IDF troops shown bleeding in Turkish press
Published: 06.06.10, 09:49
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1. Anybody still thinks these beasts were 'peace' activists?
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (06.06.10)
These photos are grotesque, and are only intended to humiliate Israel. No self-respecting newspaper would stoop this low. And still, they should actually serve our PR in exposing the true bestial nature of these so-called 'peace activists'.
2. Turkey
shoshanna ,   Sydney   (06.06.10)
Turkey will never be Israel's friend.Remember the Struma? Turks twoed the crippled ship full of refugges out to sea and left it there.They wouldn't let the children travel overland from Turkey to ISrael. So don't think for one minute that Turkey was ever Israel's friend
3. Soldiers are human too and fill the pain.No shame about it..
Asher ,   NY,USA   (06.06.10)
4. Advanced Turkish technology ?
Jeff ,   Brussels   (06.06.10)
Rusty knives and poles in the hands of savages ?
5. Planned Provocation
moppie   (06.06.10)
6. To Turkey and the World.
Felicia ,   Israel.   (06.06.10)
Wait and see what happeneds to the countries that go against Israel. Israel is the light among the nations.
7. Turkish Photos of Israeli Soldiers
Josie ,   Melbourne, Australia   (06.06.10)
If the Turkish news report is true, and the ISRAELIS tried to destroy all photographic "evidence" then why, in the second photo on the Turkish site, does it show a TURK pushing a camera away and blocking the lens, before throwing an Israeli soldier down the stairs? Here's a link to the photo in question:İsrail'in%20sildiği%20Fotoğraflar/ScreenHunter_60%20Jun.%2005%2023.25.jpg
JOHN ,   BONN, GERMANY   (06.06.10)
WHAT TURKEY DOES/DID ?? Turkish occupied/ colonialist CYPRUS since 1974. ARMENIAN GENOCIDE 1915-1917 – 1-1.5 millions people murdered, and still today TURKEY threatens countries to recognize her HUMAN CRIMES KURDISTAN SUPPRESSION AND KILLING, abolishing the Kurdic people for their independence, fighting against LIBERATION MOVEMENT PKK. OTTOMAN COLONIALISM OF THE MID-EAST until England controlled and made her 30 years of colonialism until the 40s-50s
9. Disgusting
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
Thanks to Obama's request,Israel freed all the activisits.Such a pity these bastards wont be prosecuted in Israeli courts.
10. How can they show these pictures and still say
the the 9 were murdered?! Do they hace any concept of reality?
11. Turkey is barbaric
Duchess   (06.06.10)
12. "Israeli" soldiers don't know how to attack or even defend
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.06.10)
In both cases, losing ! Next time, " IDF" should rely on robots, I am sure they will do a better job
13. They are beaten but NOT WITH FIRE ARMS
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.06.10)
Is it Peace Activitists fault to resist? Peace Activist resisted IDF "Elite commandos" and you see how Elite Commandos cries They are hurt by not FIRE ARMS but just hand to hand wrestling with Peace Activist And those who cries take out their guns and killed those nake handed peace activists A Doctor among Peace activist on board TREATED IDF soldier as first aid, IDF thanked by shooting this doctor 5 times in his stomach He was not Turkish and I do not know if this Doctor still is alive.
14. Turkeys
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.06.10)
Turkeys are enjoying in glory and 15 minutes is obviously not enough. But remember: he laughs best who laughs last!
15. shame the commanders !
IDF combat ,   reservist   (06.06.10)
As a former regular army combat soldier and current active reservist soldier i am a shame the IDF navy SEAL commander who order to sending in the soldiers to a mission (no matter if its a "peace mission") with a paintball gun. our best commandos look weak ! shame on them for not giving the soldiers the means to win, but only to get beaten and stab.
16. Humilating pictures of the Israeli elite commandos,
George ,   Canada   (06.06.10)
One of the picture show an activist handling the military knifes confiscated from the lying on the ground IDF commandos. If the activists wanted to kill the Israeli commandos, they had the upper hand at that moment but they didn’t. Another fiasco for Israeli?!
17. The case of Schrodinger's cat - cannot have it both ways!
The Dude   (06.06.10)
This is literally a case of schrodinger's cat with regard to these 'peace activists' and Turkey. On the one hand they are trying to show S13 soldiers as weak, feeble, in competent in fighting, and so on. Against the mob of paid mercenaries. In a chest beating sort of manner. On the other, they are trying to claim that the S13 came in (paint) guns blazing against a helpless crowd. The problem is that it seems that the Turks and the leftists do not grasp that these are contradictory positions, you cannot have it both ways, as was the case of schrodinger's cat. While there maybe uncertainty as to what the situation was, priori to the video evidence. It now is fundamentally clear what had happened. By releasing these videos the Turks have put themselves back in the positions of attackers. But it seems they lack the intellect to realize what they have just done....
