli Jews who were ethnically cleansed from Arab countries. I've never had the opportunity to talk to her personally about the subject, and I'm guessing her comments come from a lifelong ability to avoid confronting the factual evidence. In some ways, she's showing that she's a dupe for Palestinian propaganda that Jews were invented in eastern Europe - in which case, of course, Christ himself must have been born somewhere east of Moscow. Helen is an icon of the late, great United Press International, and unfortunately these comments will leave a stain on her outstanding career.
30. Helen recants, tries to take foot out of mouth
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.05.10) Helen Thomas Apologizes for Saying Jews Should 'Get the Hell Out of Palestine' Published June 04, 2010 | Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas has issued an apology after saying in an interview that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine.” Thomas, a longtime White House correspondent who now writes a column for Hearst newspapers, made the comments May 27 after a White House Jewish heritage event. Asked by Rabbi David Nesenoff of if she had “any comments on Israel,” Thomas replied, “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.” Thomas went on to say that the Palestinian people “are occupied and it's their land” and that Israelis should “go home” -- to Poland, Germany, America “and everywhere else.” In a written statement issued Friday, Thomas apologized, saying, “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians.” She said the comments “do not reflect” her “heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance.” “May that day come soon,” she added.
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