18. think a little
Yuri   (06.06.10)
I want you to take a camera from me in time that I'm hitting you with baseball bite. They took there cameras after all that happened.
19. answer:
Sol Twito ,   Tel Aviv   (06.06.10)
Because he did not want the photographer to show the world they used violence, they had introduced themselves as "People of Peace".. I have a question 2: Are these the actions of people of peace???
20. What kind of people worship violent humiliation of others?
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.06.10)
What is the purpose of showing these photos? They undermine any Turkish claim about the boat's passengers being 'peace activists' . Clearly they are meant to give viewers a bit of pleasure in observing the violent humiliation of others. I won't say the Turks are alone in enjoying this particular kind of pleasure. But it does tend to suggest that they belong to that kind of world where violence is not something to be deplored and avoided insofar as possible, but rather to be celebrated. The Turkey of Erdogan is morally going backwards and down.
21. #9 - Birdi - I am totally with you on that
Shaul R ,   USA   (06.06.10)
None of these "peace activists" are seen offering any assistance or compassion to the injured bleeding soldiers. This sickening display has only one purpose - morbid gloating over other people's pain. This is the same sentiment that we saw during the Ramallah lynching and the aftermath of mass murders of civilians in Israel and USA. They are so caught up in their blood lust that it hasn't even occured to them that theses photos and actions are providing more evidence to justify Israel. It is a real shame that BB caved in to Ob and released these criminals before their day in court.
22. hahaha
Sol ,   Beautiful Israel   (06.06.10)
In the meantime they do a great job leaving you terrorists a limited area .. Have fun in Gaza!
23. Turkish photographs
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
Even with live footage of our boys being beaten, no-one will back off and see it wasn’t a peaceful boat. AND, even though interrogation of those ‘protestors’ revealed they have a hardcore Islamic background, we will still be forced to answer questions. I say the government shuts its mouth and stops dancing to international tunes. Sod them all. These stupid brainless ‘protestors’ (aka assholes) want to show the world how tough they are, they wanted to show they are not afraid of the IDF – 10 of them didn’t get to tell the story and the others were all arrested and kicked out the country. Yep! Proved a point alright. These people don't care about Gaza or the Palestinians. When you have dried up and shriveled old hags like Gerta Berlin refusing to answer simple questions posed by an Israeli talk show host on the radio, such as ‘if our soldiers board the Rachel Corrie, will you use violence’ She did NOT and would NOT respond to that question... why not? In my mind, what we did was absolutely right and we don’t need any excuses – the film footages speaks for itself.
24. the loosers are the turkish therorists
ISRAEL I LOVE YOU!   (06.06.10)
that came with the boat ! ISRAEL IS AND WILL BE THE OUR JEWISH LAND AND OUR SOLDIERS ARE THE BEST!!! By the way. those who wounded the soldiers are now in hell . so who is won and who lose.stupid SALMA?
25. today no israeli say "self defense" assault at 4 in morning
kemal ,   turkey   (06.06.10)
26. #13 what did they resist? coming on board?
how come the other 5 ships had no casualties? Did you see the clips of them orgznizing to attack the soldiers? they were preaying for martyrdom! EVEN THE TURKISH TV SHOWED THAT!
27. #16 - listen to the news once in a while
they were holding on to them as bargaining chips. They said so! And by the way - throwing a man off board isn't brutal enough for you? What would YOU do in that situation? surrounded by those "care bears" beating the living daylights out of you?
sreejith kamath ,   Athens,Greece   (06.06.10)
WHERE is the evidence for your claim of the doctor treating israeli soldier?This is a case of extreme Taqiyya9 Religiously sanctioned treachery by muslims) to tarnish the image of Israel.While all so called peace activists from other ships surrendered, why didnt the muslim jihadis from mavi marmara didnt surrender? They should have sent the "humanitarian" aid thru Egypt or Israeli port of Ashdod. ISRAEL has the right to exist and the right to defend itself. Long live Israel!!!!!!!!
29. Look at the pic 9
Tel Aviv citizen ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.06.10)
Funny to see Israeli "elite commandos" crying. Poor boys. But, look at the pic No. 9 - an Israeli soldier wearing a string underwear :-) Probably getting ready for an upcoming gay parade in Eilat. From Ashdod waters it's very easy to get there and start partying.
30. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
Your "peace activists" did not come here on a peace mission. The word "peace" means,harmony between people & freedom from war. The minute the IDF commandos' feet touched the deck after landing from the helicopter, your "peace activists" started to beat them to a pulp. In plain English, your brothers started FIRST. The IDF commandos only defended themselves agaisnt you barbarians. DONT come onto this Israeli website & spew your lies. Ir wont work because we are all intelligent enough to know the truth. Go twist the truth on your Turkish scummy websites. Show us a link where it states that a doctor activist treated an IDF commando. Show us where it says the doctor was shot.
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